59/365: Mac and Me: Happy Birthday Mac!

28th of February

It’s my BFF’s birthday and I’m cramming to get this greetings done and posted.  Well it’s almost midnight and just few more tick on the clock it’s no longer her birthday (LOL).

I’m supposed to write this earlier when I arrived home from work just before going to the celebrant’s dinner celebration.  However I was welcomed at home by the “stroke-triggering“ news that I don’t have an internet!  My DSL is down again and when I called the (cold)hot line of my “wonderful” (grrr) service provider ,  it made me wait till eternity while listening to their nauseating “voice/music prompt hold” before a human picked up the phone only to tell me that they can not provide me (yet) a concrete information why my internet is down. (What’s new?)  They robotically provided me a reference number and asked for my updated call back number which I’m sure is just a waste of time because they will NEVER EVER call you back to tell you what’s going on! I have a ton of experience and histories for this.

So my ISP did it again!  What a perfect timing!  Just when I needed it most! 

Anyways, so I scrapped my plan of writing an elaborated-brain-wracking birthday greetings that I’m supposed to post here and promote on my social media accounts (LOL).  Blame it on my ISP Mac!  

Anyways I think my idea were all drained-out by the non-stop burping caused by the buffet meal that we had tonight.

Also, I don’t think one blog post would be enough for all the words that I wanted to say and for all the wishes that I  wished Mac for.  We have been friends like forever that I know that she knows what’s on my mind. I’ll just make my greetings simple.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY and CHEERS to good friendship!

Mac n Me

And oh by the way here’s some trivia.  While at the buffet dinner tonight me and another common friend with Mac realized that we have been dining together for the last four years straight during Mac’s  birthday. I have yet to check for the year that is older than four years ago.

2011 at T.G.I Fridays
I was brokenhearted because of my job and the three of us took comfort from this huge Sundae apart from the other (so much) food that we ordered.


2012 at Hap Chan Restaurant
After our adventure at
Logos Hope (The Floating Bookstore)


2013 at 101 Buffet.
A sad moment when I needed to break to you the news that your childhood friend from the province just died.


This year 2014 at Tramway Bayview Buffet
Now that Mac is PARTLY NOT THE Mac that I described in the  first photo (Mac and Me) since she took over “Dora The Explorer’s” role (LOL)


No wonder it is not only our friendship have grown but also our WAISTLINE!

53/365: When I’m Down and Feeling Blue – A Donkey Always Reminds Me To Step Up.

22nd of February

It is very rare that people see me feeling down and low.  I’m the kind of person that when something disappointing happens I shake it off as fast as I could and move forward. 

But sometimes no matter how much confidence and positivity you stocked and banked within yourself there are really life situations and circumstances that pulls you down to the lowest level (sometimes to negative zero) draining the confidence and positivity your depending on.

Plus there are really (evil) people who’s goal in life is to see themselves prosper at the expense of someone else’s downfall.  And there are really people people whose happiness rely on other people’s misery.  God bless them.

When I’m having this kind of day I temporarily shut myself off from the world.  I avoid talking to people because I don’t want to drag them along with my negative being.  What I do is to lavish myself with the things that comforts me like writing and reading (No not chocolates and frap).  Then I pray… I pray that the person who caused me this misery will be struck with lightning!  Joke :)

I pray that I would be given the strength to pull myself out of this negative being.  Then automatically and mysteriously I will remember the story of “the donkey who fell down into a well.

Let me share to you this story that I chanced upon…
(Credits to the origin of this story) 

One day a farmer's donkey fell down into a well. The animal cried piteously for hours as the farmer tried to figure out what to do. Finally, he decided the animal was old, and the well needed to be covered up anyway; it just wasn't worth it to retrieve the donkey.

He invited all his neighbors to come over and help him. They all grabbed a shovel and began to shovel dirt into the well. At first, the donkey realized what was happening and cried horribly. Then, to everyone's amazement he quieted down.
A few shovel loads later, the farmer finally looked down the well. He was astonished at what he saw. 

With each shovel of dirt that hit his back, the donkey was doing something amazing. He would shake it off and take a step up.

As the farmer's neighbors continued to shovel dirt on top of the animal, he would shake it off and take a step up. Pretty soon, everyone was amazed as the donkey stepped up over the edge of the well and happily trotted off!

Life is going to shovel dirt on you, all kinds of dirt. The trick to getting out of the well is to shake it off and take a step up. Each of our troubles is a steppingstone. We can get out of the deepest wells just by not stopping, never giving up! Shake it off and take a step up.

At first I thought this story is weird and cruel.  Imagine the scene where the donkey was almost buried alive!   But then, isn't that how life sometimes is?  Weird and cruel that sometimes it knocks you down and while you’re down people almost bury you alive instead of helping you up?  It’s up to you how you stand up and step up!

52/365: I’m Writing This In Real Time But…

21st of February

I just got back today after a two-day "work-related whatever" and I am  now facing my lappy overwhelmed with the tasks that I need to do in the coming days ahead.

The first thing that I did is to check my emails specifically the ones originating from my blogs’ contact pages, (important) messages from my social media accounts and all the important messages that were sent to me through this crazy e-world.

I’m trying to finish reading the ones from the social media as quickly as I can that I don’t even have the time to “Like” or “Favorite” the statuses that made me feel good .  Does that mean that I’m “anti-social media” now? LOL!

Well the reason for my rushing is because I need to finalize the drafts that needs to be published on specific dates for this blog.  However, the list of the drafts on my writing tool made me frown.  I tried to pick one to finish but nothing seem to fit my mood.  This is bad!

bloggerWhy does the topics that you were so inspired writing some days ago does not seem the same when you go back writing about it?  Is it the same with you or is it just me?  I’m a moody writer most of the time.  I usually type away what’s on my mind or what fits my mood.  And this usually gives me problem.

The reason of this ranting is of course has something to do with  my daily post or what I call my 365/blogging challenge. I’m running five days (six including today) behind by now.  Although I have all the topics drafted per day but they are not finalized yet.

As for this one, I’m writing this real time – see that date on the upper right corner?  That is the exact date that I am writing this post.  The problem is I will not be posting this as long as I haven’t posted the five days prior to today.  (I’m nuts!)

So what’s the topic on this post again?  Nothing!  I am just posting this just to let you know that I’m still on with the challenge (except that I’m not just in the mood *frown*)!

51/365: My Soul Learned A Little About Surfing Through “Soul Surfer”

20th of February

Unlike most bloggers (and other people) I don’t have a bucket list or a “50 before 50”  thingy on my profile.  Although I have a mental list of things that I want to do before I die one of which is to run a full marathon (42K baby!) – but the thing is , I don’t document them.  Probably because I’m really an spontaneous person.

Lately I’m starting to add some more adventures (and dreams) to the things that I still wan to do before I die.  There’s another one that I added today and let me share this one to you.

I want to experience…

me surfing

This thought is kinda disappointing right now because just some weeks back I could have experienced surfing in Baler (Aurora, Philippines – which is starting to be popular  right now).  But because I’m too hooked up with work I missed an email invite from a friend for a Baler adventure – of course this is another story

So why suddenly surfing?

