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120/365: Goodbye April

30th of April Goodbye April I hate to see you go Specially remembering how we started with all the fun and adventure. Fun became an under statement when in the middle I finally accomplished something that I haven't done For the last four years to be exact You gave me an almost 30-days of special memories Almost... I was unsuspecting when you were about to leave You surprised me with this sadness Of saying goodbye to a dear special lady Who will never again see your summer sun. I was just wishing for some summer wind But what I've got is a windy chill I am not yet ready to let your summer sun go But I have no choice but to welcome the rain. Goodbye April... Thank you for the memories, I will cherish the good ones and will try to bury the sad ones Goodbye April... See you next year Maybe then you will be The April that I used to know.

116/365: Places of Worship: Let Us Travel To Long, Phrae, Thailand With The Master of Metaphor As He Talks About Temple Wat Salaeng

26th of April Metaphorically Speaking is one among my favorite and “regular reads” blogs.  I had been back reading the entries from time to time.  The author might not know about my back reading because I don’t regularly leave comments on his earlier entries. I love reading this blog not only because it talks about interesting topics especially about life’s journey but also because each entry is a well-written piece with perfect grammar.  I think I said about this several times because this is not the first time that I feature the author here. I had the privilege of personally meeting our guest blogger Jonathan whom I had instant rapport with.  Probably I am bias in liking him because I was impressed first with his writings prior to meeting him in person.  But I was not biased at all.  Jonathan is a total sum of a naturally intellectual person enhanced by his well-traveled and well-experienced/exposed life.  It was not surprising when I got drawn to our conversation.  It was j

111/365: MERS-Cov Awareness

21 of April Happy Ester Monday to all! At this moment people are coming back from out of town trips after spending the annual Holy week break and probably most are not aware of the current alert from the Department of Health about the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Corona Virus or commonly knows as MERS-Cov. Just to help a bit with the our health departments alertness campaign, I am sharing this advisory on this site. Remember that this is not to create panic but awareness for everybody.  Always remember that when it comes to health ‘PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE!” Information Source from here .

110/365: Sunday Quote and Photograph: Easter

20th of April The joyful news that He is risen does not change the contemporary world. Still before us lie work, discipline, sacrifice. But the fact of Easter gives us the spiritual power to do the work, accept the discipline, sacrifice. ~Henry Knox Sherill~ The photograph is taken at “Kamay Ni Hesus” in Lucban Quezon, Philippines where bigger than life-size images of the Passion of Christ is scattered all around the 5-hectare land.  The “Resurrection” is the last station in the group of images depicting the Passion of Christ. Most people visit this place during the lent but we went here a week earlier before lent. This is where I first observed the “Passion of Christ” prior to doing it during my actual Vicita Iglesia on Good Friday. I noticed that some people go here without even knowing what this place is for. They just took pictures and treat this as just plain tourist spot or just a place for “photo opps".  I have nothing against taking photos for suc

109/365: Churches: Vicita Iglesia 2014. From The City To The Highlands

19th of April As much as I am excited to post today the next entry for Churches and Places of Worship series, I am taking a break to give way to my annual post and sharing about my observance of  Vicita Iglesia. We started a bit late again this year and the sun is already at its killer rays when we head out to visit seven churches at around past 7AM. We decided that we will be visiting 7 churches again this year because we are not sure that we will find 14 churches along the route that we plotted on this day only. 1st Station: SHRINE OF THE FIVE WOUNDS OF OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST Administered by the Stigmatine Fathers and Brothers located at Real Street, Talon I, Las PiƱas City, Philippines.  One of the churches that surprised me because I’m not expecting to find it by chance – majestically built in the heart of this town. 2nd Station: ST. JAMES THE GREAT PARISH Located inside the posh Ayala Alabang Village in Muntinlupa City.  A combination of modern and classic arch

108/365: Good Friday Scenes Around The City

19th of April As we head to our annual observance of Vicita Iglesia we are expecting to see different ways of Filipino traditions during the observance of Holy Week. These scenes are not new to me. I grew up exposed to these kind of observance from my provincial home town and I am hoping that someday I will be able to share them on this blog on a well-written article and how these observance has something to do with my growing up.  It’s kind of amuse me that every year I still see this observance in the busy city.  Let me share them with you though this photo talk.  Please bear with the photos quality as I randomly took them using a digital camera while on a moving vehicle. The carrying of heavy wooden cross and the whipping at the back with an open wound is the common act of self-flagellation that I normally see every year.  This is the first time that I witnessed the hooded barefoot devotees walk with their hands in a sitting position and they are walking in the same speed

102/365: Churches: A Church from Sagada Philippines in the Eye of The Soul Explorer.

12th of April The mysterious Marco The Soul Explorer is one among the first bloggers that I have regular and fun interaction with in the blogosphere when I was just starting this blog.  And it is such a pleasure thought that he is still around exploring and blogging up to this day.  Some of our common blogger friends had gone hiatus and has not come back yet. Marco is one among my favorite person in the blogosphere.  Probably because we share the same passion for running  and exploration.  I usually call him “lakwatsero” – the most fitting Tagalog word that best describes his personality and passion.  I wish someday I can also do his other passion - mountain climbing. For me to describe Marco as a blogger and in person? (Yep I already met him in person ha ha). Apart from being one good looking guy (no argument on this!) he is also a pleasant and a well- mannered guy. As a blogger he is supportive and thoughtful.  In spite of being the male and older counterpart of “Dora”

98/365: Beach and Pool Nearby Manila: Villa Excellance in Tanza Cavite (Part 2 of 2)

8th of April The BEACH This is the beach that welcomed us! The good thing is that we chose a cottage that is near the beach and the swimming pool entrance. The sand looks like white but they are just the regular sand. But at least it is not the darker color sand.  White/grayish sand color looks more refreshing than the darker looking sand. Who would think twice to run towards the beach on a hot summer day? What I don’t like about the beach is that it looks murky when the wind starts to blow in the afternoon.  Though the water is not dirty but it was not as clear during the morning. The POOL This is what I like most on this resort the POOL! It is quite spacious and long.  And what I like best is that it is over looking the beach. You can actually feel the ocean wind while swimming in the pool because it is elevated.  The wind kissing the palm trees is such an amusing scene. I fell into a nap while relaxing to this very creative beach chair that w