89/365: Sunday Poem and Photograph: Fallen Flowers and One Shakespeare Favorite

30th of March
Now, my fair'st friend,
I would I had some flowers o' the spring that might
Become your time of day; and yours, and yours,
That wear upon your virgin branches yet
Your maidenheads growing: O Proserpina,
For the flowers now, that frighted thou let'st fall
From Dis's waggon! daffodils,
That come before the swallow dares, and take
The winds of March with beauty; violets dim,
But sweeter than the lids of Juno's eyes
Or Cytherea's breath; pale primroses
That die unmarried, ere they can behold
Bight Phoebus in his strength--a malady
Most incident to maids; bold oxlips and
The crown imperial; lilies of all kinds,
The flower-de-luce being one! O, these I lack,
To make you garlands of, and my sweet friend,
To strew him o'er and o'er!

~William Shakespeare, The Winter's Tale (4.4.133-50)\~


The photograph was taken from Paco Park in Manila.  A place that I consider where everything is poetic.

A place that I visited during my birthday week and made one of my wishes granted.

88/365: The Song That Changed My Gloomy Mood and Became My LSS

29th of March 2014

I was working overtime on a weekend that my mood was so gloomy plus that I’m not feeling that good due to the current back pain that I ‘m experiencing.  In short what I was feeling really sucks!  Whoops! sorry for the language but I can’t think of any other term but “suck”. Whoops again!

If I could just make myself a super-machine or grab a magic wand to instantly finish what I’m working on so I can go home.  Or if what I’m working on is not needed I would rather crumple in bed and rot. I mean rest. Though sometimes I call myself a “Super Woman” there are really this kind of time that I tell myself that I am  just human.

The surroundings does not help as well as there are few people around doing same (stupid) heroic act that I’m doing. We are wearing the same faces that says “I wanna go home!” 

Then someone from another department came in, set up his desk and went straight to the centralized music player.  Suddenly I heard something that I haven’t heard for ages but is definitely my favorite.  The music immediately took me out of my gloomy mood, loosen my uptight nerve and sort of ease my back pain a bit!  In just some seconds I was discreetly humming the song. 

When the song ended there was a short pause and to my surprise the song was playing again and someone is singing along with gusto!  This person really likes this song I thought. 

I curiously peeked to check who’s the other soul on this work place who knows this song except for me and saw a familiar face of a singing young guy (that I don’t know personally or by name).  When he saw that I sort of  checking curiously he immediately said “Ooops sorry I thought….”

“No it’s fine it’s a great song” was my reply.

Actually what I’d like to say was “No it’s fine you actually did me a favor when you played that song.  Which is so true because I really love the melody and the lyrics of this song.

It feels so good to suddenly hear your favorite song unexpectedly .  I am also amused that a younger person seems to love the song by heart.

I bet most of you does not know this song ha ha! I intentionally did not include the song title and the singer here – it’s up to you to find it out.  But you need to agree with me that the lyrics is great and sort of mysterious.


♫ Well I tried to make it Sunday, but I got so damn depressed
That I set my sights on Monday and I got myself undressed
I ain't ready for the altar but I do agree there's times
When a woman sure can be a friend of mine
Well, I keep on thinkin' 'bout you, Sister Golden Hair surprise
And I just can't live without you; can't you see it in my eyes?
I been one poor correspondent, and I been too, too hard to find
But it doesn't mean you ain't been on my mind
Will you meet me in the middle, will you meet me in the air?
Will you love me just a little, just enough to show you care?
Well I tried to fake it, I don't mind sayin', I just can't make it
Well, I keep on thinkin' 'bout you, Sister Golden Hair surprise
And I just can't live without you; can't you see it in my eyes?
Now I been one poor correspondent, and I been too, too hard to find
But it doesn't mean you ain't been on my mind
Will you meet me in the middle, will you meet me in the air?
Will you love me just a little, just enough to show you care?
Well I tried to fake it, I don't mind sayin', I just can't make it
Doo wop doo wop ...♫”
And so I went home from work singing this song… until now.

82/365: Will You Be My Guest (Post) Blogger To Feature About Church or Any Place of Worship?

23rd of March

This coming month of April I will be starting a new series on my blog.  It will be called “Churches and Places of Worship” which will be done through guest postings.

Who will be the ”Guest Post”?
YOU! Be that you’re a reader, follower or blogger friend you are all welcome.  Anyone who is reading this and interested to be my guest blogger is welcome!

What makes this unique?
There are a lot of on-going guest posting in the blogosphere but what makes this unique is that we will just be talking about “churches” or “other places of worship”.

You may have noticed that I have this special interest (to the point of passion) about churches and places of worship. I already featured several churches here, and there’s a lot more that are on queue to be posted. As always I am just waiting for the right time to post about each church.

