94/365: Prelude to The Guest Posting on Churches and Places of Worship

4th of April

In just a few days after I posted “Will You Be my Guest (Post) Blogger To Feature About Churches or Any Place of  Worship” I already received the first entry from one of my sweetest blogger friends.

After two more days someone sent the second entry.  Then a lot more messages from other blogger friends who are all expressing enthusiasm to be a part of my guest blogging series.  Heart warming… but oh boy now I’m the one who’s under pressure in posting these entries.

The messages from blogger friends who are telling me that they are kind of intimidated sending their entries made me smile.  Please don’t be!  As I’ve said you can feature your entry as you normally do on your own blogs.  You can have it your way.  You can present just one church or as many as you wish to share.  What matters to me and I’m sure with everybody else as well is for you to be a part of this fun and interaction in a unique way.

Here’s one of the major reason why I decided to push through with this special guest posting.

At the beginning of 2014 when I started my 365 Blogging challenge I was elated to see that my fellow bloggers most of whom have been in hiatus (like me)  in 2013 for a longer period than usual have came back to regular posting.  You know who you are special people. Seeing them making noises again in the blogosphere is one big motivation for a fellow blogger.  As I’ve always said the more the merrier.  I saw them posting regularly on their sites and interacting with each other through blog hopping and their social media accounts.  It was very nice to see such online camaraderie.

However just before the first quarter of 2014 ends they began to once again drift from posting. Their postings began to trail and the gap is starting to be wide again unlike when they started this year.   It is understandable though.  I know that most of us are blogging and writing just for the love of it.  I mean most of us does not benefit financially from blogging and yet it is eating much of our time.  I am pertaining to most bloggers that I have regular interactions.

This is the reason why I have extra respect for these people.  They are spending time to give way to their passion of expressing their opinion without financial benefits.  In fact I have a MUCH MUCH BIGGER respect for these bloggers than those bloggers who publicly brag about how much they earned from here and there.  Jeez why don’t you just publish your Paypal balances so we know the real numbers?!

Anyway going back and moving forward, this is one of the reason why I initiated this guest blogging fun.  In the hope that I may somehow pull back my friends to go back to blogging.  I want to encourage them not to lose their passion and way of expression.  Who knows in the end there’s still a reward waiting for us by doing this.  It may not be financially but you can never tell.

Please come back to bloggingB

But I would like to clarify also that the invitation for this series is not limited to my blogger friends.  This is open for everyone.  As long as you are interested to share your likeness and interest about a church or a place of worship you are welcome.

So how am I going to post the entries?
There will be a pattern in posting. I was hoping it will be a regular post like my Sunday and Photograph” posts, Only this series will be every Saturday.

I am also thinking of creating a special page on this site for this series where your links will forever be on this page.

So here we go!  The first post will be simultaneously posted after this one! Yipee!

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  1. So nice to hear Balut. Good luck to all.
    yes, na miss ko rin ang mga bloggers na nag hiatus nowadays.

    1. Yes nakaka-miss talaga sil aJoy. Isa na dyan si Gracie na nawawala na naman :(

  2. It is also like commemorating the up and coming Manila Cathedral. I am a regular church goer of this Cathedral and this is also where I sang for Opus Dei. I am excited to see the recent changes and hopefully someone will blog about this.

    1. Nagpaparinig ka ba sakin Jonathan na i-blog ko yung re-opening ng Manila Cathedral? ha ha

    2. Yes Ma'am, magastos naman kung bumalik ako diyan para i-blog ang Cathedral, lol!

    3. ha ha ha Now I feel obliged! Bumalik ka na lang kaya at i-feature mo dito ha ha ha

  3. hmmmnnn... mapapsimba yata ako... hehehe...

  4. You're such a nice person Ms. B for going out of your way into thinking this idea in order for other bloggers to get back to regular blogging as they are used to. Though, many of them are into different things as of now. It is still nice to see them back to them old blogging self. Yes, I miss them like anyone does - I guess :)

    I will submit two entries - these two churches has a great significance in me. Soon, you have it in your inbox. :) )

  5. My apology, it took you to post several entries before I was able to get back and read and comment. I had been into important things lately. :) Now, I'm back :)


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