93/365: Wok With Balut: White Radish Salad Took Away My Sad Mood

3rd of April
This is  quick post replacing a random sad post that I wrote late last night.

Anyway, I was cooking dinner earlier and it was kinda late than usual to my regular cooking time so I thought of pulling that regular stock of chicken from the freezer, thaw it, spread with chicken breading and fried it.  Voila dinner is ready!

Oh… for the kids yes but for the man of the house  na-ah!  Fried chicken should go along with something else that is not dry – soup, vegetable dish or anything,  Problem is… I can’t think of anything that I can whip up quickly.

I took another sweep at the fridge and failed to get an idea. As I closed the fridge door the tray of mixed vegies and all an the table caught my attention.  I saw this bunch of white radish (labanos) that I bought unscheduled this morning plus the tray of huge local red and green tomatoes.  Hmn…

And here’s what happened next: I grabbed these things in just quick minutes then started…
  • Vinegar and sugar with a dash of fine salt, put them altogether on a semi-bowl plate,
  • Wash all the radish, peel them, and grated them all using a cheese grater. Squeezed out all the radish juice and put the grated/squeezed in the bowl with vinegar-sugar-salt solution.
  • Grab a huge white onion and sliced it into rings.
  • Same thing with the huge half-red/half-green tomato and bell pepper.  Put them all top of the radish.
  • Top it with red hot chili pepper that hubby loves.
Voila!  We have something that goes along with the fried chicken!  Try it

But before my hungry wards can get a hold of this salad, I grabbed my phone and took a quick shot.   I’m sorry about the poor quality cause I haven’t soaped my hand yet and I don’t want the smell of the spices to linger on my phone.  The digicam is not within the kitchen’s reach so I hope this quick shot from my mobile phone will do.



  1. So now I'm wondering... What's with the sad post? I never get any ideas when I open the fridge. I'm the worst cook ever, really. But I'm always hungry.

  2. ganda naman ng pagkaka prepare... at mukhang masarap.... ^___^ now lang ulit napadpad.... musta na...

  3. Very nice idea:) I believe it was good:)

  4. Owts... I don't eat radish.... veggies are really not for me... pero my mom will definitely love it. share ko nga sa kanya...

  5. Namit ah! - that's a Bisayan word for masarap. :)


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