239/365: Feeling A Little Unwell

27th of August


I’m writing this around 7AM in the morning.  The kids are already out for school. I’m supposed to be out for work also by this time but I decided last night when I woke up around grave yard time that I am not reporting for work today. I was feeling a little unwell for two days now so I thought of surprising my own body and give it a rest day (LOL).

There were number of people from work who were absent yesterday because they were sick.  The virus probably got me and my body decided to go along with it.  Or… probably not!

Why?  Here’s why.

So I slept early last night after taking paracetamol.  In fact too early that I am unable to eat my dinner.  Then what happened is that I woke up before the break of the dawn and I can’t make myself to go back to sleep to rest more as I planned to do the whole day.  I went down and thought of checking my emails using my lappy instead of my mobile phone while thinking that it would also be a good time to check on my blogs.  But that was a wrong move.

Before I am able to reach my lappy I saw the sink and saw that there’s some unwashed cups and glasses so I thought of clearing them first.  That was really a wrong move because before I knew it I found myself beating eggs, opening a can of corned beef, chopping garlic, mashing cold rice, grabbing a wok and spatula.  Then voila! The breakfast table is set up with fried rice, corned beef omelette, coffee and hot chocolate.

I got a uniformed frustrated facial expressions that says “Aren’t you supposed to be in bed resting?” from the whole family during breakfast. But that was automatically erased when they gobbled the omelette.

“So what are you planning to do this whole day?” hubby asked over coffee. I said "I’ll rest" convincingly while contemplating on doing the laundry. Sssh…

What can I say? I’m an OC! (sigh).


  1. Balut... aren’t you supposed to be in bed resting??? Look after yourself, dear.

  2. kagagaling ko lang din sa sakit. pahinga din ma'am...

  3. I hope you're feeling much better by the time you read this Balut, if not...go back to bed! Hehe :)

  4. I wish I could be like that. If I need to rest, I need to rest. My body will literally shut down on the spot.

  5. Bawal magkasakit... pero hindi bawal magrest! Take care of yourself dear Balut.


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