208/365: Sunday Thoughts and Photograph: Blame It On Your Own Discipline

27th July 2014
Don’t blame it on the weather,
Don’t blame it because the shoe fail,
Don’t blame it on any the circumstances.
Blame it on your own discipline!

2014 Milo Marathon

Reaching the finish line at fifteen minutes over my PR (personal record), I was so delighted to see the Finish Line marker at the 38th Milo Marathon.  This is my fourth year joining this most prestigious running event in the Philippines and every year has a new personal challenge.  This year is the most challenging because I am coming back from a six months break from running.  I was doubting myself if I could finish the race much more to beat the cut-off time for the 10K category.  I gained more than five kilos of weight and I haven’t been running as regularly as I used to.

Apart from gaining weight and lack of training, I was also exhausted the day before the race day because I had to do overtime work due to unavoidable circumstances at work.  Instead of resting my body I came home late stressed and exhausted the day before the race day.

On race day, I was wearing a pair of running shoes that I was not able to use during my on and off morning runs.  For a week I was wearing a pair that I plan to wear on race day.  However some three days before race day the pair had some defects – probably the result of being stocked in my shoe cabinet, unused for quite a while.  I have no choice but to wear another pair during race day and it has a sort of unfamiliar feel on my foot.

I always say that I run better when its raining or on a colder weather that’s why I was praying for some rain that day.  Instead the sun shone earlier than usual and the heat is a bit punishing by around 6:00AM.

These are some of the reasons that I was morosely thinking about to where I am attributing the reasons why I am unable to reach my PR.  But within myself I knew that these are all stupid alibis. Within myself I knew that had I been able to maintain my discipline and had I not been undisciplined and careless with my health for the last six months I will still be able to reach that PR.  I will also be a lot more fit-looking than today.

Yeah right!  Blame it on my own discipline.

197/365: The Immortals vs. Typhoon Glenda

16th of July 2014

The wrath of Typhoon Glenda caught along Gil Puyat Avenue in Makati City, Philippines at around 8:30AM.

GlendaPH - 16 July 2014

Congratulations to all the immortals a.k.a private and BPO employees who reported to work and survived.

195/365: Back To Regular (Body Clock) Programming. The World Cup 2014 Finals And Some Memories

14th of July

I’m writing this while I’m a bit gloomy and lacking sleep.  I just finished watching the World Cup 2014 Final Game – Germany vs Argentina . Argentina – the team I’m cheering on lost that’s why I’m gloomy (insert sad emoticon here).

Argentina was dominating the game all through out (that’s how I saw the game) until the young substitute Mario Götze got lucky and broke the deadlock in the second half of the extra time in the 113th minute.  That goal secured Team Germany’s win for the coveted gold.  Well that’s the way I saw the game.  Of course fans of Germany sees and believes differently.


Now that the World Cup finals is over we could also go back to regular sleep schedule ha ha.  Filipino football fanatics like me and my family had been complaining for lack of sleeping specially those who needs to work after watching the game.  The games were being played live in Brazil and can be watched starting around 3:00 to 4:00AM Manila time.  Each game is played at 1:30 hours if without extension and penalty shoot out and more than two hours if extended which usually is the case when tough teams are competing.

In spite of the schedule, football fanatics still watched each game religiously.  Well we all know that the next World Cup is after four years – who would want to miss this opportunity?

Football fans are lucky today because there are many ways that we can watch the World Cup live.  Unlike some eight years ago when the internet is really not that “affordable” and “accessible” for the “masa” (common people like me) and cable subscription was too expensive.  Back then you can only watch the World Cup live via “Pay Per View”.  Aaaw!

brazil flagI remember watching the 1994 (USA) World Cup finals between Brazil and Italy at the National Sports Grill in Greenbelt Makati where Brazil became the champion, the crowd at the sports grill was so overwhelming because they are not only Filipinos but foreigners who are real wild World Cup fanatics.  It’s a bit expensive way to watch the World Cup live then but the fun made the experienced worth it.

Then in 1998 (France)  World Cup Finals between France and Brazil, we watched it from an exclusive screening at Rockwell Power Plant Mall.  My hubby who was actively playing this sports back then and he was regularly invited to those exclusive screenings. It was also the “heyday” of Team Brazil.  I used to have the Brazilian flag painted on my face during those days.  Too bad I can’t find the photos with the face paint. I only found the other souvenir photos that were taken from polaroid ha ha.

If I remember it correct after those two World Cup matches we were able to watch the following finals at home.  Internet became not only affordable but with a better speed that enables to do live streaming if cable is not available.  Aah thanks to technology and competition, we are able to enjoy this great sport without worrying where to watch it.

And aah to those World Cup memories.  Too bad we only get to enjoy it every four years.  Looking forward to  #Russia2018!

Photo source: Google images

186/365: Sunday Random Thoughts and Photograph: Thorns and Edges

6th of July


I found this piece of dried stem on my hand after a short run in the park not exactly knowing why I have it and where I picked it. I guess it caught in my running shoes when I was about to cool down in the grassy part of the park.  I might be holding it unconsciously for some minutes.  I did not notice the thorns actually until it pricked my thumb. That is the only time I noticed that I am holding something and it already hurt me.

