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Thank You Is The Order Of The Day And A Special Greeting Too–To One Super Guy Named Mario

I’m ignoring the fact that it’s already mid October because I’m supposed to post this last September.  And as usual alibis alibis blah blah…. STOP! Anyways, as I mentioned from my last post that “I have been wanting to write about for months now and this is to say an official and BIG THANK YOUs to a number of good people that I am blessed to encounter with in cyber space.” Here’s one super guy who never fail to surprise me as in an out of the blue SURPRISE!  He did it again! Yes that surprise when one day I found my name tagged in some social media posts with this! A doodle!  Aaaaw! Isn’t that sweet! It really made my day (mas kilig pa sa AlDub ha ha). Wait there’s more!  He did not make only one doodle but a LOT of doodles!  And to top it all, he posted them on his blog !  I’m really amazed with this cause I already know that apart from he’s being one good looking guy (chos!) he is also one good blogger/writer.  But this artistry is wow!   I’m really really amazed with h