Then why guest post?
The more the merrier plus the fact that I will not be able reach as many places as I want to and feature as much churches as I want.  So why not ask the help of other people that might be interested with my interest as well?  Also, I have friends all over the world and it would be awesome to make them a part of this right?

Come join me as I feature churches and places worship from everywhere!


Any specifics?
Yes there are but they are not too complicated.

1. The post should not exceed 1,000 words and you can express it in any medium that you are comfortable with.
If you are a photographer you can feature it by photographs you just need to provide the caption.  If you are an artist you can express it by any medium you are comfortable with – drawings, doodles, song (with video is allowed) or any similar medium.  If you want it something literary, poem, quotation or a featured article it’s fine as long as it will not exceed 1,000 words.
3. Since my blog site is in the English medium the post should be in English as well.  But please don’t be intimidated by this.  I am not expecting a high-falutin words in the entry.  The simpler the better.
4. The church photograph or illustration is a must-provide plus the exact name and location of the church/place of worship. 

(If this is not too much) My special request.
I would appreciate it if you will be featuring a church from outside Metro Manila.  The reason for this is that I almost covered all the churches within the metro and we might have similar post.  My suggestion is that for you to choose a church from a place where you grew up, your provincial home or where you are currently located at or where you visited and travelled.

Is this a contest?
No. Therefore there is no material prize.  You will just make this blogger happy if that matters to you (smile).  What I will do is to connect your post to your blog or to any of your social media accounts or to whatever site you wanted to link it back (as long as it’s legal).  I will also include a brief description about yourself.

Initial steps.
I’ll start this by dropping private messages of request to some of my (fellow) blogger friends so I will have the initial batch of guest blogger as I wait for other guest volunteers.

How to?
You can email me at balutmanila@gmail.com or drop me a message on the comments form below or here. You can also contact me in Facebook or Twitter. Wherever that you are comfortable with is fine with me.
I am hoping for a “Yes” on the comment box below! Please?

There’s a lot more about churches on this blog.  You just need to browse the “Search” button at the ride sided bar.
~ *** ~
HURRAY! for this early contributor! Be sure to check them out!

81/365: A Cool Worthy Talk and A Football Game Makes Saturday A Worthy Day.

22nd of March

I am writing this late tonight, Saturday because I just got home from a tiring but totally awesome Saturday. 

I am so tired and sleepy by now that my phone fell while I’m checking the photos that I took today.  Blame my sleepiness for dropping my phone that caused me to cringe when it did a triple somersault and landed in three pieces.  Aaaw!  My only consolation is that it awakens my sleepy head.  At least I will be able to finish this post which is I am so determined to do so.  I don’t want to put this hanging on my draft folder again (along with the many drafts on it), then wake up in the morning with another idea on mind. Na-ah! 

So today after doing the weekly laundry (sigh) and tidying the house with cooking on the side (another sigh), I prep myself to attend the invite I got through the email sent by pretty Nella – the Associate Brand Manager of the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (CBTL). 

It is the  “Brew Your Best Year Event” that happened at the 26th St Bistro in Bonifacio Global City (BGC).  I didn’t know what to expect from this event because it’s kinda different from the other event invites that I usually received.  But I’m really glad that I attended because it really made my Saturday a worthy and meaningful one.  I will definitely share to you further details about this event on a separate post.

Good coffee, good food, great talk at the“Brew Your Best Year” event at the Coffee bean and Teal Leaf, 26th St Bistro in BGC


The CBTL event is supposed to be for two hours only but the “talk” became too interesting and engaging and it got extended to three hours plus another extension for an informal hi and hello, photo opps among the attendees and the cool guest speakers.

It was around before 8PM that I left the 16th St in BGC to then proceed to Emperador Stadium in McKinley Hills, Taguig to join hubby who’s part of the on-going football games of the United Football Games (UFL).   I was lucky to catch the exciting match between the Green Archers United versus Meralco Sparks where the popular Younghusband brothers were playing.

Exciting football match at Emperador Stadium in McKinley Hills, Taguig 


What an exciting day!  I love to share more but I’m about to have a QWERTY nose dive anytime from now.  Maybe apart from being tired my being full from munching (while writing) this yummy take home sandwich from CBTL is causing my sleepiness.  Burp and Ho-hum!


Good night everyone.  Have a blessed Sunday tomorrow. By the way, if you happen to love soccer match, regular games are on going at the Emperador Stadium in McKinley Hills in Taguig.

80/365: The World 10 Happiest Countries. But Where Are The Happiest People (Really) Are?

21st of March

I was doing my regular blog hopping and online news reading when I came across this article from CNN - The World's 10 happiest countries.  My love for discovering and learning about places through reading made me quickly browse the link and read.