I came home one day from work and saw this movie playing on our family’s 24-hour movie screening (LOL).  As I slumped on the couch just to catch my breath and take my shoes off I saw this ocean/surfing scene that looks so refreshing plus the story seemed familiar to me.  Staying a little bit more in front of the screen I realized that I really know the story because I was following that story before from magazines and other reading materials.  Well of course it was back in the days that I wasn’t too hooked up yet in the e-world.

The movie is titled “Soul Surfer” .  It is about the story of Bethany Hamilton, a lady surfer that lost her arm from a horrific shark attack.  I got hooked watching the movie till the end while I am still wearing my  outfit from work.  It is not only the inspirational aspect of the movie that interests me, but it is actually more about surfing. There are scenes and dialogues in the movie that made me understand a bit about the sports of surfing and it perks my interest and fascination. 

Prior to watching this film, I never really got interested about surfing.  I consider surfing as a thing for people who lives nearby the sea with surfing waves.  Or.. people from Hawaii (LOL).

But let me clarify that I’m not planning to be a surfer (Goodness gracious!).  I just want to experience surfing.  I just want to experience how it feels like to be on the surfing board and with the wave.  I bet that would feel awesome.

You might also want to watch the movie.  It was cinematicaly good for a biopic plus it is very inspirational.

“I don’t need easy.  I just need possible.” ~ Bethany Hamilton / Soul Surfer~

50/365: Do I Wanna Build A Snowman?

19th of February

Sorry to disappoint you but this has nothing to do with the latest movie craze “Frozen” and to everyone’s LSS for a couple of weeks now.

This has something to do with me gaining  a lot of weight since the Manila weather went back to its “tropical mightiness” after a short period of allowing us to display our jackets. Ang init! (It’s so hot!).

Apart from eating a lot (due to stress maybe or whatever alibi I have for eating a lot.) I found the other major culprit that is continuously causing my instant chubbiness.  I realized that while I’m enjoying slurping one of them from a Belgian Cone that I bought from a nearby grocery.

My son’s version of Banana Split! (LOL)

banana split

Hubby jokingly blurted “Did you know that there’s no ice-based food with a salty taste?  They are all made from sweet foods.  Well apart from those specialty ice cream that we don’t eat regularly”.  Then it was followed by “And did you notice how often do you eat these sweet ice craze foods lately?” (while grinning) 

Oh wham! So true!

Every time that I’m out of the confine of an air conditioned room I’m looking for something that is refreshing to eat. Be it frap, praf, smoothie, ice cream, ice craze, zagu, sago, halo-halo or whatever brand term they call it I am having them all.

What I’m wondering about is that I’m not fond of these ice-based sweet foods before.  In fact back in the days that I was working with a Chinese-owned company, I adapted their habit of drinking hot tea even during the hot weather/temperature.  I don’t know how I started this habit lately.

Summer is not even at full blast and yet I’m having an overload of these sweet ice-based food.  Any tip how can I avoid these foods?

Naaah! Let it go! Let us just build a snowmann - in my tummy!

Oh by the way, if I frustrate you because I did not talk about the movie “Frozen” on this post in spite of my title, I suggest that you check out a well-written post about the movie from my good friend Jay.

49/365: Wok With Balut: Pizza Talong (Pizza Eggplant)

18th of February

This post is for my friend and colleague Jae-Arh.  She’s the friend I was talking about on the Prelude of my "Wok With Balut" series who had been requesting for a copy of this recipe.

Every time I invite close friends to dine at home Jae-Arh would automatically ask “may pizza talong ba?”  And this is the reason why I am posting this recipe a little detailed compared to the other recipes that I posted.

So here’s my personal recipe of PIZZA TALONG.   It is actually similar to “Tortang Talong”.  I just named it “Pizza Talong” because it looks like pizza when cooked.  It also sounded more yummy. 

There are two versions of this recipe.  One is for VEGIE LOVERS and the other one is for MEAT LOVERS (just like pizza).

My Pizza Talong for Meat Lovers.  Fresh from the Pan!


My Pizza Talong for Vegie Lovers.
The Pizza Talong in this photo is already sliced because I made it as a side dish for the “Steamed Tilapia”


Large Eggplant - grilled, peeled and mashed
Eggs – beaten
Tomatoes sliced horizontally
Green Pepper sliced horizontally
Bell Pepper sliced horizontally
Red Onion chopped
White onion sliced as onion ring (optional)

Hot dog or Sausage

1. Sauté all garlic, onion, tomatoes, green and bell pepper in butter.  Don’t over cooked the spices.
    (If with meat, sauté first the meat ingredients before the spices)
2.  Then add the mashed egg plant.
3. Add salt and seasoning.
4.  Pour the beaten egg and wait until it formed a circle.  The thicker the better.
5. Served topped with onion rings and fresh green bell pepper.

If you noticed I don’t give an exact measurement on the ingredients for my recipe.  Because that’s how I cook.  I match the measurement of my ingredients according to the number of people to whom the dish will be served. And I just estimate the quantity of each ingredient to the quantity of the major ingredient which for this one is the egg plant.

Why don’t you try cooking your first pizza talong?

48/365: Wok With Balut: A Sequel To The Tilapia for Lunch

17th of February

I’m supposed to be writing about love songs for this love month but this food series is more important.  I need to serve the sequel while it’s fresh and hot (LOL).

What I mean is that there’s still the Part 2 for the Tilapia Dish that posted.  It is because hubby is the one who bought the live tilapia fishes.  The problem when he’s buying the tilapia is that he always buys too much – more than two kilos!  Imagine we are just four in the family! Well I can’t blame him because he’s really a fish person and Tilapia is really among his top favorites.

And because I don’t want to lose the freshness of the tilapia I asked them if they want it again for dinner which they joyfully agreed in chorus.  So here’s another version of a Tilapia dish.



Ingredients/Simple “how to”
Garlic, onion, green pepper, bell pepper and tomatoes sautè together then add fish sauce and seasoning.  Make sure that the tomatoe’s juice is already showing before simmering the fried tilapia on it.

If you noticed it has the same spices/ingredients from the first tilapia dish except that this time the spices were cooked.  A bell pepper is also added so it will smell good.

When we want to have taste variation, we usually top it with different spices.  Try it and you’ll gonna love it!


47/365: The First Time I Let Someone Interrupt My Valentine Night Out.

16th of February

We were about to step out for a very late night out on Valentine night when one of the local channels feed a live screening of the 2014 SOCHI WINTER OLYMPIC GAMES.  This doesn’t happen normally in Philippine television that a regular programming will be suddenly cut out off the air to feed a live coverage of the Winter Olympic games.  The reason of course is our very own MICHAEL CHRISTIAN MARTINEZ is competing.

Hubby and I automatically sat back on the couch and hooked ourselves on the TV screen.  It was like an unspoken agreement that our night out will be delayed.  My whole family is such a sports fan.  You’ll find us absorbed together in front of the television enjoying various sports program.

