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Thailand Trade Exhibition Fair at SMX Convention Center

Love Thai? Then take this free admission opportunity to watch this event that will feature Thai Classical dances, cooking and product demo, games, entertainment, Bangkok Airfare Promotions and business matching. The event will be participated by over 100 Thailand companies offering quality products and services of household and kitchenware, health and beauty, gift and decorative items, food and beverages, garments and textiles and fashion accessories, gems and jewelry, electrical appliances, stationary products, auto-parts and accessories, children products, games and toys and many more. 4th Thailand Trade Exhibition Fair March 1 – 4, 2012, 10AM to 7PM Halls 3-4,  SMX Convention Center, Pasay City FREE Admission (Register on Site) exhibition banner displayed at Mall of Asia overlooking The Shrine of Jesus, The Way, The Truth and The Life the exhibition venue- the SMX Convention Center at the righ side For more details, you can contact the Office of Commercial Affair

Sunday Quote and Photograph: Sunset

Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky. Rabindranath Tagore Batangas Sunset (Laiya, Batangas, Philippines) A browsing moment that I find amusing - three people in my social media circles are talking about one thing – the SUN. my Twitter and fellow blogger friend, the backpacker Jigz – says “sunsets never fails to amaze me” on the approaching sunset in White Island, Camiguin, Philippines my sensible Facebook friend Ron – says “Manila Bay sunset never fails to awe, it's more fun in the Philippines” on the famous Manila Bay sunset in Manila, Philippines Matt Mullenwig of Wordpress – talks about Ethiopian Sunise (I assumed he meant sunRise :) They inspired me to share this one from my collection of random photographs. As usual, this photograph is taken from a compact digicam, no fancy applications, just pure random capturing moment. A Blessed and SUNNY Sunday to Everyone!

NBA All Star Weekend 2012 (Plus Me and Lebron)

Did I just say that I’m a big NBA fan? Obviously I am, cause here I go writing another post after the LINsanity - Jeremy Lin article.  And another obvious thing and more apt to say is that I’m a Lebronista! As to why – I just simply like how this guy play basketball.  But I do like a lot of NBA players including Kobe, KD, Blake Griffin, Chris Paul and some favorites in each team. That’s why that post about Lin is kind of late.  I’ve been wanting to write something about the phenomenal Linsanity much earlier but, I wanted to see first Lin play against Lebron James/Miami Heat.  After Lin’s  spectacular play against Kobe/LA Lakers and Nowitzki/ Dallas Mavericks where he stole the lime lights from the superstars, everybody is as intrigued as I am to see how he would play versus the team that basketball fans love to hate – the Miami Heat. Miami Heat lead by the the Big Three with their spectacular team play exhibition stopped Linderella to shine at the American Airlines Arena.  I’m sur

LINsanity - Jeremy Lin

I’m a big NBA fan! But I’ve been on a bit of a break watching the games this season as I am into a lot of writings lately.  I can’t write while watching NBA specially when Lebron is playing (I’m a big fan duh!).  NBA is one among the few TV shows that can make me really sit and watch television. As far as I can remember this season started immediately after the extended lockout issue. Odom is out from Lakers, Superman Howard still with Orlando, not so much change in Miami, Chris Paul joined Griffin/Clippers, the Kardashian woman filed for divorce vs. her NBA-husband-of-72-days, Kobe’s divorced, Lebron’s engaged and then came… LINsanity! LINsanity what? Who? Some three weeks ago, this Asian kid’s (yes Asian! woot! woot!) story is something that goes like this: he led his high school team to a state championship but was not recruited in college he ended in Harvard but was not drafted immediately he was picked up by the Golden State Warriors but was let go picked up again by

A Sundae Hot Fudge on A Thursday at Home

This is one of those days that I am cramming/battling or whatever messy term you can call it on what to do first. Draft a post? to what blog? Continue registering to ad companies or evaluate more? Which one? If I do register, I need to work on incorporating the ads and I’m sure gonna mess my lay-out. Then it will take lots of my time and I won’t be able to draft a post on any of my blogs. Which task to prioritize? Which one to drop? What blog topics to draft? Which draft to post? Should I write about the significant topic looming in my head but not in the mood to write about? Or write about anything that inspires me right now even if I know it won’t earn traffic?  What? Which? When? How? What to cook for dinner? (the most challenging) Oh my! there’s still the “Eleven Wagas” tag from one of my favorite blogger friend that I still haven’t had the nerve to deal with but really really wanted to answer (just summoning some guts).  Whew! I’m in a total mess. I guess this is o