You may click on the link to know the details why they are chosen as the Top 10, but let me share to you the quick list of the Top 10 countries: (1) DENMARK (2) NORWAY (3) SWITZERLAND (4) NETHERLANDS (5) SWEDEN (6) CANADA (7) FINLAND (8) AUSTRIA (9) ICELAND (10) AUSTRALIA.

It was a funny coincidence that while I’m reading this article my hubby was doing his favorite morning ritual of playing his vast collections of songs.  What was currently playing that time was the upbeat song “Happy”
and hubby was singing along with the tune.  He has a good singing voice by the way.

I teasingly interrupted him and told him “Now I know why you are happy, you have been to the three happiest countries in the world and that includes the number one on the list.” He peeked on what I’m reading and he just smiled.

My hubby’s profession gave him the privilege to travel to different places in an “all expenses paid’ awesomeness!  The reason for my teasing him is because among the (happiest) list, he had been to (1) Denmark, (5) Sweden and (7) Finland and not just once.  I’m sure you will agree with me that he is one lucky guy eh?  Another icing to my hubby’s cake is that his job is also his passion.

One of hubby’s trip to Helsinki, Finland as one of the coaches of the youth delegates to Helsinki Cup


But you know what?   The funny thing is that my hubby is not the kind of person who makes this thing a big deal.  Though he normally gets excited for every trip but not to the point of wanting to stay in an extended time.  Or do what most people will do when given this opportunity and used it as a stepping stone to work or live in another country for good.  To think that these are wealthy (Scandinavian) countries where opportunity is really vast.

Well I can’t blame him though, I myself had those opportunities one of which is a chance to migrate and live for good in (6) Canada but I did not consider it seriously though I’m not closing my doors about this idea,
He also had some offers to work abroad (with his craft as well) but never did he consider these opportunities seriously.  When I asked him why his reply was “I have been to several places and I don’t feel as happy as I am home” He also often says that there is no happier country than the Philippines.

On the days when he comes home from those trips (Sweden, Denmark, Finland) and I asked him how was the trip, I vividly remember that his reply is always “Ang lungkot dun! hindi katulad dito sa Pilipinas”. (It’s a lonely place unlike here in the Philippines.”

You know the saying “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”? I believe it is the same with where you are.  Happiness is not about the place.  Happiness is really where and what your heart feels and desires.  This may sound cheesy but also so true.

79/365: Randomly Asking: Are You Happy?

20th of March

As established by the United Nations General Assembly, today March 20, 2014 is the second year that the world is observing the "International Day of Happiness".

DOH aim

This is one event that I am really confused about or sort of not understanding exactly.  I mean understanding it the way I understand “Earth Day” and the likes. Don’t get me wrong though,  I am not questioning the cause or purpose of the United Nations General Assembly because I am aware that whatever the UN declares is always for the common good of humanity.

I’m not taking it literally either but I just can’t help but wonder, is the state of being happy can be told? Or commanded?  If you feel you are not happy can you promote happiness?

If your social media statuses are filled with smileys can I call you happy?


What makes you happy?  Are you happy?

Seriously I wanted to know.

“It was right then that I started thinking about Thomas Jefferson on the Declaration of Independence the part about our right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. And I remember thinking how did he know to put the pursuit part in there? That maybe happiness is something that we can only pursue and maybe we can actually never have it. No matter what. How did he know that?”
~Chris Gardner, The Pursuit of Happyness~

Photo Source: Google Images

75/365: Sunday Prayer and Photograph: Thank You To Both of You!

16th of March


“Dear God,

Perhaps, it is not too much to ask from you today. I have a good friend named Balut who is celebrating her birthday few days from now. All I wish for her is that you'd grant her all the desires of her heart - be it for anything.

I thank you God, for blessing me a friend who truly care and value friendship. Shield her whole family with your mantle of protection. Bless them with all their daily needs. Continue to allow her to be a blessing to others in her simple ways. Grant her the strength when challenges come her way. Gift her with a discerning and faithful heart when crucial matters are to be decided. Never allow evil spirit ruins her good disposition in life.

Lastly and most importantly,  grace her with a healthy body and mind as she run her journey here on Earth.

This I ask through your son Jesus Christ, with the intercession of the blessed Virgin Mary and all the angels and saints. Amen”
The huge bouquet of flowers and the card in the photograph came from two blogger friends,  Jay of ABOUT JAY'S JOURNEY and Arvin of CHATEAU DE ARCHIEVINER - two very well-mannered bloggers that I had the privilege of meeting in person.

The bouquet and the card were delivered right at my home a day before my birthday while the prayer is written by Jay and published on his blog as a gift for my birthday. Another big big surprise for me from my thoughtful friend Jay.  He also made a special birthday post for Arvin on his birthday

Arvin on the other hand called and texted me days before my birthday saying that since he is on current blogging hiatus and we can’t meet yet (my fault), he was really finding ways to greet me.  I’m wordless to the sweetness and thoughtfulness of these two awesome creature.

