27/365: When In Iloilo: Going Korean and Dimsum

When you are done trying all the must eat Ilonggo foods and looking for some authentic cuisine, you might want to try going Korean and Chinese.

With that you may want to hear again my two cents worth of opinion when it comes to Korean and Dimsum dishes.


I’m not a Korean food lover for two reasons:
1st - I feel that all their foods smells the same (LOL)
2nd – I can’t remember their name’s (more LOL)

Not that I hate them.  It’s just that they are not the first on my list when dining out.   I usually dine Korean when a group of friends invited me and I can’t say no ha ha.  I do however discovered the best time to eat Korean food is – when you are drunk!  LOL but true!  I can assure you it’ll make you feel sober afterwards.

Well I discovered this one time coming from a bar-hopping-cocktail-mixing-on-our-throat-night.  We have real shots of whatever and leading home but feeling hungry while bottle of beers still on our hands.  It was again on a Dinagyang night and most foodie houseS in Smallvile was jam packed with people.  Suddenly this signage caught our eyes.

Catchy eh?
KGB = Korean Grill Barbeque located at Smallville Complex

The owner of this Korean resto was so accommodating that she personally supervised her crew while serving our table and even assisted in cooking the super spicy noodles right on our table.


Korea 1

The equally spicy “food” that for me just smells the same. 

Korea 2

By the time that we are done slurping our super hot/heat soup we are also all blowing our noses (LOL) and we all turned SOBER!  Try it!


Contrary however to how I consider Chinese food .  For me they taste how they smell and look.


I believed in the popular joke that Chinese food have lots of MSG (and seasoning) on them.  I thought that maybe that is the reason why they taste so yummy. 

But this Dimsum place inside the Robinson’s Mall claimed that they are authentic and their food is said to be “NO MSG”.   So we did try them. 


We discovered this place after meeting some people in the bank and doing some documentations in this area and we are so feeling hungry and we wanted to eat something heavy that will last until dinner because we have a full itinerary on that day.


The food that we had didn’t fail us –we were full after dining.  However we can’t tell if there’s really no MSG on the food because we don’t know how to do that ha ha.  But they are definitely are all delicious and the service is just fine. 

What I like most about Chinese food houses is that they always have a pot of tea to offer.  Drinking tea after a heavy dimsum meal makes you feel lighter.  For me it is better than desert!

Dimsum 1

There!  Two foodie house that you may want to try after you’re done trying all the delicious Ilonggo food!



  1. And that separate us apart hahaha. I absolutely love Korean dishes. They prepare their food having the first class ingredients - the thing is they don't sacrifice the ingredients. Second, it's healthy especially the "Kimchi" which I love the most. You can do a combo of kimchi to almost anything. Though I admit, the smell is quite weird. But heck, it's not the smell, I don't care with the smell but what I do care is the richness in flavor and the authentic offers that catches me.

    In fact, there this "Oriental Shopping Center" that sells Kimchi here in KSA and I frequent that place for Kimchi alone. By the way, I love Dimsum too.

  2. After reading all these places in Iloilo, the only thing I need is a plane ticket to go there. Very comprehensive series, thanks for sharing!

  3. Oo nga nmn pano mo malalaman n walng halong msg haha!

    Sarap nung soup na maanghang

    Hindi din ko bet yung mga gnyang food ms. Balut , gusto ko lng filipino kasi mura lng hihihi

  4. never pa ako nakakatikim ng pagkain ng korean... ano lasa may similarity ba sa chinese foods?

  5. Di ko pa natikman ang koreana foods. Lol

  6. I used to hate korean food pero when I tried, marami naman palang masarap. I like the KGB name ha, catchy.

    May chinese din? Wow ha, quota ka sa chibog s Iloilo!

  7. huhu ginutom ako bigla madam. hehehehe

  8. di ako mahilig magrisk sa foos na kakainin kaya di ko pa natry ung ibang foreign dishes
    saka mas mahal kasi haha, pero one of these days dapat matry sama ko sa "list to do this year "ko


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