When Michael performed my whole family was cheering as if we were watching the game live in Sochi.  When the scores was flashed after the end of the first set of competitors we were on standing ovation.


Hail to this UNIQUELY talented Filipino. A figure skater from a tropical country where one’s normal familiarity in snow-like ice is by eating them!


Of course Michael did not win gold nor silver nor bronze. But does it matter? He’s an Olympian for God’s sake competing in a sports that most Filipinos know nothing about.  The amazement was so obvious on the judges and commentators reaction.  The first not only from the Philippines but more so from South East Asia.

I would still give him my standing ovation even if he landed last on this competition.  Do I still need to state the reason why?  Let us just give him his much deserved support.  Hey government particularly the sports commission - wake up!  If this boy won’t still have your support you all deserved to be thrown with snow by Elsa!
You might be wondering why our V-Day night out seemed a little late.  It was because we did not plan anything on that day.  We don’t want to be an add on to the romantic chaos that is going on.  Besides our own schedule is a mess by itself.  Both me and hubby have work all day and apart from that he also has an early evening meeting.  So what I did was to come home early from work to avoid the traffic while hubby skipped the day’s work.  So just about after lunch we’re both at home and we’re having this conversation:

Hubby: So where do you want to go?
Me: “Gusto ko lang kumain ng kwek-kwek tsaka pisbol”
        (I just want to eat street foods)

Hubby: Huh? Seriously?
Me: Yep. I always passed by this alley of street food carts but I’m not buying because you always told me not to.
Hubby: Ok let’s go if that’s what you want.  But promised me you won’t make this a habit ok? 
Me: Yey!  Ahm where’s my flower?
Hubby: Hmn.  I thought we’re buying it together? Because last year you scolded me for buying too expensive flowers?

So we spent the first part of our valentine here and this became one of my “happy place”


The other parts was me cooking pasta for dinner while hubby was at his meeting. He arrived home with my flowers.  We all enjoyed the pasta and the sweets at dinner.  Then we watched movies at home with the kids while enjoying my home made nachos, wine for me and hubby and soda for the kids.  When the kids retired for bed we finally decided to push through the tentative plan of going out (just the two of us) which as earlier told was interrupted by Michael Christian Martinez.

Simple joys, simple fun, lots of love, everyday is Valentine.


We were able to go out just before midnight and went home just before dawn.  As to what happened coming back from our night out… wink*

46/365: Wok With Balut: Post Valentine Lunch Menu

15th of February

Yesterday was such a sweet day not only because of the romantic scenes visible everywhere but also of the sweet treats coming from sweet people as well.  It was such a battle not to give in to these temptation so I just taste them all starting at 3AM having my coffee with donuts given by a sweet family friend.

As if the that donut is not yet enough I also brought home some sweets and we ate all of them too then followed by my three-part Valentine celebration that includes a night out that also involved gobbling.  Come Saturday morning our taste buds does not have the appetite for fancy food specifically with sweets and meat (“naumay ba”).

Rummaging the fridge I successfully found some set of ingredients that I’m sure will be appealing to our taste bud for lunch.

Pinakbet and Pritong Tilapia with Fresh and Crunchy spices for lunch!(I heard a “woot !” from hubby)

Vegetable and fish are the best next-day menu when you just came from previous day’s fancy-eating.
However, the common problem in any home in serving vegie and fish dishes is that most kids dislike them.  I myself has a history of disliking these dishes when I was a kid.  Believed me I think I mastered a lot of tricks on how kids will eat vegie and fish dishes.  Let me share to you some of them.

my own recipe of pinakbet and fried tilapia that even kids will love


A mixture of fresh (local) vegetables that is supposed to be cooked with shrimp paste (bagoong).  However. we are not yet letting our little girl to eat shrimp paste (maybe when she gets a little older) plus my son is still under medication from an allergy so I don’t normally cook pinakbet with shrimp paste except when it is for me and hubby only.

What I do is to sauté the vegies with ground meat (pork or beef).  I will put the ground meat in the pan with some water, heat it till it produced its own oil where I can sauté the garlic, onion and the vegies.  The vegies are the “bahay-kubo mix” which are: kalabasa (squash), sitaw (string beans), okra (lady finger), ampalaya (bitter gourd) and talong (eggplant).

I’ll simmer it in half cup of water until it's crunchy enough to serve then add some seasoning.  The trick is not to over cook the vegies.   

Any fried fish will taste good with pinakbet but I still consider Tilapia as the best choice.  And since eating fish is not appetizing for kids, what I do is to spread the fish with (chicken) breading before frying them.  This takes away the fishy smell plus it makes the fish meat crunchy.  These breaded fish is for the kids only because hubby and I prefer the fish just as it is.

And to make the fried fish more appetizing I usually served it with a combination of fresh and crunchy spices.  On our plate (photo) are onion rings, red and green tomatoes, green pepper, Kalamansi and cucumber.  Sometime I also add slices of bell pepper.

There you go!  A not so fancy but definitely yummy and healthy lunch menu that kids and adult will love!

45/365: HV-Day! Just Want to Greet You All!

♥14th of February♥
Happy Valentine’s Day to all! 

Happy Heart’s Day or Happy Feast Day of St. Valentine or whatever :)  I just want to peek here and greet you all! (Though this is posted later than the tagged date because I was out ;)

I’m roaming around the net and I’m seeing hearts everywhere!
So here I am holding mine out  :)


How did your Valentine’s Day go?  Wanna share it here?

Mine was simple but definitely one lovely day (and night) and more importantly NOT stressful.

Just a piece of thought for all – “Learn to take care of your heart first before you expect someone to take care of it”.

44/365: Jim Croce Songs (A Re-post and Prelude On My Thoughts About Lyrics and Music)

13th of  February

It's the lover's month and there's no perfect time to talk about love songs and beautiful song lyrics than the time when everyone feels that "love is in the air" (corny boo!). LOL.

Seriously though, do you know that the very first blog title that I created is "Light To Lyrics and Music"?  It's another story as to what happened to that idea so I'll just make a separate post about that.

Meanwhile let me re-post this piece which I originally posted in January of last year to my other (deactivated) blog.  The idea of  re-posting this is part of the other drafts that I am writing and has something to do also why I came across the Boyce Avenue video.


I am supposed to write a product review today but unfortunately I’m sick.  I don’t think I would be effective in writing positive things while feeling low and sick.  So here I am in bed scribbling incomprehensibly of topics I’m not sure what about when suddenly the music floating in the house called my attention. album-the-definitve-collection-time-in-a-bottle

“Jim Croce is in the house!”  I have the habit of posting this status in my social media accounts every time an artist’s album is being played at home especially if I haven’t hear it for quite a while. 

Hubby has the habit of playing my favorite songs every time he feels I’m a bit down plus he’s one real music lover.  His vast collection of musical CDs and downloads can attest to this.  (This reminds me that I haven’t finished my series of post that I called Musical Exposure).