To you Jay and Arvin- THANK YOU!  You two did not only surprised me BIG TIME  but you melted my heart with the sweet syrup of your thoughtfulness.  I so love the flowers and the card most specially the personal and printed message on it.  I also want you to know that you are definitely among my favorite people!  I feel so blessed to have you both in my circle.

Cheers to more years of blogging and friendship!

74/365: All I Want for Today Is...

15th of March

Today is my birthday and I’m not planning anything special. All I know is I want to give myself a relaxing day which I started yesterday by doing a morning run and a walk in the park.

I did not even register for a birthday run as I annually do.  Because if I did I will not be able to relax because I need to train.  But this does not mean that I’m giving up on running – I will definitely NOT.  It’s just that I want my today to be simple and really relaxing.

I also did not invite friends at home or to celebrate or party anywhere.  Not because that I’m anti-social now LOL. Again, it is simply because of the same thing.  I want to relax.

I also did not plan for a getaway because the planning and the trip might stress me out as well.  If I have a choice I want my today to be quiet.  I am supposed to remove my birthday info on my social media accounts but that would mean a lot of work removing it and putting it back on.  Plus that my 365 Day Blogging Challenge will be incomplete without my birthday being part of it. Anyway checking on my social media accounts today is a part of my relaxation.

So today as my birthday will be a day that I always like it to be.  Spontaneous!  I will definitely spend it with my family but we are not planning anything big. There is one thing though that I still want to do.  And that is to have my cake and blow the candle with my wishes.

And speaking of cake Google sent me a lot!

Google made my day with this doodle!  This is a lot of cake huh!

Happy Birthday from Google - Copy

I’ll share you the fun about this Google thingy on another blog post ok. Because as I have said I want to relax today ha ha!

There’s a lot more to be thankful for all the thoughtfulness from family and friends that also deserved a special post and I am definitely be doing that.  Let me just relax today and enjoy my cake.  I know you are all wishing me a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! and that is more than enough plus a lot better with a cake (naughty grin).

73/365: Today and Tonight is a Prelude of Happiness Before Tomorrow...

14th of March

A morning run.


A walk in the park that I have been wanting to visit.


And a sweet surprise from awesome blogger friends!


I’m dying to share you the stories but I’m heading out for a date tonight with the man I love.

Let us just say that today and tonight is a prelude of happiness for my birthday… which is yet tomorrow.

71/365: Pasinaya 2014–Cultural Center of the Philippines

12th of March

Let me take a break for the “All About Me Week” to make way to this important post that I wish to share with everybody!

The PASINAYA 2014 now on it’s 10th Year!


This is a one-day open house festival held annually at the CCP, the Pasinaya is the biggest multi arts festival in the Philippines featuring the participation of thousands of artists and hundreds of artistic and cultural groups.  It offers to the public a unique “Pay what you can, See all you can” donation scheme the opportunity to enjoy a sneak preview of the CCP Performance Season.

Here are some of the lively giant dioramas displayed at the open field fronting the Cultural center of the Philippines that most park-goers are enjoying with.






To fully enjoy this event be there at the CCP on March 16.  It begins with an early morning pre-show at 7:30AM with the Marine and Bugle Team heralding the festivities and will be followed by the official opening ceremonies and street parade.

70/365: All About Me: Finally My A To Z

11th of March 

After (roughly) 270 days (8 months) I am finally replying to this tag by Senyor Iskwater (LOL).  Thank you for this tag Senyor.

Well it was not because I forgot about this.  I was just really looking for a perfect time to make this post.  And since I am posting an “All About Me” series in relation to March being my birth month, so this is it!

A. Attached or Single?
Very attached. Very married.  Till death do we part.

B. Best Friend?
Sorry but I can’t pick just one.  I have several sets of friends that I already considered as family and they are all my best.  Though I have one BFF that I consider my “other half” because we literally know each other too well.  I won’t mention the name so as not to be biased with my other BFF’s.

C. Cake or pie?
Cake with coffee please!
Anybody sending me one for my birthday?  It’s just few days from now so I need one to blow my birthday candle please? (**grin**)


D. Day of choice?
Any day with my family

E. Essential Item?
Lap top with net access, Camera, Mobile Phone
They are my oxygen.  I can’t breath if they are not within reach.

F. Favorite color?
I don’t own anything in the color of pink. 
My wardrobe are usually plain mostly white, black and red.  My Crocs is blue and my Havaianas is green.  Jeez I am so masculine!   The most feminine color I can tolerate is purple.