3rd Philippine International Pyromusical Competition – United Kingdom and Spain

True to my words from my previous post here’s the update on this spectacular event – the videos from the entries of  United Kingdom and Spain! United Kingdom – Smart Pyrotechnics Ltd . Entry from United Kingdom (acknowledgment to Arbesh PH for uploading this video to YouTube) Spain – Turis Fireworks, Inc. Entry from Spain (acknowledgment to Arbesh PH for uploading this video to YouTube) This event is happening every Saturdays from February 11 to March 17 at the Mall of Asia at 7:00PM.   But do you know that they are setting-up the venue as early as dawn time every Saturdays?  Here, take a look at these photos taken at dawn time while the people behind this event is setting-up the venue. "the sun is not yet up but the bees are now abuzz" So what can I say for this two entries? Since this is a pyroMUSICAL, for me the music plays a lot in the presentation.  United Kingdom’s choice of Paul McCartney/Wings’ “Live and Let Die” excite my rocker’s bloo

Ash Wednesday

~ We all came from ashes and unto ashes we will return ~ Today is Ash Wednesday (Feb 22) for Roman Catholics.  Here in the Philippines, a nation of 81% Roman Catholic, it is expected that people will flock in churches  to attend mass where the ashes are blessed by the priests and mark on the forehead. Let us all be reminded on the meaning and why we are observing Ash Wednesday. Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of a six and a half weeks of repentance, fasting and abstinence leading to the celebration of Easter. Ashes are something that are left when something is burned.  For Christians, ashes are a symbol of repentance for the things done wrong or for the sins committed.  It is also a reminder that we all come from ashes and to ashes we will return.  The marking on the forehead with ash marks the commitment to Jesus Christ and God.  To show God that we are sorry for our sins. Ashes that are marked in our forehead is  also the beginning of the observance of lent for each of

Cyndi Lauper Live in Manila March 17, 2012

Cyndi Lauper-Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (acknowledgment to CyndiLauperVEVO for uploading this video to YouTube Alright, that was a 1983 video but I’m pretty sure everybody can "bop"  and "have fun" to this, be that you're an 80’s baby like me (aaaw) or on today’s generation. The good news is that the quintessential girl behind this hit song is performing Live in Manila!  (aeeeehhhhhhhhhhh = girl’s scream). CYNDI LAUPER LIVE IN MANILA March 17, 2012, 6PM Smart Araneta Coliseum Patron A PhP5500 Patron B PhP5000 Lower VIP PhP4500 Lower Box PhP4000 Upper Box A PhP2500 Upper Box B PhP1250 General Admission PhP750 Tickets are available at TicketNet outlets - call 911-5555 Cyndi Lauper will be performing her worldwide hits Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, True Colors, Time After Time, Money Changes Everything, The Goonies "R" Good Enough, She Bop and many more! Ok I need to stop this video or I will not stop she

Sunday Quote and Photograph: Keep Interested in Your Own Career

Another piece from Desiderata . Avoid loud and aggressive persons; they are vexatious to the spirit. If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain or bitter, for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself. Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans. Keep interested in your own career, however humble; it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time. I took this photo during my early morning run at Mall of Asia’s bay side on a Saturday.  The people in the metal scaffolding are workers who are setting up the venue for the second Saturday show of the 3rd Philippine International Pyromusical Competition which is on that Saturday evening. It was still dark because the sun is not yet shining when I took the photo, but the area is already abuzz with workers.

Back with Brian Mcknight on March 16, 2012: Live in Manila

New York born RnB singer, songwriter, arranger and producer Brian Mcknight will be back in Manila for his concert “Back with Brian Mcknight” presented by MJM Productions. Back with Brian McKnight LIVE in Manila March 16, 2012, Friday, 8PM SMART Araneta Coliseum Ticket Prices: PATRON (PT 101 & 103) (Reserved Seating) Php4,770 PATRON B (Reserved Seating) PhP4,240 LOWER BOX (Reserved Seating) PhP3,180 UPPER BOX A (Reserved Seating) PhP2,120 UPPER BOX B PhP1,060 GENERAL ADMISSION PhP530   You can visit or call 911-5555 for more details. or Brian McKnight LIVE in Manila concert page: Here’s a video and lyrics of my favorite Brian Mcknight song titled “One Last Cry” which will be featured in this one night concert. Brian Mcknight-One Last Cry (Acknowledgment to BrianMcknightVEVO for uploading this video to YouTube) ONE LAST CRY Brian Mcknight My shattered dreams a