Jim Croce's music was introduced to me by one of my male best friends during high school.  I instantly fell in love with Croce’s songs.  How could I not?  I love literature and Jim Croce’s song lyrics are literature by itself.  They’re the kind of songs that stays in your head and in your heart.

There is so much poetry in Jim Croce’s songs.  It is just unfortunate that this talented singer and song writer died young.  But the beauty and mystery of his songs lives on.  They never fails to haunt me,  inspire me, entertain me.

Among my most favorite Jim Croce songs are Time in a Bottle, Photographs and Memories, Operator, Lover’s Cross, These Dreams, Alabama Rain, I Got A Name, I’ll Have to Say I Love You in A Song, These Dreams  and a lot more.  How I wish that I could make a post on each of these songs.

The song “Photographs and Memories” is one among my inspiration why I created a category in my (other) blog "Sunday and Photograph".

This is something I’m trying to find in today’s music genre - a Jim Croce kind of music.  No matter what generation you belong I suggest for you to try discovering these songs and you will understand what I’m trying to point here.

While reviewing Jim Croce’s biography while I'm writing this, I find it amusing that this artist crossed my mind on his birth month.  He was born January 10, 1943.  He died on September 20, 1973 from a plane crash together with his band mate. More details about his life, works and death here.

What is your favorite Jim Croce song?  If none because you don’t belong in his  genre (I don’t too), try checking them out and I promised you will thank me for leading you to these great songs.

… if I had a box just for wishes, and dreams that had never come true, the box would be empty except for the memory of how they were answered by you… Time in A Bottle

…cause tables are meant for turnin and people are bound to change. and bridges are meant for burnin’ when the people and mem’ries they join aren’t the same… Lover’s Cross

… summer skies and lullabies, nights we couldn’t say goodbye, and of all the things that we knew not a dream survived… Photographs and Memories

43/365: You Are Probably Wondering Why I’m Giving This Video A Special Post in My Home (Boyce Avenue)

12th of  February

I like the band Boyce Avenue!  I like the way they cover popular songs.  I don’t just like the vocalist Alejandro but I actually have a HUGE crush on this guy! 

Well who would not have?  Great voice, soulful eyes, sweet smile, stands and looks great even in the simplest jeans and shirt, looks yummy in that unshaven look and a lot more reason BUT!  They are not the reasons why I am giving this video a special post.

Watch the video and find by yourself the reason why.  It’s worth watching and listening to anyway.

42/365: I Still Miss You Buddy…

11th of February

Can’t believe that it has been a year ago since that very sad day.
I remember it was a Monday. I was at home absent from work because I was sick. And you were sick too. Every time I was sick you were sick too. Except that day you became too sick and went to cat heaven.

I still miss you buddy.

I miss your stubborn face and attitude.

I miss how you get irritated every time I touch your cropped (funny) tail.

I miss how you snob your cat food and beg for fish left over instead.

I miss how you annoy me every time you mess my work place.

I miss how much the family laugh every time you alertly turn your head like a dog when I call your name.

I miss how you respond to me in cat talk every time I talk to you like a human.

I miss how you stay at the foot of my swivel chair during the nights that I’m up  writing.  And when you feel cold you will climb and cuddle in my lap  and lay still there while I work.  How you seemed mindful that I don’t want to be disturbed.

I miss how you stay behind me like my personal guard when I do the laundry even you’re scared of the water coming out of the faucet.

I miss how you “meow” for help when you come back after you stow away and can’t come down from your escape hole from the roof.

I miss how you rub your fur on my legs when you want to have my attention and when you follow my every movement.

I miss how you quickly get up from your lazy leisure every time I come home from work.

I miss the mornings I feel your fur on my foot under my blanket.  I still wonder how were you able to sneak
to our room while the man of the house habitually whisked you out before we sleep.

It has been a year ago since I last play and cuddle you. I still miss you buddy…

My stubborn cat Timothy Mingz watching cat show while sitting on the family laptop.


41/365: Wok with Balut: The Prelude

10th February

Just to let everybody know – I can COOK too!

And just a clarification also I don’t cook using my laptop as well as I don’t cook while running.  I cook in the kitchen like every normal human being.  I wear an apron using wok and ladle and not a magic wand.

busyThough sometimes I cook while still wearing my office outfit complete with heels  while editing something on my lappy while waiting for the water to boil while listening to the news (from the television) while helping the kids to their assignment while answering hubby’s question on what’s for dinner! (Whew!)

What I don’t usually cook?

I don’t usually cook food or dishes that needs long preparation because I don’t have the time to handle them.  I don’t normally cook the likes of “kare-kare”, “paella”, rice cakes and the likes.  For me these kind of food are best ordered from specialty restaurants.  Although from time to time I also do try cooking them.
What I usually cook?

I love to cook food that are easy to prepare.  Something that you can whip up in a bit but healthy and will turn out yummy.  I prepare foods during occasion according to the kind of occasion.  For birthdays I cook whatever is the request or favorite food of the celebrant.  I also don’t usually follow recipe or a menu list.

For daily cooking I cook whatever there is in the fridge from the week’s buy from the market and grocery store.  This is where I discovered some of my personal recipes.   And these personal recipe  is the reason why I am having this prelude post today. 

A friend has been bugging me to give her one of my personal recipes.  While I was typing the draft email an idea suddenly struck me (again? LOL).  I just thought that since I am sharing my personal recipe to my friend why not share it to everybody instead?

I don’t have the slightest interest of becoming a food blogger but you can expect some post here about food from time to time. 

Do you also cook?  What’s your specialty?

40/365: Sunday Humor and Photograph: Laughter is the Best Medicine

9th February

I rushed my son to the nearest hospital because of an allergy attack. After treatment from the emergency room I need to secure the doctor’s signature who’s clinic is located at the 6th floor. The hospital happened to be under renovation and the elevator is not working so I need to take the stairs.

Look what I found posted near the foot of the stairs !



Whoever thought of this signage is a genius and I really restrained myself asking the hospital personnel who is the owner of this genius idea!   I feel like giving him some beating specially around the leg.  It would be a lot of fun watching him visit his Physical Therapist at the 5th floor with the same condition as the one on this signage! Ha ha ha!

39/365: Random Talk and Birthday Greetings

8th of February

If there is something that I am thankful about my doing the “365 Blogging Challenge” is that it gave me the opportunity to write about the things that I have been wanting to write and share and most of them in complete stories through a series of posts.  I am so engrossed of doing these series that I already drafted the skeleton of what I am going to post for April (LOL).

However it also seems like I am missing to share some random moments that is going around myself for the past few days so I thought of sharing them as well from time to time.  I’m not sure if you will be interested with my nonsense but heck I just want to do some random talks so bear with me.  If  you can’t bear please forget that you passed by this post.

Remember my post about my blogger friend Jonathan that was delayed and also caused the delay of the last three post prior to this one? (Jeez! that’s a mind boggling question phrase!).  Anyway apart from the reason that I edited that post for several times because I am writing about a blogger who is “one heck of a good writer”, the other reason was that  I have been out almost every night (and take note these are on week nights).  I’m not even sure how was I able to sneak on writing some of my updates on my daily post challenge while in fact I have been out most of the nights. (I’m nuts remember?).