G. Gummy bears or worms?
Am not a fan of gummy.  But the bears are really cute.

H. Hometown?
I was born and came from the Land of the Braves.  Wanna guess?

I. Favorite Indulgence?
Hmn… nothing in particular.
Though I enjoy eating while watching movies

J. January or July?
OMG!   Don’t ask me about July!

K. Kids?

L. Life isn’t complete without?
My awesome 3!

M. Marriage date?
I’m a June bride (**wink!)

N. Number of brothers/sisters?
Two super good looking brothers and three gorgeous sisters.  I am the (youngest) ugly duckling.

O. Oranges or Apples?
Apple-ges. I love fruits. All of them!

P. Phobias?
To own another pet.  I haven’t recovered from the the death of my cat :(

Q. Quotes?
My very own quote:
For every bit of good I share to this world will make this world a little bit better to live in

R. Reasons to smile?
When you smile at me :)

S. Season of choice?
We have just two seasons right?  Summer and Rainy Season?
I don’t want to choose just one because they both need each other. Though summer of course is the best time to commune with nature.

T. Tag 5 People.
Forgive me but I’m not tagging anyone because for sure everybody has been tagged.

U. Unknown fact about me?
I’m not ready to share it just yet.

V. Vegetable?
Any vegie but I like the green ones better.

W. Worst habit?
I love to psychologically torture a person (evil grin)

X. X-ray or Ultrasound?
I hate them all because I tried almost all of them including MRI.  That damn feeling that you are being buried alive. I don’t want anything that has something to do with medical procedures

Y. Your favorite food?
Filipino food especially the “lutong bahay” (home cooked).

Z. Zodiac sign?
I am sooo Pisces!

There you go that's one lot of information about me!

69/365: All About Me: On Blogging and Writing

10th of March

This article was originally posted on my blog "The Lucky Blog".  Since I am posting an "All About Me" series here, I believe this is the perfect time to re-post this.


Hey it’s my birthday week! So why not share some weird things about me?  Let’s start with one of my passion - blogging and writing!
  • I write better when music is pumped in my ears matched with a mug of coffee. I have a variety of choices but on top of them are Gregorian Chant, Enya, Barry Manilow, Jim Croce and believe it or not – Queen’s Freddie Mercury.  “Queen Live in Wimbley” is plugged in my ears while I’m writing this.

    For coffee – not too sweet not to creamy but preferably strong!  I don’t mind about the brand as long as it smells and tastes like coffee.
  • I have a 500 gig external hard that where I stock my photos for blogging.  Each photo in there has a story saved in my brain’s draft folder.
  • I am a magnet to dramatic, sad and lonely post ("emo") that I am really trying to minimize.  The irony is that I am a very happy person.
  • I usually don’t comment to a blog post that I did not read with understanding. I’d rather not comment at all.
  • I have a habit of spontaneously back reading posts of the blogs in my roll.  I usually don’t comment on the posts while back reading so as not to break my reading momentum.  But I always try to make a mental note on the posts that I like specifically if it mention anything about the blogger’s personality.
  • I have a secret list of favorite bloggers (good writers) not because they are my friends but because I really love the way they write and express.
  • If you link my blog or include my blog in your blog roll,  I will link you back at least to any of my blogs regardless of your blog's page rank. 
  • I don’t mind putting blog links on my sites even I am aware that they will negatively affect the SEO  thingy.  I am confident that I can pull it up by making quality posts.
  • Never in my entire life that I did not have a writing desk in my home.  It is one of my basic furniture. 
  • My father said that I’m in my weirdest when I’m writing.  (Back in the province when I was younger) He was always amazed whenever he stumbles upon one of my scattered drafts and he would always ask “Did you write this? with the tone that sounded like he is asking a stranger and not his daughter. LOL!
  • And as Freddie Mercury says I write better when “Under Pressure!”.
  • I write to express NOT to impress.

… hmn there’s a lot more. till next share!

The manual organizer’s photo is taken aboard a plane. The scribble on the notebook is a list of posts that I plan to write while on a trip.  I was surprised to find that all the scribbled topics were published on my blogs.

68/365: Sunday Quote and Photograph: It Was One of Those March Days

9th of March

It was one of those March days
when the sun shines hot
and the wind blows cold.
When it is summer in the light,
and winter in the shade.
~Charles Dickens~

Wow that was quick!


It was one of those March days when I was born. Consider this as a prelude – let’s talk about me!

67/365: Random: The Agony of Waiting

8th of February 

A wife waiting for a husband driving home late from work,
A husband coming home to an empty house where usually the wife is waiting,
A mother waiting for her children to be dropped off by the school service.
A family member waiting outside an operating room waiting for the doctor to come out,
A master waiting for his lost pet to come back home…

hourglassWhen someone or something did not arrive or happened in an expected and scheduled time, worry immediately sets in. It is automatic instinct for human to sense that something wrong or bad is happening.

