96/365: Sunday Quote and Photograph: The Blogger In Me

6th of April

There is a story in anything in this world you just need to know how to tell them.

By: Balut Manila


The photograph is taken at Paco Park.  I was taking a photo of the church’s marker so I can use it when I write my post about this beautiful place.

If you happen to wonder why I have these photos while taking photographs or while doing anything that has something to do with my writing the culprit is my hubby.  He loves to take photos of me during unguarded moments.  These are the truly stolen shots that surprised me every time I check on my collection of photos.  My hubby says that I write about anything so I should have memories of how I do them.


  1. nagustuhan ko tong park na to kc talgang naalagaan at malinis at mura din entrance :-)...

  2. naks naman ang pagka-nostalgic ni hubby mo ;) siya pala ang taga document in photos ng mga moments mo :)

  3. hooray kay Tito. haha, maka-tito,

  4. The good thing about having someone is that while you are looking at something magnificent, there is also someone who looks after you, and then taking your most pleasant moments, captured in photos, and then given relevance in your blog stories.

  5. Sweet.... super supportive si hubby sa blogging career mo!

  6. Hands-on na hubby hehe. Full support talaga sa'yo. Ayos.

  7. I love how this blog is running, because the author has this great fascination about churches in and out of the metro. Readers can look forward for the next one.


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