IMG_20140203_011943For two straight nights hubby and I were out visiting an old-fashioned bar wherein we just leisurely enjoying a live band, soft music or whatever is playing on the wide screen of this bar over “three bottles”.

On one night we were just outside the house on a bench under the moonlight and enjoying “two bottles” that I picked from a convenience store together with the kid’s pasalubong. 

On another time we we found ourselves around midnight eating in a 24-hour Chinese fast food restaurant.   Burp!


There was no occasion to celebrate.  These are just spontaneous moments that we enjoyed and found time to relax after battling a regular day of hard work.

And one of those week nights also I had a bonding time with my BFF Mac that ended in a stupidly hilarious incident wherein a fortune cookie is involved.  Hmn… I’m still contemplating if I will share the story of such stupidity hilarity.

Meanwhile, let me greet first two blogger friends who are celebrating their birthdays this month of February.
Firsts, a blogger friend whom I love following his blog and social media status because we have the same passion for adventure and running - Empi of  Kol Me Empi!

Happy happy birthday Empi!


And a special greetings also to another blogger friend who is one among the first set of bloggers who welcomed me when I was just starting this blog.  He always passed by my blog,  leave a comment or any message on my chat page whenever he is not out exploring.

Happy happy birthday my dear blogger friend Marco -  The Soul Explorer


Wishing you both more wonderful running, adventures and explorations!  I also wish for a longer friendship with you both in and out of the blogosphere.  Cheers!

38/365: Moonlight Models (Part 3 of 3): Balut Edition

7th of February

A warm, slow breeze blows in over the dry reef,
Sweeps up the shoreline, dousing me in freshness.


No daylight this, but a world of moonlight,
The heavens are spread with small points of light.


Motionless; I watch the soldier crabs emerge.
Black, noise-some mud clings to the soles of my feet.


My whole world is silent; the village is dark.
My hot soul is soothed and lulled by the sea-sound.


Possessed of a sudden euphoria born of shore-ripples, of wind, of salt, of freedom,
I take up off up the bare slope, dodging crab holes…


This spur-of-the-moment photography is a part of an spontaneous road trip that leads us to a beautiful beach south of the city.

Photo Credits: (my good friend) Ranie de Mesa
Subject/Model: Myself (Unprepared, without make-up not even wearing anything fancy or what not) 
Poem:  Excerpts from the poem “Nighwalking” from allpoetry.com

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37/365: Moonlight Models (Part 2 of 3): The Little Red Hooded Girl Edition

6th of February

“White in the moon the long road lies,
The moon stands blank above;
White in the moon the long road lies
That leads me from my love.



Still hang the hedge without a gust,
Still, still the shadows stay:
My feet upon the moonlit dust
Pursue the ceaseless way.



The world is round, so travelers tell,
And straight through reach the track,
Trudge on, trudge on, ‘twill all be well,
The way will guide one back.



But ere the circle homeward hies
Far, far must it remove:
White in the moon the long road lies
That leads me from my love”



Have you noticed something on the third photograph? (wink*)

This spur-of-the-moment photography is a part of an spontaneous road trip that leads us to a beautiful beach south of the city.

Photo Credits: (my good friend) Ranie de Mesa
Subjects/Models: Little Loiz in Red Hood
Poem:  A. E. Housman, A Shropshire Lad

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36/365: Moonlight Models (Part 1 of 3): The Band of Brothers Edition

5th of February
“How sweet the moonlight sleeps upon this bank!  Here will we sit and let the sounds of music creep in our ears: soft stillness and the night become the touches t harmony,
Sit, angels. Look how the floor of heaven is thick in laid with patines of bright gold:
There’s not the smallest orb which thou behold’st.  But in his motion like an angels sing, still quiring to the young-eyed cherubins;
Such harmony is in immortal souls; But whilts this muddy vesture of decay doth grossly clos it in, we can not hear it.”







This spur-of-the-moment photography is a part of an spontaneous road trip that leads us to a beautiful beach south of the city.

Photo Credits: (my good friend) Ranie de Mesa
Subjects/Models: Young boys ages between 11-13 studying in a catholic school for boys.
Quote: Taken from William Shakespeare’s “The Merchant of Venice” – Lorenzo, Act V, Scene 1

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35/365: Dedicating Back A Shoot and Ponder Post (And I Thought It Would Be Easy)

4th of February

I think I had mentioned several times how I feel when a fellow blogger tagged me in a post.  Be it an award, a holiday-related tagging or just any simple mention of my name on their blogs – it makes me feel very special.  Just to think that your name crossed their mind while writing – it’s simply awesome!

That’s why I always make sure to properly acknowledge my fellow bloggers when they mention me on their blog posts.  My actions may be delayed some times but it is just because  I always try to find a perfect time (and post) to sincerely express my appreciation. 

So the more I feel special when a fellow blogger made a post titled FINDING SUBJECTS: Shoot and Ponder and one of the photos/subjects is dedicated for my name.  I feel so very special that it took me some time to acknowledge this dedication because I wanted to thank the author, my blogger friend Jonathan of Metaphorically Speaking by dedicating also a “Shoot and Ponder”  post.  And I thought it would be easy ha ha.

It took me sometime because I can’t find an ideal subject to dedicate to Jonathan. It also took me several times to shoot a subject but when I tried to connect or dedicate it to Jonathan it doesn’t seem to fit… several frustrating attempts! 

Until yesterday while I was writing and got hungry and looking for something to eat. I picked an apple from our fruit tray but the apple doesn’t seem to fit as to what my taste bud is looking for that particular moment. It was the second day that the sun decided to shine at its fullest and the unusual cold (lower than 25 degrees) Manila weather is suddenly gone.   I suddenly had a craving for tropical fruits so hubby and I decided to have a quick trip to the fruit market and pick some local fruits.

I was back home enjoying the water melon that we just bought while contemplating if I will also have a taste of the other local fruits on the tray when a thought suddenly struck me. This is it! I grabbed my camera and took some random shots of the fruits at the table.

Yes this is Jonathan!   This variety of local fruits!  A single fruit will not fit his personality.  It must be a variety!


Just like Jonathan – these fruits are homegrown but when it comes to taste and quality they are world class.  Jonathan is locally breed and educated but his qualities is at par with a world class personality.  He writes well – read his blog and you will know what I mean.  He spreads his knowledge, talents, fruitful experiences that he got from his  well travelled life  - by being a teacher to other nationalities.  He is also a competitive person and has proven that racism can’t bring him down.  He looks so simple but behind the simplicity is a persona full of extra-ordinary talents.  He looks and speaks so humble and yet his achievements are countless.

Thanks again Jonathan for the dedication.  It is an honor to be in your thoughts while you pen your beautiful metaphors.  I feel so humbled every time you appreciate my writings while in fact you are one among the best writer that I know.   And as I’ve said on your birthday, I am one blessed person to be of friend to you.

