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31/365: When In Iloilo: The Trappist Abbey and Pasalubong

As the  month of January ends this also ends my series of “When In Iloilo” posts.    But this does not mean that I will not feature Iloilo anymore.   If something new and exciting comes along I will definitely share them.   Buying “PASALUBONG” is of course the perfect way to end a trip.  During my early visits to Iloilo the first memory that comes into my mind are the pasalubong houses located around the city.  Not until we had an unplanned trip to Iloilo's paradise island of Guimaras .  This gives me a warm memory of a place that we accidentally discovered – the Trappist Abbey located in Bgy. San Miguel, Jordan Town in Guimaras Island. We found this place while rushing back to home after enjoying the white and beautiful beach of Guimaras Island. We want to reach the Jordan Port so that we can take the pump boat that will bring us back to the city proper before it gest dark. I saw some signage and a chapel. I immediately asked our hired service about it and our driver said

30/365: When In Iloilo: Road Trip To Janiuay Iloilo and Three Churches (Part 2 of 2)

With a full tummy from that sumptuous lunch we are now ready to invade the churches that we marked on the way to Janiuay while we were driving back home.  As expected on a Monday the churches that we visited were closed so most photos that you will be seeing here were taken from the outside structures of the churches. CABATUAN CHURCH St. Nicolas of Tolentino or Cabatuan Church is about 23 kilometers from Iloilo City.  It is said to be built in 1834, Neoclassical in style but the front façade is Tuscan particularly its pilasters.  It is also ornated with Augustinian symbols.  It is the only church in Iloilo that has 6 belfries four of which were destroyed by an earthquake in 1948.  The belfries are Byzantine in style.  The central structure of the church is in the shape of the cross which is about 50 meters long and about 20 meters wide. Photo shoot concept by my brother in law at Cabatuan Church Before World War II. there was a rectory of convent at the right side of

29/365: When In Iloilo: Road Trip To Janiuay Iloilo and Three Churches (Part 1 of 2)

Today’s destination is Janiuay Iloilo City! Janiuay is a first-class municipality in the province of Iloilo, Philippines. According to the 2010 census, it had a population of 63,031 people.  The municipality is located 33 kilometres (21 mi) north-west of Iloilo City. It was created in 1769. Two rivers coming from the north-west cuts in parallel through Janiuay. One is the Suage River and the other is the Magapa River which provide natural irrigation supporting the mainly agricultural town of Janiuay. The Suage river bridge was once witness to fierce fighting between Japanese Imperial forces and the combined Filipino and American troops including the recognized Ilonggo guerrilla fighters. The Magapa river bridge was built after WWII.   While there is no certainty, there are several legends of how the place got its name. One is that it came from the ruling Datu's sons named "Han" and "Oway". Another is that the words "hani" (whisper) and "oway

28/365: When In Iloilo: The Jaro Cathedral, The Jaro Belfry and Nuestra Seňora dela Candelaria

Your Iloilo trip is not complete unless you experienced the 3Cs! The Cathedral The Campanario The Candelaria THE CATHEDRAL This cathedral is the first church I visited in Iloilo City during my first trip some ten more years back. Thus I am wondering why I don’t have a photograph of this church that I purposely took.  Most of the photographs on this post were randomly taken by my hubby while we roam around the church vicinity.  I might have one from my old photographs (prints) probably taken when digital is not yet in.  I’m planning to take a look at these old photographs one time and compare it to these new ones. The Jaro (Metropolitan) Cathedral is also knows as the National Shrine of Our Lady of the Candles.  It is the cathedral for the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Jaro is under the original patronage of Saint Elizabeth of Hungary.  It is located in Jaro Plaza, Iloilo City Philippines.  The shrine is constructed of Romanesque revival architecture. (Source: Wikipedia)

27/365: When In Iloilo: Going Korean and Dimsum

When you are done trying all the must eat Ilonggo foods  and looking for some authentic cuisine, you might want to try going Korean and Chinese. With that you may want to hear again my two cents worth of opinion when it comes to Korean and Dimsum dishes. KOREAN I’m not a Korean food lover for two reasons: 1st - I feel that all their foods smells the same (LOL) 2nd – I can’t remember their name’s (more LOL) Not that I hate them.  It’s just that they are not the first on my list when dining out.   I usually dine Korean when a group of friends invited me and I can’t say no ha ha.  I do however discovered the best time to eat Korean food is – when you are drunk !  LOL but true!  I can assure you it’ll make you feel sober afterwards. Well I discovered this one time coming from a bar-hopping-cocktail-mixing-on-our-throat-night.  We have real shots of whatever and leading home but feeling hungry while bottle of beers still on our hands.  It was again on a Dinagyang night and most

26/365: When In Iloilo: The El Dorado Waterpark in Westown Hotel

Let’s talk about family hang-out this time! Iloilo is known for its famous beaches which mostly are located outside the city.  If you wish to have a fun-filled swim-water-fun I am highly suggesting the inland resort El Dorado Water Park! The El Dorado Waterpark is located inside the Smallville Complex and is also a part of the MO2 complex adjacent to the Westown Hotel along Diversion Road in Mandurriao District. El Dorado is an ancient South American legend about a lost city of gold which is also the theme of this resort - Pre-Spanish American and Mayan. El Dorado became one of the most visited waterpark in Iloilo City since it started operations in 2010.  It became popular due to its great Mayan temple inspired pools.  Relying on my personal experience with this water park I can also say that is quite maintained and clean. One good thing about this water park is that you can bring your own food.  But if you wish, you can also order from them freshly-coo