Best Travel Deals @ 19th PTAA Travel Tour Expo 2012

“Traveling is the new encyclopedia” That’s one tweet from a travel bug person I am following on Twitter and I kinda agree with him on this. In that case better hunt those cheap travel deals and there’s no other place to find it but in the country’s biggest travel and tourism industry event: 19th PTAA Travel Tour Expo 2012 Theme: One Stop Shop To The World February 17 – 19, 2012 SMX Convention Center Halls 1, 2, 3 and 4 Mall of Asia, Pasay City Entrance Fee: General Admission – PhP50.00 / Senior Citizen – P20.00 The event will be participated by over 450 booths of airline and shipping companies, travel agencies and shops, hotels, resorts, cruise and tour operators, government agencies, embassies tourism groups and organizations.  It promises to present a wider variety of travel options and special packages that are only available onsite.  All exhibitors will be offering huge discounts on travel packages, products, and services.  The 19th Travel Tour Expo 2012 is the flagsh

3rd Philippine International Pyromusical Competition –Korea and Malta

Hey all you fireworks lovers, the 3rd Philippine International Pyromusical Competition has begun  last Saturday February 11, 2012.  The first two countries who displayed their pyrotechniques expertise are South Korea and the Republic of Malta.  Here are the videos of their spectacular displays: South Korea – Woori Fireworks Entry from South Korea (acknowledgment to Platinum Fireworks for the video uploaded to YouTube) Republic of Malta - Malta Fireworks Entry from the Republic of Malta (acknowledgment to ArBeshPH for the video uploaded to YouTube) This event is happening at the Mall of Asia every Saturdays from February 11 to March 17, 2012, 7:00PM, SM By The Bay (Mall of Asia) . Participating Countries and upcoming schedules: Feb. 18 – UNITED KINGDOM (Smart Pyrotechnics Ltd.) & SPAIN (Turis Fireworks Inc.) Feb. 25 – FINLAND (Oy Pyroman Finland Ltd.) & PORTUGAL (Grupo Luso Pirotecnia) March 3 – CHINA (Jinsheng Fireworks) & THE NETHERLANDS (Royal

Valentine in the City. How Was Yours?

It’s real fun going around the city on Valentine’s Day.  It is amazing how every corner turned into a cupid-invaded planet . Aside from the roaming lovers in “hhww” (holding hands while walking), everywhere is an atmosphere of love, love, love… a mall in Makati City a mall lobby that turned into an instant flower shop The Mall of Asia hosting a mass wedding sponsored by the Home Development Mutual Fund (Pag-ibig Fund) So how’s your V-day? Was it a V as in victory? The victory or success in our life’s special occasions such as Valentine’s Day doesn’t really depends how expensive the gifts and flowers you received or how expensive the restaurants you dated, or how famous the shows you watched.  It could be anything that both of you enjoyed together no matter how simple it is.  Be it the simplest daily runs and chores you do together… It could be a run in the morning together. A trip to the bank together. Buying flowers together while you haggle for the price even if he

Google Doodle Valentine's Day 2012

This is why I love Google! They have their unique way of entertaining their users through their Google Doodle. When you visit Google homepage on Valentine’s Day it will show you their Valentine’s Day logo. Hover your mouse over the Valentine's Day logo and it will read: "Happy Valentine's Day! Cold, Cold Heart performed by Tony Bennett courtesy of Columbia Records and Sony / ATV. When you click on it will allow you to view this short animation and sound clip Google Valentine’s Day 2012 Doodle Video (Acknowledgment to 3dCarShows for uploading this video) After the animation and sound clip, it will automatically direct you to Google Search Result’s Page about “Valentine’s Day” Valentine's Day is a real busy day for almost everyone – flowers/gift hunting for guys and gals, wifey cooking the best meal for hubby, restaurant reservations... so I thought of posting it here in case some of you missed this. What I love most about this is that how they