The flower is very distinctive as it resembles hands reaching up. They are like dainty fingers extended as if dancing through the sound of the wind. When we can support others with whatever we can be it time, words of encouragement or a simple hello; we might be giving others a needed boost at that time. We have our sunsets and sunrises and when someone peeks through that window to say "How do you do?", it gives us an appreciation of our existence and the friendships we made with others. (dedicated to Ms. Balut)
By: Jonathan / Metaphorically Speaking

34/365: Philippine Festivities in The Month of March

3rd of February

March-MadnessMy previous entries for this series were posted during the first week of each month.  However I think it is better to post this series a month ahead so if you will be interested in joining or witnessing any of the festivals you still have an ample time to “save the date” and make necessary travel arrangements.

So I am posting this consecutively with the the month of February.  The festivities for the month of April will be posted in the first week of March and so on.

KAAMULAN TRIBAL FESTIVALMarch 1- March 6 | Malaybalay City, Bukidnon
A spectacular yearly gathering of the seven (7) hilltribes featuring their traditional songs, dances, sports, crafts and rituals, clad in their traditional vibrant costumes and heirloom jewelry

RODEO MASBATEÑO (LOCAL COWBOYS)March 1- April 2 | Masbate City
Hold on to your horses, caballeros, its rodeo time in Masbate once again! Feel the excitement as our local cowboys pit their brains against bovine brawn in western style rodeo events like bull riding and sterr wrestling, apart from our local games like the good old carabao race. So put on them boots and saddle up – its gonna be a rope-slingin’, dust-kickin’, cowpunchibn’ affair.

ARAW NG ISLAND GARDEN CITY OF SAMAL (IGACOS)March 1- March 7 | Island Garden City of Samal
Festival to showcase the natural bounty of the Island Garden City of Samal, includes water sports competition, horse fight, sand castle contest, cultural shows, etc.

PAYVANUVANUAN FESTIVALMarch 1 31 | Sitio Jura, Racujaide, Mahatao
The festival marks the start of the fishing season in Batanes where the fisherfolks perform a ritual to pray for good fishing season and safety.

SUGBAHANMarch 2- March 14 | Davao City
A culinary festival that features Davao''s grilled specialties such as tuna.

March 3 | New Washington, Aklan
Katipuneros respectively wounded their wrists and used their blood to sign a document that formally expressed their grievances symbolizing their revolt against the Spanish authorities, which happened at Sitio Kuntang, Ochando, New Washington. From then on it is remembered as one of the historical places in the country.

COUNCIL OF BALABAGO REENACTMENTMarch 4- March 5 | Culasi, Antique
It is a reenactment of the gathering of the Malayan Datus headed by Sumakwel after their settlement in Malandog for thanksgiving and renewal. The site of the reenactment overlooks the island of Mararison and the Majestic Mt. Madia-as home of Bulalakaw, their acclaimed God.

March 6 - 10 | Pagsanjan, Laguna
Pagsanjan, the tourist capital of Laguna will hold its “Bangkero Festival” on March 10 until March 14 with the theme: “Mamamayan Makilahok! Bayan Ko, Tutulungan Ko!”

ARYA! ABRA FESTIVAL (Bamboo rafting)March 07 - 11 | Bangued, Abra
Abra's biggest festival highlights of which are "Karerakit" bamboo rafting along Calaba River and Tinguan Festival of the tribal natives of Abra.

March 7 | Tagum City
Coincides with the city of Tagum’s founding anniversary. It aptly describes a celebration in the city where Tagumeños met Tagumeños from all walks of life in one occasion and setting since the city of Tagum is a crossroad business center in the northern part of Southern Mindanao.

March 9 15 | Guimbal, Iloilo
A celebration of the birth of a new history and culture of the people of Guimbal as a tribute and reverence to the triumphant struggle of its ancestors for meaningful existence.The magic of the Gimba (drum) and the Bantayan (watchtower) are the major features of the festival. The festival also features dance drama, drum, float & street dancing competition, cultural shows, beauty pageant, paraw & boat racing, fluvial parade, musical concerts and many other presentations.

STRAWBERRY FESTIVALMarch 14- March 20 | La Trinidad, Benguet
The municipality of La Trinindad in Benguet, known as the Strawberry Capital of the Philippines, will feature the baking of the largest strawberry cake including a trade fair on strawberry products and cutflowers.

PINTADOS DE PASI FESTIVALMarch 13 | Passi City, Iloilo
A festival depicting the history of Passi through “pintados” as a colorful celebration of how Passi got its name, as influenced by the Spanish regime. It also coincides with their Foundation Day commemorating the conversion of Passi as a component city. The festival’s main features include the parade and competition of Tribes, Carosa Parada, Pinta Carabao, Search for Bb. Pintados de Pasi, Laro ng Lahi, Binayle sa Kalye, Drum & Lyre Competition, Food Festival

HOMONHON LANDINGMarch 16 | Homonhon, Eastern Samar
Commemoration of the discovery of the Philippines by Ferdinand Magellan.

March 16 23 | Iguig, Cagayan
Traditional presentation of the passion and death of Christ on an 11 hectare rolling terrain of the larger than life size 14 Stations of the Cross.

LUGAHAIT FESTIVALMarch 16 | Lugait, Misamis Oriental
A local festival celebrating the rich history and the founding of the municipality of Lugait through native street dancing, showcase of agricultural products, and other colorful cultural performances

SOLI-SOLI FESTIVALMarch 18 | San Francisco, Camotes Island, Cebu
Named after the Soli-Soli plant which abounds around Lake Danao, its freestyle street dancing competition uses soli-soli plant as its dominants material.

BANANA FESTIVALMarch 18- March 19 | Baco, Mindoro Oriental
A celebration of its abundance of banana. It features banana cook fest and a banana (saba) inspired street dancing competition and beauty pageant. this coincides with the town fiestain honor of St. Joseph.

MAYON CONQUESTMarch 18- March 20 | Albay
A mountain expedition to the country’s most popular volcano, MT. MAYON to be participated in by mountain-climbing enthusiast aimed to develop mountain climbing as a safe, enjoyable and environment-friendly activity.

SULYOG FESTIVALMarch 19 | Bongabong, Mindoro Oriental
A religious festival in honor of St. Joseph celebrated by way of a Sulyog (Suli and Niyog) Festival done through dances, flats and cultural shows.

March 19- March 22 | Tabaco City, Albay
Held in conjunction with the celebration of the City’s 1st Foundation Anniversary. The festival derived its name from a local word “tabak”, meaning bolo, where the name of the City (Tabaco) was taken from. It’s highlight is a street presentation where participants showcase the legend of the City. Numerous other activities are lined up to drum beat the affair.

An annual celebration & thanksgiving in honor of their patron, St. Joseph, showcasing the best of Sagay - - the arts, culture, products, and its people. Sinigayan concocted from the spherical shell “sigay” which abounds many islets and shores of the city.

A unique mixture of solemn religious rites and local celebration in Bantayan Island where friends of the residents and tourists experience the scenic rites and cool off the summer heat in beautiful white sandy beaches.

