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Happy 1st to Us! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

53,520 hits for the first 365 days and still counting! Happy 1st to us! Obviously my wish number 1 came true!  Wishes number 2, 3 and 4 are all on going.  Details will be shared on the coming posts.  Wish number 5 is definitely on and (simple) prices will be sent out!  The recipient list is done BUT! I might pick some more from this anniversary post (wink*wink*).   But again, I apologize that prices will be sent out after the holidays. I’m not Santa so I won’t say “Ho Ho Ho!” from your chimneys. Rather you might find your (private) inbox with “Can you send me your address please? Hi hi hi…”   or another question with a “hi hi hi” (lol but seriously yes). To all my readers, followers and fellow bloggers I am overwhelmed and lost for words.  THANK YOU SO MUCH to all you awesome people. Cheers to more blogoversaries! and hugs to all! For the complete series of this posts: Countdown to 1st Anniversary Part 1:  Wish List Countdown to 1st Anniversary Part 2:  My Top Ten F

Countdown to 1st Anniversary Part 5 (Final): Love the Guys Who Blog and THANK them!

Every lady likes a guy who dress good, smells good, opens the door for you, carries your bag,  who softly holds your back when you cross the street, and the one who has great abs… of course! What about a guy who writes and blog? Seriously? I LOVE THEM!  more so that they stand by me all along my blogging way.   Here’s a pack of  “uber” lovable blogging guys!  It’s my turn to acknowledge and THANK them for being here  during the first year journey of my blog. And just like the Ladies Who Blog That I Love , I mention some of my favorite posts from their archives!  Go ahead and visit them! Some kind of wonderful to wonder what would be their next posts… MEcoy – “ What Super Power You Would Want To Have?? ” – quite an opening post huh!  He’s one heaven-sent fellow blogger.  So efficient and can discuss anything under the sun plus lots of  talents.  Awesome kid! Super Mario/Unplog After reading all his funny and witty “torpe side comments”, horror, fitness, back pack series, I was

Countdown to 1st Anniversary Part 4: Love The Ladies Who Blog and THANK them!

There’s so much you can get from blogging but the best of them all is friendship!  Imagine exchanging both intellectual and funny nonsense ideas and stories with people you meet in the blogosphere? Simply awesome! Views and comments from all over the world made me smile. It fascinates me when they search for a certain (key)word or anything, they landed in your blog and they got to see your work. More so if they commented or expressed appreciation. But there’s this kind of unique happiness.when the ones spending time in your blog are your fellow bloggers who are actually following and reading your posts in spite of the chaos and deadlines within their individual lives – wow! that is heaven! I have an absolutely unique pack of blogger friends who has always been there making my blogging experience extra awesome.  Check out their works and you will find a vast ocean of entertaining and  informative ideas.  It’s quite a mixture :) I categorize them on how I perceive them in my own

Countdown to 1st Anniversary Part 3: Looking Back

Anniversary countdown would not be complete without taking you down memory lane and look back on how did it go on the year that was… November 29, 2011 – when I posted my first blog entry. December 2012 – is filled of exciting and unforgettable entries.  I realized that the best time to start a blog  is just before the holiday season because there was so much exciting topics to feature.  Page views started to pick up by this month and I became more than enthusiastic to continue posting. January 2012 – is a month full of festivals.  The posts started to be more colorful and full of adventure. February 2012 – It ranked PR1 after 71 days of blogging and merely 20 posts .  The love month is also the month when I started posting concerts, shows and events.  There is a complete compilation of the very popular 3rd Philippine International Pyromusical Competition here.  This month recorded the most number of  blog entries = 21!  But it’s kinda tough to maintain a daily post since I am m

Countdown to 1st Anniversary Part 2: My Top 10 Favorite Posts

Here’s sharing my most favorite blog entries from this site as part of the celebration of my 1st Blogoversary.  Missionaries of Charity Home of Joy for the Sick Children Usually when you start a blog, the first entry that you will make is the introduction about it.  Something like “About” or “Hello World”.  I drafted that kind of post but I remember drafting as well my second post.  I’m supposed to publish my introductory entry first but for some twist of fate this entry became my very first post. I’m not sure how did it happen.  This post is a consistent top best viewed entry on this site. By the way, you might want to click on this post and visit the “Home of Joy” and make it a part of your gift giving activity this holiday season. Hello World Have You Ever Tasted Balut? I found this post as very “me” and a perfect introductory post for this blog.  I also found it amusing and it always makes me smile every time I'm reading this. Philippines' World Record Breaking Attempt

