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Before January 2013 Ends Part 1: Foreign Currency Paper Bill Collection

It all started with fun exchange of tweets between me (@BalutManila) and these awesome fellow bloggers and twitter friends, @Archieviner, @GraciesNetwork and @Travel_Quests.  @Travel_Quest mentioned that she is collecting foreign currency paper bills and I suddenly remember I used to collect that too while mentally recalling as well on where did I place this collection of mine. I collect a lot of things.  I have STAMP, PERFUME BOTTLES, (Mcdonald’s) 101 DALMATIAN, RACE BIBS and SINGLETS, MUGS and some more collections that I can’t no longer remember because they are no longer on display at my (ware)home (LOL).  I’m a pack rat  - maybe the reason why I collect things. There are more weird things that I collected and it will need a single blog post for me to explain why I collect them.  I’m now making a mental note to make a post about this collections.  For now let’s talk about my foreign currency paper bill collection. I started to take fancy with foreign currency paper bills when

Sunday Memory and Photograph: Hala Bira Iloilo!

Today, January 26, 2013.  Iloilo is celebrating the climactic Sunday of the biggest festival in this city that is comparable to Cebu’s Sinulog - the Dinagyang Festival 2013.  Expect everyone to be in the streets and shouting Hala Bira! Going back to the Monday that we were leaving Cebu, my heart was aching to stay longer and explore Cebu City.  If not for a business appointment that was waiting for us in Iloilo city, I was ready to miss that Monday morning flight and go on flight hunting once more.  But that was one important appointment that we can not afford to miss so off we go to Cebu International Airport with heavy hearts. “Pit Senyor” was still playing in my ears and my foot is still hopping to the tune.  But as we step on familiar grounds at Sta. Barbara Airport, another festival air welcomed us.  It’s in the breeze, it’s all around us. Hala Bira Iloilo!  It’s the Dinagyang Festival! The photo is taken from one Korean restaurant in downtown Iloilo during the Kasadyaha

Sunday Prose and Photographs: Bridges

There are bridges that are meant to be crossed, to find the joyful world waiting at the other end. There are bridges that people are afraid to cross unsure of the unfamiliar world waiting at the other end. There are bridges that are forbidden but people still crossed in spite of the forbidden sign. There are bridges that are meant to be crossed twice to figure out what had gone wrong during the first try. There are bridges that are worth looking back to smile at the memories left at the other end  There are bridges that are meant to be burned so there will be just one path to take and that is to go forward. What bridge are you crossing right now? @2013 By: Balut Manila Leaving Mandaue City - approaching the arch  "look back shot" after crossing the arch The photographs of  "Marcelo Fernan Bridge" were taken while aboard a speeding taxi heading to the airport.  The first photo is taken while approaching the bridge&#

When in Cebu: After the Grand Parade. Malls and Pier One

The parade will not be over soon but lucky us that we were able to watch each tribe performed their Sinulog dance.  The smart cabby is worth thanking by the way for dropping us in that particular place.  What we need now is for a place to relax and freshen up.  The traffic is still at its best  (or worst) all around Cebu and there could be one place to go. The mall! Here are the list of Malls in Cebu and they are all open during the Sinulog Sunday. Cebu Mall in Ayala Business Park : Gaisano Department Stores, Rustans Supermarkets Reclamation area:  SM City, ParkMall, Makro  Banilad Area: Gaisano Country Mall, Banilad Town Center Lahug Area: JY Square Mall Fuente Mango Avenue Area: Mango Square Mall, Robinson’s Mall and Department Store, Raintree Mall (I saw all these mall because this is the area where we watched the grand parade but we opted for SM) Downtown Area: Elizabeth Mall Mactan Island:  Marina Mall, Gaisano Mactan We saw most of the malls around Mango Avenue b

When in Cebu: During the Climactic Weekend of Sinulog

Let’s skip first the two night party where we had a blast and get on with the climactic Sunday’s grand parade.  Since I already shared the excitement and photos of my Sinulog experience, what I will be sharing to you right now is what you should expect, could and could not do during the climactic weekend or the grand parade day.   My previous post is a bit summarized because I was a “blogger on the run” during those days.  I am actually amazed how I managed to post entries during those times.  So here are some important things that you should take note of if you are in Cebu during the climactic weekend of the Sinulog Festival. Traffic. You can’t go to the places that you wish to go.  The farthest place that you will reach is to where the grand parade is passing through.  The parade usually starts from Cebu Sports Complex and will pass through major streets and avenues.   We took a cab and told the driver to bring us anywhere near the parade and he gladly said yes.  He drove  for

When in Cebu: The ParkMall and Dimsum for Lunch

My Cebu trip was not ideal when it comes to planning and preparation.  It was spontaneous and out of plan but absolutely enjoyable – just like the rest of my best adventures.  All I can remember was that I was hopping from one airport to another and before I knew it I was in Cebu (lol but true).  I hope I can squeeze in from this series a post about the time when I spent a lot of waiting time and frustrations in Philippine airports. So I was in Iloilo assisting a relative to do some legal documentations and property purchase ( I’m not a lawyer but I do have have ample knowledge when it comes to legal matters wink* ) when out of the blue the Cebu trip idea came in.  I was hesitant because it was supposed to be a three day Manila-Iloilo round trip.  It didn’t happen that way.  What happened was that I was just carrying an overnight bag to Iloilo and I ended up pulling quite a larger luggage back home to Manila after two weeks! Yep the three day didn’t happen.  What happened was TWO WEE

Sunday Song and Photograph: Pit Senyor and Sinulog Festival

Sugod na sa Sinulog Kitang Tanan mag Pit Senyor Sugod na sa Sinulog Kitang Tanan mag Pit Senyor To visit the key cities and islands in the Philippines is one great experience. But being able to be there during its famous and grandest festival is a far more greatER experience. I posted this festival song in my Sinulog Post of 2012  and I'm posting it here once again inspired by the ongoing Sinulog 2013 in Cebu City Philippines.  As I've mentioned in my last year's post when you're in Cebu during the Sinulog Festival, you can't help but chant this song and it will be your LSS. "Pit Senyor" or "Viva Pit Senyor" (:Long Live the Holy Child") is the traditional chant in honor of the patron of the Sinulog feast - Seňor Sto. Niňo (The Holy Child). The photo is taken from a photo booth at MO2 Bar and Restaurant on the Saturday night before the climactic Sunday grand parade. This year’s celebration is from January 10 and will culmi

Mixed Nuts: A Special Acknowledgment Post

Ok I’m not referring here about the popular junk food and the former TV show but I’m referring to several blog post tags and greetings that I need to acknowledge “big time” not only for blogging ethics but also because I sincerely appreciate them “BIG TIME!” I intentionally did not mention about them during the holiday season because my plan is to acknowledge them altogether in one post.  However, I under estimated the thoughtfulness of my fellow bloggers. I did not expect that there would be a lot!  So this post might be a bit long please bear with me because these people deserved a well written acknowledgement. First, the SMP Blog Award and awesome holiday widgets from Maria . First off, I apologize my dear if I didn’t get to reply to this tag during the holidays.  It is for the same reason as I’ve mentioned above.  But nonetheless I just want you to know that this is much appreciated. Who wouldn’t want to be awarded as “Super Miss Popular”!? Aaaw! So here’s my answer to your q