Every second, every minute, every hour matters for a person waiting.  The longer it takes, the more agonizing it is for the person waiting.

I woke up today with the headline news that a Malaysian Airline (MH370) with 239 people on board  had gone missing.  It has been missing for two hours when I first heard the news.  And it has been 14 hours now while I’m writing this.  The plane is still missing and there’s not even any trace of whatever from the plane.

In aviation a few seconds lost in radar monitor denotes trouble.  What more for fourteen hours?  It would be too difficult to apply optimism on this kind of situation.

Crime shows such as CSI taught us the practical analysis of “the longer the time a person is missing, the lesser the chances to find the person unhurt or (worst) alive.  But even though we have this practical knowledge we chose not to make conclusion based on this (convincing ourselves:just this time”)  and hope against hope that the waiting will be over without the tragic news.

The most agonizing thing about waiting is that you wanted it to be over while at the same time terrified to hear the news that will officially end the waiting.  

NO ONE, no one would ever want to be in the position of the person waiting. Especially in a situation where you can’t do anything but wait.

My prayers not only for the passengers and crew on board Flight MH370 but also to the families, relatives and friends who are waiting.

62/365: Philippine Festivities in the Month of April

3rd of March

April means summer season and vacation in the Philippines!  And there’s no better season than to do adventure and explore regional places than the summer season.


The Lent season also falls in the month of April and the Philippines being 80% Catholic country you will notice that this month is filled with the festivities (observance) related to Lent or the “Passion of Christ”.  What I did in the list is I deleted some entries list that I think is not very unique. 

PANAGABUOS FESTIVAL April 1-3: Banna, Ilocos Norte

BANANA FESTIVAL April 1- April 5: La Castellana, Negros Occidental
KESONG PUTI FESTIVAL April 1- April 9: Sta Cruz, Laguna
SUROY TA April 1- May 31 : Davao City
FIESTA PASIKLAB April 1- May 31: Commonwealth Ave., Diliman, Quezon City
KADAHOMAN FESTIVAL April 1-May 1 : Lagonoy, Camarines Sur

MORIONES FESTIVAL April 2-7: Marinduque
HUDAS-HUDAS April 4: San Jose, Antique
PAGTALTAL SA GUIMARAS April 5-6: Jordan, Guimaras

SEMANA SANTA SA BIKOL April 5-6 : Calabanga, Camarines Sur
CENAKULO (CAINTA, RIZAL) April 5-6: Cainta, Rizal
PAGTALTAL IN BAROTAC VIEJO April 5-6: Barotac Viejo, Iloilo
PAK’KAAT KAL’LO April 5-6 : Brgy. Manobo, Magpet, Cotabato Province
 BUHING KALBARYO April 5-6: Cebu City, Cebu
SEMANA SANTA (DIPOLOG CITY) April 5-6: Dapitan City
CUTUD LENTEN RITES April 6: San Pedro Cutud, San Fernando, Pampanga

KATKAT SAKRIPISYO SA 3003 STEPS April 5-6: Dipolog City
PAGHUKOM April 5-6: Calinog, Iloilo
SEMANA SANTA AT DARIOK HILLS April 5-6 : Dariok Hills, Barangay Balintokatok, Santiago City
SENAKULO April 5 and 7 Maundy Thurs & Black Sat: Castillejos, Zambales
KALBARYO April 6: San Vicente Ferrer Parish Bgy. La Granja, La Carlota City
ANG HATOL . . . .(THE WAY OF THE CROSS) April 6: Cainta, Rizal
GIWANG-GIWANG April 6 (good friday): Binangonan, Rizal
GIWANG-GIWANG April 6 (good friday): Binangonan, Rizal
PAMALANDONG HA PALO April 6: Palo, Leyte
LENTEN WEEK/ "PAGPAPAKO" April 6: Baler and Casiguran, Aurora
LANG-AY FESTIVAL April 6-8: Bontoc, Mt. Province
KADAUGAN SA MACTAN FESTIVAL April 7 : Bgy. Mactan, Lapu-Lapi City, Cebu
SALUBONG (ANGONO, RIZAL) April 7-8: Angono, Rizal
ALLAW TA APO SANDAWA (TRIBES HONOR MT. APO) April 7: Kidapawan City, North Cotabato
Pagay-Pagay Festival April 7-8: Saguday, Quirino
SUNDUAN HA CARIGARA April 8: Carigara, Leyte
SUGAT April 8 : San Carlos, Negros Occ.
HALADAYA FESTIVAL April 8: Daan Bantayan, Cebu
MT. HAMIGUITAN JOURNEY April 08 – 12: La Unino, San Isidro, Davao Oriental