Is it not that sometimes we have the same situation in life?  People (and things) come into our lives and we keep them without knowing the purpose why we are keeping them.  Until the time that they hurt us that is the only time that we realized that is exactly their purpose – to give us pain, to hurt us.

Most of us became bitter after such situation and blame ourselves to the point of keeping the bitterness and closing a huge part of our hearts.  We tend to nurture the anger gained from the painful experience to the point of driving us to the edge of shutting down ourselves away from new people (and things) that comes along.

It has always been said that everything and every person that come to our lives has a reason. Instead  of hating should it not be better that we gain something from the experience?  Easier said than done I know but how do you handle bad experience? What did you pick from the experience? Bitterness or life's practical lessons?  Painful but wonderful lessons.

After the thorn pricked my thumb I was supposed to toss it to that hole in the photo so it won’t hurt me or anyone anymore. But then I took a second look at that seemingly useless piece of thing.  I placed it on the pebbled platform where the flagpole is erected.  The sun shone on it and emphasized its dryness in contrast to the fresh green grasses growing from the hole that dances with the wind.  Suddenly I saw a beauty on this thorn that just hurt me.  I appreciated its beauty and then tossed it away after appreciating it.

185/365: Happy 4th To The American Peeps and A Trivia for Pinoys About The 4th of July

4th of July
Happy 4th of July to all our American friends!  Enjoy the fireworks and stay safe!

(History) TRIVIA for Filipinos.

TFil-amhe 4th of July was formerly a legal/non-working holiday in the Philippines until it was abolished during the administration of former President Corazon C. Aquino (under Section 26 of the Administration Code of 1987).

Filipino-American Friendship Day or Philippine Republic Day is a day in the Philippines formerly designated to commemorate the official recognition of Philippine Independence by the United States of America.

The Philippines was a US territory from 1898 to 1946.  Between 1941 and 1946, during World War II Japanese occupation, it remained a US territory with a government in exile headed by Manuel Quezon initially located in Australia and later in the United States. A campaign to retake the country began in October 1944 when Gen. Douglas McArthur landed in Leyte along with Sergio Osmeṅa who had assumed the Philippine Presidency after Quezon’s death. The battle against the Japanese continued until the Empire of Japan surrendered on September 2, 1945. The Philippines got complete independence on July 4, 1946. You may want to view the actual proclamation in 1946. 
Initially the Philippine Independence Day (Araw ng Kalayaan) was held on July 4.  Former President Diosdado Macapagal changed it to June 12 – the date when Malolos Republic had declared independence from Spain in 1898.  Philippine Republic Day was created in its place coinciding with the United States Independence Day on July 4. (Source: Wikipedia)
Now my question is… what if we remained a US territory instead?

Photo source: Google images

183/365: Philippine Festivities in the Month of August

2nd of July

June officially ended which means that half of the year is done.  We are now running on the seventh month – whew that was fast!

Let’s go check out the excitement for August so we can mark them on our calendar a month in advance.  As we all know the month of August is a very important month to our Muslim brothers as this is the month where we are joining them in the observance of EID’L FITR (Feast of Breaking the Fast), a religious holiday that marks the end of Ramadan (the Islamic  holy month of fasting).

Let’s take a look on the list of August festivities.

