98/365: Beach and Pool Nearby Manila: Villa Excellance in Tanza Cavite (Part 2 of 2)

8th of April


This is the beach that welcomed us!


The good thing is that we chose a cottage that is near the beach and the swimming pool entrance.
The sand looks like white but they are just the regular sand. But at least it is not the darker color sand.  White/grayish sand color looks more refreshing than the darker looking sand.


Who would think twice to run towards the beach on a hot summer day?




What I don’t like about the beach is that it looks murky when the wind starts to blow in the afternoon.  Though the water is not dirty but it was not as clear during the morning.


This is what I like most on this resort the POOL!

It is quite spacious and long.  And what I like best is that it is over looking the beach.


You can actually feel the ocean wind while swimming in the pool because it is elevated.  The wind kissing the palm trees is such an amusing scene.



I fell into a nap while relaxing to this very creative beach chair that were made from truck tires.



The sound of the wind while you’re in this elevated pool is the same like what you hear when you put a sea shell in your ear.


The pool vicinity was very tidy during the time that we were there. I enjoyed the creativeness of the pool’s surroundings.




I was told that this is the comfort/shower room located near the pool but we were not able to use it because we went back to the beach and we used the shower rooms near our cottage.  This where I got disappointed. The shower rooms and the toilet near the cottages are not well maintained. There were no proper lighting, The covering doors are not closing properly. The shower heads are not working. We need to use the pail and water dipper and it does not look clean. In short it is very uncomfortable to use their toilet and shower rooms during the time that we were there,


Anyway, the other good thing on this resort is that you can bring your own food plus there are nearby stores wherein you can buy some snacks.  There were also some vendors roaming around selling different foodies that you can enjoy while on the beach.

What we did is that we brought some food for lunch and some snacks and we just bought our drinks from a store within the resort and enjoyed buying almost all the foods that the roaming vendors are selling.

If you are planning to go to this place what I can suggest is for you to go there when it is not too crowded so you can enjoy just the way we enjoyed it except for the toilet and shower room.  I hope this time they made some improvements on those facilities.

Have a great summer everyone!

Part 1 of 2 is here.


  1. Hays, I miss Philippines and the beach there. Here, I live beside a beach, but it is too cold to enjoy it. Anyway, very nice place minus the comfort rooms:)

  2. Wow lapit lang...Tanza lang! Happy summer! hehe...

  3. Can you tell me how to own such a beach chair? It looks comfy and there's an antique touch in it.

  4. Summer is almost synonymous with beaches. When you think of summer, the first thing in mind would be beaches and crystal clear water. Plus, this is the best time for family bonding and friends getaway adventure.

  5. I havent' been in that part of Cavite. Ang napuntahan ko lang na pinakamalayo is Alfonso which I really like kasi ang lamig lang hehehe.


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