ARAW NG KAGITINGAN April 9: Mt Samat, Bataan
20th Philippine International Balloon Festival 2014 April 10-13: Brgy. Prado Siongco, Lubao, Pampanga (Lubao-Dinalupihan boundary arch)
MAGAYON FESTIVAL (“Festival of Festivals Showdown”) April 10-29: Albay
PANAAD April 21-22: Camiguin
AGOO SEMANA SANTA April 21-22: Agoo, La Union


PANA-AD SA NEGROS April 9-15: Bacolod City, Negros Occidental
TURUMBA FESTIVAL April 10, 16-18, 27 May 6, 18, 27 : Pakil, Laguna
ANA KALANG FESTIVAL April 13-17: Nagcarlan, Laguna
 CONQUER MT. APO April 13- April 17: San Miguel, Baggao, Cagayan
 BANCATHON SA MAGNAGA April 13: Pantukan, Comval
BANTAYOG FESTIVAL April 13-16 : Camarines Norte
HUGYAW SA KADAGATAN April 14: Kauswagan , Lanao del Norte
BAYBAYON FESTIVAL April 15-17: Sagñay. Camarines Sur
MANGGAHAN SA GUIMARAS April 15-22 : Guimaras
PANDAN FESTIVAL April 11 – 16: Mapandan, Pangasinan
 KA-ANGKAN April 16-22 : Marikina City, Metro Manila
TAMPISAW FESTIVAL (EARTH DAY CELEBRATION) April 16- April 18 : Concepcion, Iloilo
TUNGOH AD HUNGDUAN April 16 –19: Hungduan, Ifugao
GARLIC FESTIVAL April 16-20: Pinili, Ilocos Norte
BINONGEY FESTIVAL April 17 : Anda, Pangasinan

BANGUS FESTIVAL April 17- May 4: Dagupan City, Pangasinan
 TANDUYONG FESTIVAL April 17: San Jose City, Bulacan
PASA-PASA FESTIVAL April 18-21 : Monreal, Masbate
MANGO-BAMBOO FESTIVAL AND TRADE FAIR April 20-27: San Carlos, Pangasinan
 COCOWAYAN FESTIVAL April 20-25 : Isabela City
COCOWAYAN FESTIVAL April 20 – 25 : Isabela City
“LA LAGUNA” FESTIVAL April 20-29: Provincial Capitol Compound, Sta. Cruz, Laguna
GOTAD AD HINGYON April 21- April 24 : Hingyon Municipality, Ifugao
BANGKARERA (Boat-rowing race) April 21: Penablanca, Cagayan
SANDUGUAN FESTIVAL April 21- April 27: Calapan, Mindoro Oriental
 KINULOB FESTIVAL April (no definite date): Mabini, Batangas
HINUGYAW SA HINIG ARAN FESTIVAL April 22- April 23: Hinigaran, Negros Occidental
SUBIC 'AY FESTIVAL April 22-28: Subic, Zambales

PAGSALABUK FESTIVAL April 22-May 19: Dipolog City
PANDAN FESTIVAL April 3: Luisiana, Laguna
KANGAYEDAN FESTIVAL April 22-26: Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte
GOTAD AD KIANGAN April 23- April 25: Kiangan, Ifugao
PISTA SA KINAIYAHAN April 23- April 26: Sta. Cruz, Davao del Sur
PINAKBET FESTIVAL April 23: Sta. Maria, Ilocos Sur
 CANGMATING SIBULAN, NEGROS ORIENTAL April 24- April 30 : Yagyag Festival
KAROSAHAN FESTIVAL April 24: Nueva Valencia, Guimaras
SIBIT SIBIT FESTIVAL April 24-30 (last week) : Driftwood Beach, Brgy. Barretto, Olongapo City
 PISTAY DAYAT April 24-May 1: Lingayen, Pangasinan
ARAW NG SULOP April 24: Sulop

