97/365: Beach and Pool Nearby Manila: Villa Excellance in Tanza Cavite (Part 1 of 2)

7th of April

It’s not only the piercing heat of the sun that’s reminding me that it’s once again summer but also the visits that I’m seeing in my blog posts which mostly are post about water parks and summer destinations.  Seems like everybody has one idea in mind – head to the beach!

Which reminds me that I still have some pending posts for more summer destinations nearby metropolis.  Let me start with the pending promised from my post "Before July Ended and August Came, A Summer Escapade in June Happened where I made a fun guessing game about this place that my family enjoyed on one of our spontaneous getaway.

Now it’s time to reveal the place.  I am recommending this to those who want an instant city escape without the hassle of booking and reservations.

The place is called Villa Excellance in Tanza Cavite – just a less than an hour drive from Manila (without the traffic).  Hubby came here with some of his colleagues for a team building but he said he did not enjoy the place because it was over crowded when they were there.  But he thought that the beach and the pool looks fine so he brought us here last year just before the summer season ended.

We also went there on a weekday so we are lucky enough that it was not really crowded and yet not too deserted.  There was just a huge group of elderly that were on retreat.

Let me give you a photo tour of the place and it’s up to you to judge by yourselves.  I’m not putting on much details such as price rates and the likes so that this will not look like a paid post. 

There is presentable signage at the entrance but I am not posting it here.  They also have a huge resort rule posted at the entrance so the visitors will know what and what is not allowed.



What I can assure you is that the fees are very affordable - from the entrance fee, cottage rate and other amenities.

Hey handsome I love your shirt!


The PARKING area is spacious.
Apart from the parking area at the entrance gate I saw other spaces around the resort that can be used for parking once the place gets too crowded.



The cottages are clean and comfortable,  You can choose different sizes and location.  You can choose near the beach, near the pool or somewhere around the resort.





Sorry I need to break this post into two parts because it would be a waste if I will not share more photos that I took during our getaway.

The Part 2 (beach and the pool)  will be posted simultaneously.


  1. Really a very nice place:) Maybe me and my family will visit that place one day.

  2. Naku mali talaga ang style ng backreading ko... nauuna kong nababasa ung Part 2! kaya pala medyo bitin ang info sa part 2 kasi nandito lahat! Tnx for sharing!

  3. I like the cottages / rest houses - they are simple and you won't feel in heat since it spacious for air to penetrate through.

    Una kong naiisip kung ano ang mga baon nyo? hahaha. (takaw mode on) Kasi in occasion like this - the best para sa akin ang mga inihaw inspired na mga baon hehe. At yung mga may sabaw kasi nga nasa beach. hehe


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