Countdown to 1st Anniversary Part 1 : Wish List

November 29, 2011 is the date of my first blog post on this blog site.  Counting from today it's six more days before my “Blogoversary”.  Yey! I will be doing “ Countdown to 1st Anniversary” posts starting from today.  This means that I will be making a daily post all about this blog starting from today (crossing my fingers not to miss a day post) until my anniversary day on the 29th of November.  This will be kinda challenging for me because I will be back in hiatus starting the week of 26th November (call of duty).  But I will try my best to update and blog hop as much as I can.  Blogging and blog hopping are my best stress buster anyway. So to start with my countdown, let me share to you my wishes regarding this blog.  Who knows some of you would be so kind enough to grant them. They are just simple wishes anyway. To reach at least 50K views on my 1st Blogoversary. See? I just added a widget about my blogoversary countdown and it comes with a particular request.  I will s

Sunday Quote and Photograph: Twilight

TWILIGHT, again. Another ending. No matter how perfect the day is, it always has to end. ~ Edward Cullen ~ Twilight, Epilogue, p.495 There’s so much truth in today’s quote. There comes a time in our lives that we are lucky to have a day that seems so perfect.  That you do not want that day to end.  But like everything else in this world it still has to end.  Even a beautifully written saga has ended. The photograph is taken at Newport Cinema 2, Resorts World Manila during the exclusive screening of Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 sponsored by Nuffnang Philippines exclusive for bloggers.  The photo is intentionally taken on a darker tone.  It’s about Twilight…

50-Foot Christmas Tree at SM Mall of Asia

As mentioned from my previous post , the Christmas holiday season in the Philippines officially kicks-off with all the major establishments providing the public fun-filled entertainment for the whole season.  One of these major events is the lighting (unveiling) of the 50-Foot Christmas Tree of the SM Mall of Asia which is located at the Main Mall Atrium. The event happened on Sunday, November 11, 2012 and here’s sharing to you all the video of the unveiling. SM Mall of Asia 50-Foot Christmas Tree Unveiling (Lighting) on Nov. 11, 2012 The unveiling was officiated by SM VIP and executives with guests from the Pasay City government.  Entertainment was provided by Ms. Kuh Ledesma and daughter Isabella, together with the UP Singing Ambassadors and Philippine All-Star Dancers.  Santa Claus was also there to meet and greet the guests and shoppers. spectators filling up the Main Mall Atrium area of the SM Mall of Asia to witness the official lighting SM Toy Wonderland conc

Random: Traffic!

♫ Oh the traffic outside is frightful, But the scenes are so delightful And since we’ve no place to go, Let It Flow ! Let It Flow ! Let It Flow ! ♫ I’m sorry to warp a bit this joyful Christmas carol, but this is exactly what I’m feeling right now after being on the road everyday of this week fixing things and documents and haist! I’m unfortunate to be hopping to three major cities in Metro Manila for this whole week.  Three different cities but one thing in common – horrendous traffic!  Not that traffic is new to me being a city dweller.  But these days is really horrendous! Obviously it’s about the holiday rush.  City dwellers are quite expecting that this scenario begins this week when everybody is back from the All Saints Day (Halloween) holiday break, and when street children start knocking on car doors and hopping on jeeps singing Jingle Bells, when every corner turned magical, when trees turned into tree of lights and electric fireflies are everywhere,

Sunday Thoughts and Photograph: Broken Rainbow?

Lately I’m frequently spotting rainbows and this one’s the most recent. I spotted this four days ago while watching UFL (soccer) games at the University of Makati (Philippines). This is the shortest rainbow I ever saw. and I waited for this to materialize into a semicircle form, the way we usually see rainbows. It did not. Mesmerized by the heavenly scene of the short rainbow vanishing right before my eyes instead of forming into a semicircle one, my thoughts wander… Does it mean that there’s a broken path before the end of my rainbow where the pot of gold is? Or does it mean that my path will be shorter and I will find the pot of gold easier and sooner? Either way, thank you God for this rainbow. I’ll go hunt for the pot of gold… Scientific Truth: You need a rainy day and a sunny day at the same time to make a rainbow appear. The sun must be shining behind you and there must be water droplets in the air in front of you. Rainbows are actually in full circle form not sem

Some Halloween Random Scenes and Star City Revisited

Happy Halloween! With so much “going ons” about Halloween and with so little time to write (LOL), I thought of sharing some Halloween scenes I found from my personal “photobasin” One Halloween, my  little darling was enjoying treat or trick in a mall and the event has a Fashion Show cum “Best in Costume” contest finale that we were able to watch.  And oh boy! the contestants took it really seriously.  I have a lot of photos from this event but here are some of my best bet. Silver Boys?  I dared talk to this creature to find if he’s really human, when he moved his head to answer me, the kids run away lol. my little girl won’t even go near this character and to the other scary contestants black mermaid? no one wants to go near him to give some alms Halloween this year… Due to lots of schedule hassles, we did not go home to my provincial home to spend All Saints Day like we used to do.  We just stayed in the city.   But so as not to waste the lon