Thank You Is The Order Of The Day And A Special Greeting Too–To One Super Guy Named Mario

I’m ignoring the fact that it’s already mid October because I’m supposed to post this last September.  And as usual alibis alibis blah blah…. STOP!

Anyways, as I mentioned from my last post that “I have been wanting to write about for months now and this is to say an official and BIG THANK YOUs to a number of good people that I am blessed to encounter with in cyber space.”

Here’s one super guy who never fail to surprise me as in an out of the blue SURPRISE!  He did it
again! Yes that surprise when one day I found my name tagged in some social media posts with this!

A doodle! 
Doodle B

Aaaaw! Isn’t that sweet! It really made my day (mas kilig pa sa AlDub ha ha).

Wait there’s more!  He did not make only one doodle but a LOT of doodles!  And to top it all, he posted them on his blog

I’m really amazed with this cause I already know that apart from he’s being one good looking guy (chos!) he is also one good blogger/writer.  But this artistry is wow!   I’m really really amazed with his keen for details.

Doodle by Super M

I said that because I totally “dig” what’s behind the doodles that you made for me.  I read your thoughts Super M! and let me share those thoughts to the people reading this.

1. Characters wearing shades – these are ME!  My blogger friends knew me as someone who always wear shades  which I think is really funny.  (The reason behind the shades by the ways is that my eyes has a bad case of astigmatism.  Sudden exposure to light and sun can make me instantly dizzy.)

2. “Tse” by the lady at the right – Exactly me. An expression that I replied to Super M when he first joked that I just share the doodle of another blogger whom I share the same first name initial “B”. 

3. “Peyborit” (Favorite) – Well, Super M “claims” he’s my favorite ha ha. Oh well...

4. “Run” – As most of you know I have a passion for running.

5. “BM”  and the “eggs” - is of course for “Balut Manila”

6. “Blogger Celeb” written upside down at the bottom near the edge – is for “Celebrity Blogger” that they call me which amuses me until now.  (Ikaw ang nag-pauso neto Super M no?)

7. The  "positive chaos" of people and things around the whole doodle – is how my life and blog is.  It feels and look so hype, so full and so everything. 

The details is so unbelievable and I really love them.

So BIG THANK YOU to you Super M!  As I’ve said people like you is one of the reason why I can not give up on blogging.  I would also like to send my special greetings for you.  This is not a belated one cause I knew that it was your birthday (am not posting the exact date here), but I didn’t greet you in any of your social media profile because I want to make this special greetings from my own home.

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY Super M!  I wish you all life’s wonderful blessings.  I have one more wish though… apart from your doodle craze post, I hope you will find the time to write again a post that is something like my "peyborit" post of yours. Umuulan kasi while I’m writing this.

Again THANK YOU and Cheers!


To know more about Super Mario, you may check him out here: 
Blog: UNPLOG by Super M – mind you people he’s one GOOD writer
(TIP: Ladies, as far as I know - he’s single wink*)


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