DURIAN FESTIVAL, Tagum City, August-September
ALMASIGA FESTIVAL, Governor Generoso, Davao Oriental, August 1
UDYAKAN SA KABANKALAN/CHARTER ANNIVERSARY, Kabankalan City, Negros Occidental, August 2
PADAGYAW FESTIVAL, Dumarao, Capiz, August 1-5
SAL-LUPONGAN FESTIVAL, New Bataan, ComVal, August 1-10
EL SALVADOR (FIESTA), El Salvador City, August 5
NALUPON FESTIVAL, Lupon, Davao Oriental, August 8
BAYOMBONG TOWN FIESTA, Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya, August 5-9
PANGAPOG FESTIVAL, Island Garden City of Samal, August 1- August 7
CABIBI FESTIVAL, Lal-lo, Cagayan, August 1-4
ADLAW HONG BUTUAN, Butuan City, August 2
PALAGSING FESTIVAL, Butuan City, August 2
FEAST OF OUR LADY OF SNOWS, Himamaylan City, Negros, Occidental, August 5
August 4- August 5
STA. CLARA FESTIVAL, Tigaon, Camarines Sur, August 4-13
BONGA, Sibonga, Cebu, August 9
MALIPUTO FESTIVAL, San Nicolas, Batangas, August 9
FRUIT FESTIVAL, Kidapawan City, North Cotabato, August 09 - 11
PAVVU RULUN FESTIVAL, Tuguegarao, Cagayan, August 10-17
KAADLAWAN HAN SAMAR, Catbalogan Samar, August 11
KAAHAAN FESTIVAL (ARAW NG KINOGUITAN), Kinoguitan, Misamis Oriental, August 11
ARAW NG CABANGLASAN, Cabanglasan, Bukidnon, August 11-13
ARANDURUGAN FESTIVAL, Guinobatan, Albay, August 12-17
SANTONES FESTIVAL, Barangay Calumpang, Liliw, Laguna, August 12-16
“KUMBIRA” (FOOD FESTIVAL), Cagayan de Oro City, August 14-16
August 14
CARO-TAO FESTIVAL, Mawab , ComVal, August 14
KALUBIHAN FESTIVAL, Jordan, Guimaras, August 14-20
DINAGAT (BAKASI), Cordova, Cebu, August 15-16
LUBI-LUBI (COCONUT) FESTIVAL, Calubian, Leyte, August 15
FEAST OF OUR LADY OF THE ASSUMPTION, Boac, Marinduque, August 15
PASAKA, Tanauan, Leyte, August 15
CORON FESTIVAL, Tiwi, Albay, August 15- August 17
SIRONG FESTIVAL, Cantilan, Surigao del Sur, August 15
SUMAYAJAW FESTIVAL, Jabonga, Agusan del Norte, August 15
KADAYAWAN SA DABAW, Davao City, August 14-21
SUNDAYAG, Cagayan de Oro City. August 18
QUEZON DAY/ANGONO DAY, Angono, Rizal, August 19
PILGRIMAGE TO JOROAN, Joroan, Tiwi, Albay, August 20
BANKATON, Lavezares, N. Samar, August 20
ANNIVERSARY OF CRY OF PUGADLAWIN, Pugad lawin shrine, Brgy. Bahay Toro, Quezon City, August 23
24-HOUR MOUNTAIN BIKE ENDURANCE, National Bilibid Prison Land Reserve Area, Muntinlupa City, August 23-24
LAMBAGOHAN FESTIVAL, Cagayan de Oro, August 28
TSINELAS FESTIVAL, City of Gapan, Nueva Ecija, August 25
ALCALA TOWN FIESTA, Alcala, Cagayan, August 26
BAHANDI FESTIVAL, Alcantara, Cebu, August 27
August 27
JINAWA FESTIVAL, Gigaquit, Surigao del Norte, August 27- August 28
PALADONG FESTIVAL, Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur, August 28,
KALUMUNAN FESTIVAL, San Agustin, Surigao del Sur, August 28
KAGAY-AN FESTIVAL, Cagayan de Oro City, August 28
BUYOGAN FESTIVAL, Abuyog, Leyte, August 29
NATIONAL HEROES DAY, San Carlos City, Negros Occidental
August 29
NAGSABADO FESTIVAL, Pasig City, August 29
29 DE AGOSTO, Brgy. Hagdang Bato Itaas, Mandaluyong City
August 29
SILOY FESTIVAL, Alcoy, Cebu, August 30
TURUMBA, Teresa, Rizal, August 30
BATTLE OF PINAGLABANAN, Pinaglaban Shrine, Municipality of San Juan, August 30
DARAGANG MAGAYON, Daraga, Albay, August 26 - September 8
TILAW SA PAGKAONG NAN SURIGAONON FOOD FESTIVAL, Surigao City,Surigao del Norte, August 29-31
CELEBRATION OF BUWAN NG WIKA, Capitol Site, Batangas City, August (no definite date),
ARAW NG TAYABAS, Tayabas, Quezon, August 13
PASIGARBO SA SUGBO, Cebu International Convention Center, Cebu City, August 13 2nd Saturday of the month
PASAKA FESTIVAL, Tanauan, Leyte, August 14
GUILING – GUILING FESTIVAL, Siniloan, Laguna, August (no definite date yet)
LUMIN-AWA FESTIVAL, Lubuagan, Kalinga, August 18
ARAW NG PINAGLABANAN, San Juan City, August 30
KAUMAHAN FESTIVAL, Opol , Misamis Oriental, August 15-31
HIGA-ONON DANCE FESTIVAL, City Streets of CDO City, August 26
GOLDEN FLOAT PARADE, Cagayan de Oro, August 27
ARAW NG ALUBIJID (DIYANDIHAN FESTIVAL), Alubijid , Misamis Oriental, August 18
PAGPASIDUNGOG FESTIVAL, Panit-an, Capiz, August 6-10
ILOILO CITY CHARTER DAY, Iloilo City, August 25
SABUTAN FESTIVAL, San Luis, Aurora Province, Agust 21-25
PASA-PASA IKAW FESTIVAK, Pasacao, Camarines Sur, August 25-30
MANARAGAT FESTIVAL, Catbalogan City, Samar, August 23
MADYAW, HUGYAW SAMAL FESTIVAL, Davao del Norte, Brgy. Penaplata, August 27-28 (every last week-end)
NATIVE “MANOK” FESTIVAL, Mabunao, Panabo City, August 27
KARIYAWAN FESTIVAL, Monkayo, ComVal, Aug 28-Sept 4
HOLY MONTH OF RAMADHAN, Regionwide, August
EID’L FITR, Regionwide, August 30

Photo source: Google images
Festival Information Source: DOT Website


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