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Thank You Is The Order of The Day– To One Fine Lady From Norway

Since it seems like my blogging mojo is a bit back, let me prioritized what I have been wanting to write about for months now and this is to say an official and BIG THANK YOUs to a number of good people that I am blessed to encounter with in cyber space. Let me start by saying a HUGE APOLOGY and THANK YOU to one sweet blogger friend who thoughtfully responded to my published post back in January of last year -  “ A Book is Added to My Wish List ”. It caught me by surprise when one day around March last year (my birthday month) I received a registered mail notice from my local post office.  You see this kind of registered notice doesn’t say much about what’s on the parcel so you don’t have a choice but to actually check at the post office what this is about. If you have been following this blog you will know how much I hate dealing with government offices. Their “system” never fails to drain the very minimal bits of patience in my body.  But I didn’t have a choice then so I summo

The 36th Manila International Book Fair (2015)

Time really fly so fast! It’s our favorite time of the year again and I want to share it with you so you can save the date as well!.  Oh wait I just realized that due to my over business last year I was not able to share our 2014 MIBF experience.  Well forgive me, it’s part of my unsuccessful "365 Day Blogging Challenge" .  And ok I will really try (no promises though) to share something about our 2014 MIBF experience one of these days but for now, I’m inviting you all to this annual event and see for yourselves why am I sooo excited about this! The 36th (BIG WOW!) Manila International Book Fair (MIBF 2015)  is happening on September 16 to 20, 2015 from 10AM to 8PM at SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia Complex. They have around two hundred numbers of exhibitors on the list  (Yes I counted them ha ha) and an exciting schedule of special events that you can find  here . See you all at the fair!