163/365: Happy Independence Day To Us. Freedom!

12th of June

Today the Philippines is celebrating its 116th Year of Independence or as what we call it in the Filipino language “Araw ng Kasarinlan” .
Independence Day (Filipino: Araw ng Kasarinlan; also Araw ng Kalayaan, lit. "Day of Freedom") commemorating the Philippine Declaration of Independence from Spain on June 12, 1898. It is considered as the country's National Day. (Source: Wikipedia)
The Philippine Independence Day is a legal holiday in the Philippines so most business establishments are closed.  Not for me though.  I’m working today so I will have the independence of being paid in double ha ha.

I invited my BFF who is not working today to come over to my work place in Makati City so we could have some bonding time after I get off from work.

As the nation observed the traditional Independence day celebration, me and my BFF is having our own version of independence.  The independence to…

Independence Day1. Eat
We ate in a Donut and pastry house. 
2. Stroll.
We went from city to another.
3. Eat again
We treat ourselves to street foods.
4. Register ourselves to two fun runs.
One in this June and another in July of this year
5. Shop.
I bought myself a pouch bag, a new memory card and some more stuff.
6. And eat again.
This time to an Italian restaurant where we had a huge pizza just the two of us!

We went home tired and broke but definitely happy!  Aaah!  This is what we call independence!

What about you?  Did you feel some sort of “independence” today?

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