PANAADMarch 20 21 | Camiguin
A yearly trek of devotees coming from the neighboring municipalities, cities and provinces in Visayas and Mindanao to Camiguin's walkway considered the Region's famous Holy Week site

March 21- March 26 | Cainta, Rizal
Passion plays called cenaculo are held in various places all over the Philippines during Holy Week. However in Cainta, Rizal, people take to the streets to witness passion plays participated in by the town folks.

March 21- March 26 | Sn Pablo City, Laguna
An impressive array of centuries old religious images owned by Don Escudero. These images are borne by their silver carrozas as an expression of faith of the citizens of San Pablo.

MORIONES FESTIVALMarch 21- March 27 | Marinduque
A festival of the moriones, colorfuly garbed and masked soldiers and centurions; culminates in the reenactment of the beheading of Longinus. The entire towns of Boac, Mogpog and Gasan are virtually converted into huge stages as the story of Longinus unfolds.

TURUMBAMarch 21- March 26 | Pakil, Laguna
The largest religious activity consisting of 7 fiestas or lupi to commemorate the seven sorrows of Our Lady of Turumba, starting before the Holy Week every nine days thereafter and ends in the month of June and in celebrated with dancing procession.

March 21 | Jordan, Guimaras
Lenten Presentation on the hillside of Jordan with locals as actors. This ala-Oberrammergau Passion Play has been attracting locals and tourists whose visit usually culminates in the trek to "Balaan Bukid".

ALIMANGO FESTIVALMarch 22 | Lala, Lanao del Norte
A festival to celebrate "Araw ng Lala" featuring displays of different sizes of alimango (crab). Also features native costumes, dances and cotests depicting and promoting local culture and tradition and fluvial parade passing through unspoiled mangroves.

March 22 | Carigara, Leyte
Carabao and horse fights.

March 22 | Cavite
A celebration commemorating the birth of the First President of the Philippine Republic.

March 23 | Kalibo, Aklan
Celebration dedicated to the 19 martyrs of Aklan who consecrated their lives in the cause of freedom against the colonizers.

March 23 | Minglanilla, Cebu
Showcases the "SUGAT" in which the town is known for many years since. This year, the celebration will be more grand followed by a day long games and entertainment the highlights the endowment of Minglanilla in history, trade and arts.

March 27- March 31 | Negros Occidental
Kisi Kisi Dance Parade is a dance parade which stands for the way fishes flip-flops and twitches as they are hauled during the bountiful harvest. It starts at 1:00 in the afternoon where participating groups wear costumes and headdresses adorned with multi-colored shells & fish nets while props include bamboo poles and baskets used for fishing. Before the dance parade a re-enactment of the Sinulod is being shown wherein the town’s patron Sr. Sto. Niño saved the village from the moro raids.

March 27 | San Pedro, Laguna
Grand parade of various and colorful floats participated in by both government and private sectors while the tribal groups aggressively partakes on street dancing with numerous tribal participants lined-up alternately with floats.

March 27- April 3 | Daan Bantayan, Cebu
Is celebrated every Easter Sunday and ends with a streetdancing on the seventh day after Easter. Haladaya means "Halad kang Datu Daya", the leader of the first Malayan settlers in Daan Bantayan.

March 28- March 29 | Candon City, Ilocos Sur
Annual festival to promote major industry of the city "Tobacco."

March 28- April 3 | Dipolog City
An annual activity at the mountain ranges of Dipolog City’s Linabo Peak and the Sungkilaw Falls area. This is participated in by mountaineers and nature trekkers, which is to be held every summer season in Dipolog City.

There you go the festivities for the merry month of March!  However don’t forget the most important event in the month of March ok?

Source: Website of the Department of  Tourism

33/365: Philippine Festivities in the Month of February

2nd of February

I’m so into with my 30-Day Milestone  post that I almost forgot that I promised to provide a monthly schedule of the Philippine Feast and Festivals for the month of February.

Before you missed out an event here’s the list!
(Source: Department of Tourism Website)

SALAKAYAN FESTIVALFebruary 1- February 6 | Miag-ao, Iloilo
The festival is a week-long cultural presentation of Miag-ao shown through various activities like food fair, agro-industrial, and trade fair, photo exhibit literary and musical program, beauty pageant, street and ballroom dancing, sports events and many others.

February 1- February 2 | Paracale, Camarines Norte
Held in the town of Paracale, the festival is highlighted by “pabirik” street dancing, depicting the gold mining industry in the province.

February 1- February 28 | Legazpi City
A week-long festival showcasing the region’s arts and culture, crafts and agro-industrial products coming from the six (6) provinces and three (3) cities of Bicol. It coincides with the celebration of the National Arts Month every February.

February 1- February 14 | Tanjay City, Negros Oriental
In celebration of Valentines, the city tourism council of Tanjay is coming up with a festival of romance showcasing a nightly Harana, Baile ng Bayan, Mass Wedding/Renewal of Vows and coronation of SK''s search for Miss Valentines.
LAVANDERO FESTIVALFebruary 1- February 6 | Mandaluyong
As part of the week-long Mandaluyong Day celebration, the
unique festival focused on the city’s ancient tradition of washing clothes in the once clean and clear waters of the Pasig River. Amusingly, focal point of the festival is the men participants washing clothes instead of women.

February 1- February 28 | Tanjay City, Negros Oriental
In celebration of Valentines, the city tourism council of Tanjay is coming up with a festival of romance showcasing a nightly Harana, Baile ng Bayan, Mass Wedding/Renewal of vows and coronation of SK’s Search for Miss Valentines.

SUROY SA SURIGAOFebruary 1- February 28 | Surigao City
An activity initiated by the City Tourism Office that provides opportunities for participating groups to explore Surigao’s best thru island-hopping adventure, cave exploration and canoeing to the lush mangrove areas and other interesting sites.

February 2 | Jaro, Iloilo City
The biggest and most opulent religious pageantry in Western Visayas with the blessing of candles and a procession of the Nuestra Señora de Candelaria and the Fiesta Queen and her court.

February 2- February 10 | Laoag City, Ilocos Norte
The word means "Ilocano Maiden"; a festival showing Ilocano Customs and Virtues.

A ten-day series of cultural events, with a focus on the unique bamboo-made organ made by Fray Diego de la Cera found only in Las Piñas.

February 5 | Paoay, Ilocos Norte
Exciting and calendrical rites in Paoay where townsfolk and
their guests participate in singing and dancing in the street, dressed in their native costume, the antique and attractive "Abel paoay Kimona" with matching tapis or pandiling, adorned with century old jewelries

February 6 | Don Salvador Benedicto, Negros Occidental
A harvest festival with a street dance showing their cultural heritage the art of "kali" otherwise known as "arnis" or "escrima", the traditional martial arts of the Filipino people since the 7th century.

February 6 | Legaspi City
Chinese New Year Celebration featuring activities like Dragon / Lion Dance, Chinese Cultural Program and others.

February 7- February 13 | Cuenca, Batangas
An annual activity conceived by the town as thanksgiving to their patron saint, Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage for a bountiful life.