Whitney Houston A Tribute–Didn’t She Almost Have It All

Whitney Elizabeth Houston August 9, 1963 – February 11, 2012 Ever watch a singing contest that a Whitney Houston song is not belted out by contestants? Or joined a karaoke and no one sings Whitney Houston songs? I bet it didn’t ever happen for anytime where singing is the subject particularly on quality singing, there should be a Whitney Houston song. Songs such as “The Greatest Love of All” and “I Will Always Love You” are recorded by several artists before she came into the music scene but Whitney’s rendition made these two songs immortal.  It is just too sad that the news on her demise came at the time when the subject of her songs is being celebrated by lovers and non-lovers all over the world. As the world celebrates Valentine’s Day, I am remembering this great singer through the most beautiful but (now) saddest lyrics from her greatest hits. Didn’t We Almost Have It All Didn't we almost have it all When love was all we had worth giving? The ride with you was worth

Sunday Quote : Desiderata

I just came from a running event for a cause (Run for the Orphans) with my two best running buddies and am definitely in the best spirit.  I just want to share the feeling with everyone through this quotation that has always been a part of my guiding wisdom.  This is an excerpt from the 1927 prose poem written by American writer Max Ehrmann titled Desiderata.  You are a child of the universe no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here. And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should. Therefore be at peace with God, whatever you conceive him to be. And whatever your labors and aspirations, in the noisy confusion of life, keep peace in your soul. With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world. Be cheerful. Strive to be happy. The "jump shot".  We try to have this during and after our running events.  If you want to get the feel on how fun it is to

Boracay - A New Way 2Go

2Go Travel sent these two photos to my email and thought of sharing these with you.  As you know, SUMMER is fast approaching and one of the best summer destination is BORACAY! Route : Manila (via Batangas Port) to Boracay (Caticlan) Frequency : Sailing Direct 2X Daily Publish Fare : PhP 460.00* Travel Start : March 1, 2012 (they are now accepting reservations)  Note that the publish rate of PhP 460.00 has an asterisk(*) so this is not yet the net price.  For further details on the price and their current promos, you can call them at (02) 528-7000 or check their Facebook Page here and their website here . It would be a great fun cruising on the way to Boracay.  Hmn… I wonder if the actual vessel really look or designed as seen on the photo?

We’re on PageRank 1. Google Knows We Exist!

Just seventy one (71) blogging days, twenty (20) posts and an awesome readers/followers like YOU and Google knows this blog exist! Yes my dear readers we are on PageRank 1 ! Fireworks, fireworks, fireworks! LOL! PageRank 1 and I am proud!  Yes I am because this blog is just 71 days old and no fancy paid marketing, just pure passionate writing and blogging. Prior to this, I don’t check my blog ranking because as I’ve said it’s just 71 days old.  But curiosity knocked when my blogger friend lesterrible posted that his blog is PageRank 2.  The curious me checked my blog at Page Rank checker and found this good news. So I would like to thank Google for this and  most of all I would like to THANK YOU all my readers followers .  This wouldn’t be possible without YOU!  You inspire me to blog more responsibly and passionately!

What to Do During an Earthquake

This is the video of the recent earthquake in Cebu City, Philippines which recorded a magnitude of 6.9 and also felt in Negros Oriental, Iloilo City and Dumaguete City and other parts of central Philippines.  This triggered the authorities to raise a tsunami alert. Acknowledgment and thanks to the uploader of this video from YouTube The Philippines lies in the Pacific Ocean's "Ring of Fire," where earthquakes and volcanoes are common.  It means most of our citizens had an earthquake experience.  I myself had a grim experience of an earthquake. In as much as the authorities continue to remind people on what to do during an earthquake with emphasis on “Don’t Panic”, people continue to panic during tremors.  I thought that reading repeatedly the guidelines on what to do during an earthquake will lessen our tendency to panic. Here’s one set of guidelines that I got from website.  A video on earthquake drill can also be found at the bottom. What to D

Cozy McDonald’s Restaurant

It is located near the corners of Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue (Buendia) and Taft Avenue Extension, also near the bus terminals (JAC Liner, etc) and the loading site of the Mall of Asia multicabs. This cozy looking new McDonald’s branch sprouted in one of the busiest corner avenues in Manila.  When I first saw it from a distance, it obviously doesn’t look quite the same with the other/older McDonalds store.  It looks hip and trendy. We had an unplanned chance of a quick visit to this McDonalds branch just today and I say “Wow! this is one cozy place!”.  It has comfortable, spacious dining areas, the walls have vivid color splashes, and the whole concept has dynamic graphics and architectural accents.  Everything from the lightings, trash bins, toilet are something new.  Good thing that we have with us our android tablet and I was able to take some quick shots. So this is what’s in the news sometime in the last quarter of 2011 when McDonald’s Philippines celebrated their 30th year.