230/365: Mailman Still Exists! And He Delivered Lots Of Love From Verona

28th of August

So I was sitting yesterday in the sofa gobbling a variety of food of odd combination plus drowning myself with pure pineapple juice in the late afternoon after doing the (forbidden) laundry, when suddenly I was startled by a fierce knocking on our front door accompanied by the shouting of my full name that can be heard up to the next barangay.

I almost knocked down the foldable table that carries the food I’m gobbling while hurrying to check who the h*ll this intruder interrupting my glutton solitude. (I was eating a lot thinking that I could regain my lost strength for not resting while I’m unwell).

I peeked at the window and found a wrinkled old man with a bag dangling on his shoulders.  The bag looks like as old as the man who is wiping his forehead with his left hand while his right hand is holding a bunch of envelopes. 

Aaaah!  It’s the mailman!  I curiously asked, “Why didn’t you just leave the mail at the gate like you usually do? And the mailman’s reply was…
“Mam mukang uulan baka mabasa hindi mo mabasa ang message postcard kasi”.
(Ma’am it seems like it’s going to rain, this is a postcard and you might not be able to read the message if it got wet”).
My heart melt. So mailman still exist and this one’s got a good heart.  I handed him a glass of water which he gladly accepted.  He then took off whistling and his old shoulder bag seems like dancing with his whistling.  I watched him in awe as he walked away and vanished from my sight.


It’s from my good blogger friend Tripster Guy (TG).  I remember he posted on his blog that he and his friends had this road trip to the northern towns and cities of Italy.

I was grinning from ear to ear while I’m reading the message. So my crazy friend visited the romantic setting of the most stupid love story ever written. Yep I’m talking about Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet that happened in VERONA. Remember they died from suicide because of plain stupidity? But don’t get me wrong, I love Shakespeare. I am amazed how he came up with all his stories where almost all the characters died in the end then they became famously known as “Shakespeare’s Tragedies”.

Anyway, back to TG’s postcard.  The subject is “Saluti da Verona”.  Well the curious cat in me checked on a bit of history of the place and let me share with you what I found.

”“Saluti da Verona” – as famous as “Romeo and Juliet” is a lovely pink marble Roman Amphitheatre built in 1AD and still dominates the piazza in the middle of Verona.  It is now a venue for opera rather than gladiator battles and the third largest amphitheater in Italy.  Once it could seat 30,000 but these days it’s capacity is 15,000. (Source: Various web sites)

IMG_20140915_064357 (1)

I love postcards not only because they are sustaining life to the dying postal industry which for me is a far bigger and sadder tragedy than Shakespeare’s. Plus it warms my heart knowing that a friend who is enjoying his vacation took time to buy you a postcard, handwritten (an almost unreadable/lol) message on it and mail it. It is some kind of wonderful thoughtfulness isn't it?

May I also share TG’s message to you which part is talking about his (no) love life which for me is another sadder tragedy than Shakespeare’s ha ha ha.

20140915_064926 (1)

Okay I’m feeling a lot better now!  I’m not thanking TG for now because I know some more postcards are coming and I’m excited. Yipee!


  1. So now I'm wondering... how come no one ever sends me a postcard?

    Okay, I'm jealous. But you're feeling better, so that's a good thing.


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