PASALAMAT FESTIVAL April 25: La Carlota City, Negros Occidental
BALINGOAN FESTIVAL April 25: Balingoan , Misamis Oriental
BAHAG-HARI FESTIVAL April 25 : Pinamalayan, Oriental Mindoro
 THE SABUTAN FESTIVAL AND MINI-TRADE FAIR April 25- April 29 : Mabitac, Mindoro Oriental
 PANAGAT "FISH" TIVAL April 25 : Estancia, Iloilo
SINABALU FESTIVAL April 25-26: Rizal, Cagayan
IMBAYAH FESTTIVAL April 25-29 : Banaue, Ifugao
BAGGAK SUMMER FESTIVAL April 25-30 : Bauang, La Union
PANAGSANGAL FESTIVAL April 25-May 1 : Baggao, Cagayan
PANAGSANGAL FESTIVAL April 25-May 1: Baggao, Cagayan
KUTSITSA FESTIVAL April 26 : Molave, Zamboanga del Sur
KAFAGWAY April 27: Baguio City
BINIRAYAN FESTIVAL April 27-29: San Jose & Hamtic, Antique
 SAKNUNGAN FESTIVAL April 27- April 30: San Jose, Mindoro Occidental
PISTA SA KINAIYAHAN April 27-30 : Sta. Cruz
MAY ILAOUD FESTIVAL April 27 - May 1 : Milaor, Cam. Sur
INDAK PADURUKAN FESTIVAL April 28 : San Jose, Occidental Mindoro
PANDAWAN FESTIVAL April 28: Pantabangan, Nueva Ecija
DIKIT FESTIVAL April 28-30: Aurora, Isabela
BUTANDING FESTIVAL April 28-May 5: Donsol, Sorsogon
TINAPAHAN FESTIVAL April 29- May 1 : Lemery, Batangas
DINAKLISAN FESTIVAL April 29-May 1 : Currimao, Ilocos Norte
KALIPAYAN FESTIVAL April 30 : San Agustin, Romblon
ANTIPOLO PILGRIMAGE April 30- May 1 : Antipolo, Rizal
MUNGO FESTIVAL April 30-May 2: San Mateo, Isabela
ITIK FESTIVAL April (no definite date) : Victoria, Laguna
KAMARIKUTAN PAGDIWATA ARTS FESTIVAL April (Fullmoon): Kamarikutan Kape at Galeri, Puerto Princesa, Palawan
CAMOTE FESTIVAL/BB. ZAMBALES April (movable): Castillejos, Zambales
WHEW!!! That’s a lot!
Source: Department of Tourism Website

61/365: Sunday Poem and Photograph: Moth

2nd of March
fire is beautiful
and we know that if we get
too close it will kill us
but what does that matter
it is better to be happy
for a moment
and be burned up with beauty
than to live a long time
and be bored all the while
so we wad all our life up
into one little roll
and then we shoot the roll
that is what life is for
it is better to be part of beauty
our attitude toward life
is come easy go easy
we are like human beings
used to be before they became
too civilized to enjoy themselves

Excerpts from:
The Wisdom of Psychopaths: What Saints, Spies, and Serial Killers Can Teach Us About Success ~Kevin Dutton~


Do you agree with the content of that excerpts?

I don't. I simply don't because life is too beautiful to turn it to something horrific.

The photograph is taken from our own home.  We were preparing for dinner when suddenly these swarm of moths circled around all the lighting in our home except for the bedroom lighting upstairs.

I remember old people say that when these moths made a sudden appearance it means that the rainy season is about to start or it will rain soon. I’m not sure about that theory right now because technically the summer season is just about to start.

I’m not comfortable seeing this kind of scene.  They remind me of horror movies.  Not that I’m a person who gets scared easily.  It’s just that this kind of scene is not fun for me to see in person.  There's something in it that makes me uncomfortable.

For my son it’s a time for experiment.  He went running to fill a basin with water and put it directly below one of the light surrounded by moths.  The moths automatically soared directly to the basin with water and drowned/died.  On the other lights he placed a lit candle below and the scene was more horrific.  All of the moths soared directly to the candle and got burned.  In just  a short time all the moths are dead.


60/365: The 60-Day Milestone

1st of March

Hello March!  Here you are surprising me when I’m not even done with my February postings for my “365 Day Blogging Challenge”.  Your coming made me realized that… I'm definitely nuts!

Admittedly February was a struggling month. There were days and weeks that it was impossible for me to sit down and write, even visit my own blogs or to even moderate the comments.

I tried to prepare myself for days like this by making my own heads up on how the coming hopelessly busy days will affect my posting.  Drafting some future posts was also not effective because by the time that I go back to those drafts to finalize them, the “feel” and “interest” for the topic is gone.  This is really one hell of a challenge!

But if you think that I’m backing out from this challenge because of what I had experienced in the month of February – you are wrong.  Here I am behind by five posts for February and yet I’m still NOT backing out! Yes no! Definitely not!  In fact this became more interesting to me.

I may owe five posts from February by the time that this one is posted but that does not mean that I will be owing them till the end of this challenge.  I take this as a sports.  I may have missed scoring during the early quarters or half but I still have time to fill-in those gaps, scored more in the coming quarters and half.  If basketball has the “best of seven series” I have the “best of  12 months series”.  I took it as a 365 post I will end it at 365 by the end of the game which is on December 31, 2014 or sooner.  As what Senyor Iskwater said “Kitakits sa Finals!”.

Once again, THANK YOU for all your unfailing support especially to all my fellow bloggers.  I may be missing to visit your blogs lately but I will definitely be there soon.

Care to join me in shouting another HURRAY!?



A single link is okay as long it says something about your comment or related to my posts. Apart from that I'm sorry I need to delete your links. THANKS!
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