164/365: Randomness On A Friday the 13th

13th of June

Seemed like I woke up at the wrong side of the bed today that I somewhat I feel this day would not be at it’s best.  Well I am not actually hoping for a best or better day.  A good day would be enough for me just as long as it would not be “bad”.

I checked on my calendar and realized that today is Friday the 13th!  And marked on my today’s schedule is a visit to the doctor for my second shot of anti-rabies. Whew!  what a good day to have an injection – on Friday the 13th huh! 

Not that I’m superstitious about this day but… there are lots of days in the calendar hey!  Why does it need to be today?  Injection is not everybody’s favorite anyway.  I’m sure a lot will agree with me that going to the doctors is not fun – emotionally and financially

My husband is one example of a “no doctor visit policy”.  So it’s another challenge today that I’ll drag him to the doctor’s clinic not only to drop me off but also to get that medical certificate that he needs in order to register for the 38th Milo Marathon – his annual physical challenge.  This medical certificate requirement is just a new policy by the way thus hubby didn’t need to go though  a medical check up before he could register to a half marathon.

Anyways, so after (half) successfully convincing hubby, off we go to the doctor.  I automatically cringed at the sight of the wide screen televisions installed in almost all the waiting areas and every floor of the clinic.

We left home that my favorite NBA team Miami Heat is losing.  And now I’m seeing in all corners of the clinic that Spurs’ lead is going higher.  More so my husband decided again not to have the check up (sigh). 

I’m not sure what was more frustrating for me at that moment, seeing the Heat losing or convincing my husband again to have the medical check up (another sigh).

Finally my husband gave in and had the check up which turned out ok.  He’s physically fit to run the half marathon (of course). My injection went normally as well.  The only thing that was not fine for me was the Heat losing BIG TIME at home! Spurs Heat Game

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