February 9- February 15 | Davao City
A culinary festival that features Davao''s grilled tuna specialties such as "panga and buntot".

February 9 | San Enrique, Negros Occidental
A cultural identity moving high spirited, resilient, an interlude with the life of a cock or rooster, in unity with the nature, an icon of the sportive game of chance and arguably not as a gambling promotion, but basically Filipino Tinobaganon.

February 11 | Candoni, Negros Occidental
The concept of “Pabalhas sa Tablas” originated from the actual history of Candoni, where a group of settlers (composed of Isabeleños, Hinigaranon, Ilonggo, etc.) decided to look for a land in which they can call their own.

February 11 | Iriga City, Camarines Sur
A tradition of the first harvest offering coinciding on the feast day of Our Lady of Lourdes. Derived from the early rituals of the ancient Bicolanos offering their harvest to their own gods as a form of thanksgiving and to seek favor for a more bountiful harvest throughout the year. A long parade of colorfully and grandiosely decorated bull and carabao carts, carrying newly harvested crops, ending with a mass before the Emerald Grotto at Calvary Hills. Here all the offerings are blessed, then distributed to indigent families.

February 12 | Libertad, Pasay City, Metro Manila
One of the highlights of the Sta. Clara Feast Day, about 100 horses have been trained to participate in this exciting and thrilling horse race.

February 12 | Caloocan City
One of the highlights of the city''s Foundation Day, showcasing the use of the "Pamaypay"/fan as traditional tool to the surging heat as exhibited in techno-modern folk street dancing competition.

February 13 | Paranaque City, Metro Manila

February 13 | Pasay City
Different activities are lined up in celebration of Sta. Clara’s Feast Day. Some of the highlights include the Serenata and The Tiburin Race. Serenata is a series of rondalla and brass band concerts and a revival of open-air musical performances held at the Sta. Clara patio, while the Tiburin Race is an exciting and thrilling horse-racing at Cementina and Libertad streets. About 100 horses have been trained solely for this event.

February 14 | Tanjay City, Negros Oriental
In celebration of Valentines, the city tourism council of Tanjay is coming up with a festival of romance showcasing a nightly Harana, Baile ng Bayan, Mass Weddings/Renewal of Vows and coronation of Search for Miss Valentines

February 14 | Pasay City
A series of rondalla and brass band concerts. A revival of open-air concerts held at the patio of Sta. Clara Church.

February 14 | San Jose, Camarines Sur
The festival feature local talents and young artists in its effortsa to promote cultural awareness, tourism development and youth empowerment in the District of partido. Highlighted by the Bicol Love Song Choral Competition. Other activities are lined up to drumbeat the affair.

February 14 | Baguio City
Mass Wedding with longest kissing scene to be held in Baguio City in celebration of Valentine''s Day

February 14- February 19 | Baler, Aurora
Celebration of the foundation of the province of Aurora which celebrated on the very day of birth of the Late Lady Aurora Quezon that coincide with the grandest festival, the Suman Festival.

KAP’YAAN FESTIVALFebruary 18- February 20 | Jose Abad Santos, Davao del Sur
Founding Anniversary of the creation of the municipality; agri-trade fair and civic military parade

February 19 | Canlaon City, Negros Oriental
A combined word of "Pasalamat Pinaagi sa Sayaw" (a thanksgiving through dance). This Pasayaw expresses the joys and jubilations in praise and thanksgiving to the Almighty God

BABAYLAN FESTIVAL (RITUALS)February 19 | Bago City, Negros Occidental
A festival newly conceptualized by the City of Bago and celebrated during the Charter Anniversary every 19th of February. Babaylan Festival is based on the rituals performed by the Babaylans, like rituals on marriage, baptism, healing, harvest and others. Babaylans get their healing powers from the unseen spirits.

ILOILO PARAW REGATTAFebruary 19- February 20 | Iloilo City
An exciting race among outriggers in the strait between Guimaras and Iloilo City

BALSAHAN FESTIVALFebruary 20 | Sibunag, Guimaras
Balsahan is Sibunag’s way of immortalizing the mystical Sibunag river which snakes its way through most of the town’s barangays. A major geographical feature of the town, the river holds many interesting myths and legends that are sure to tickle one’s imagination, and whet one’s appetite to unravel its secrets. Use the balsa in your trek for some satisfying discoveries – you will be pleasantly rewarded.

ASINAN FESTIVALFebruary 20 | San Lorenzo, Guimaras
Marvel at how the ordinary salt has gravitated the people of San Lorenzo into an annual gathering with all the delicious trimmings of specialty products. Not everything in the Asinan festival is salty though, as there are the spicy seafoods, the juicy citrus, the crispy nuts. With the proper blend of the unique hospitality and the natural smiles of the people and one will hunger for more of the Asinan spectacle.

KALILANGAN FESTIVALFebruary 21 27 | General Santos City
Celebrates the "friendly co-existence with all the people of General Santos City". Activities include agro-industrial trade fair, cultural presentation, culinary arts contest, Pagana, Kulintangan, ethnic musical instrument competition and Kidig-Kidig sa Dalan.

February 23 | Zamboanga Sibugay
Highlighted by colorful ethnic street dancing with rituals depicting good harvest, wedding and healing rituals.

3RD MINDANAO DIVE CONGRESS/FIESTAFebruary 24- February 25 | Davao City Samal
A gathering of diving enthusiasts, promotion of dive areas, exhibits, fun dives, aqua sports competition, scubasura; discovery dive; scuba lessons; concert for a cause; dive safari

PANAGBENGA - BAGUIO FLOWER FESTIVALFebruary 26- February 27 | Baguio City
Also known as the Baguio Flower Festival, it will be the 10th holding of this annual event which will showcase the City of Baguio as a City of Flowers. The Floral Street Parade will be held on February 26 and the Floral Float Parade on February 27.

DIA DELA CIUDAD DE ZAMBOANGAFebruary 26 | Zamboanga City
A celebration to honor the historical event when Zamboanga was converted into chartered city. Activities include street dancing, cultural dance festival and a regatta.

HIL-O - HIL-O FESTIVALFebruary 26- February 28 | Maayon, Capiz
A cultural and fiesta celebration.

February 27 | Pasig City, Metro Manila
The Itik-Itik Festival is held every last Sunday of February in
Brgy. Kalawaan. Men, women and children take part in the activities and merrymaking. The significant event is not only limited to colorful activities, sumptuous food, revelry and fun, but also draws people closer to God and to one another. It is a rich showcase of Filipino culture and tradition usually celebrated on the Feasts of the barangay’s beloved patroness, St. Martha.

February 27 | Negros Occidental
"Maniambus" is a Visayan term meaning to strike with a club because its coastal waters were them beaming with fish that catching could be done simply by clubbing.

February 28- March 31 | Tobias Fornier, Antique
A celebration of rites called samba/paned. This describe two kinds of rituals, one held on the hills (or mountains) and other held along the seacoast perform to ask for rain, to thank the ancestral spirit for good harvest.

If you want to check on the January’s schedule of festivities for your next year adventure you can find it here.


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