186/365: Sunday Random Thoughts and Photograph: Thorns and Edges

6th of July


I found this piece of dried stem on my hand after a short run in the park not exactly knowing why I have it and where I picked it. I guess it caught in my running shoes when I was about to cool down in the grassy part of the park.  I might be holding it unconsciously for some minutes.  I did not notice the thorns actually until it pricked my thumb. That is the only time I noticed that I am holding something and it already hurt me.

Is it not that sometimes we have the same situation in life?  People (and things) come into our lives and we keep them without knowing the purpose why we are keeping them.  Until the time that they hurt us that is the only time that we realized that is exactly their purpose – to give us pain, to hurt us.

Most of us became bitter after such situation and blame ourselves to the point of keeping the bitterness and closing a huge part of our hearts.  We tend to nurture the anger gained from the painful experience to the point of driving us to the edge of shutting down ourselves away from new people (and things) that comes along.

It has always been said that everything and every person that come to our lives has a reason. Instead  of hating should it not be better that we gain something from the experience?  Easier said than done I know but how do you handle bad experience? What did you pick from the experience? Bitterness or life's practical lessons?  Painful but wonderful lessons.

After the thorn pricked my thumb I was supposed to toss it to that hole in the photo so it won’t hurt me or anyone anymore. But then I took a second look at that seemingly useless piece of thing.  I placed it on the pebbled platform where the flagpole is erected.  The sun shone on it and emphasized its dryness in contrast to the fresh green grasses growing from the hole that dances with the wind.  Suddenly I saw a beauty on this thorn that just hurt me.  I appreciated its beauty and then tossed it away after appreciating it.


  1. Every person that comes into our lives comes into our lives for a reason? I hope not.

  2. I love this piece. I believe that every person does come into our lives for a reason. Even the hurt makes us stronger. Well done my friend.

  3. That's a beautiful way of seeing it, unfortunately not everyone, including me can appreciate a thing that hurt me. Whenever I remember those people who have hurt me deeply, and these are the people I loved most, I cannot help but wish I've never met them. Yes I have become stronger, but I have also become bitter because of what they did.


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