Sunday Prose and Photographs: Bridges

There are bridges that are meant to be crossed,
to find the joyful world waiting at the other end.

There are bridges that people are afraid to cross
unsure of the unfamiliar world waiting at the other end.

There are bridges that are forbidden
but people still crossed in spite of the forbidden sign.

There are bridges that are meant to be crossed twice
to figure out what had gone wrong during the first try.

There are bridges that are worth looking back
to smile at the memories left at the other end 

There are bridges that are meant to be burned
so there will be just one path to take and that is to go forward.

What bridge are you crossing right now?
@2013 By: Balut Manila

Leaving Mandaue City - approaching the arch 
"look back shot" after crossing the arch

The photographs of  "Marcelo Fernan Bridge" were taken while aboard a speeding taxi heading to the airport.  The first photo is taken while approaching the bridge's arch after leaving Mandaue City.  The second photo is a “look back” shot after crossing the arch from Mandaue City.

This bridge brings a lot of happy memories in my short but colorful stay in Cebu.  This is the kind of bridge that I won’t mind crossing over and over.

Fats about the Marcelo Fernan Bridge:
The Marcelo Fernan Bridge is an extra-dosed cable-stayed bridge located in Metro Cebu, Philippines.   It spans across Mactan Channel connecting Cebu Island to Mactan Island.   It is opened in August 1999, has a total length of 1237 meters (4058.40 feet) with a enter span of 185 meters (606.96 feet).  This is one of the widest and longest bridge spans in the Philippines.  It carries 4 lanes of vehicular traffic and pedestrian sidewalks.  It was named after Senator Marcelo Fernan, a political figure from Cebu City.
(Source:  Wikipedia)


  1. what bridge am i taking right now??? Hmmm Burning bridges!!!! para hindi nila ako masundan!

    Nice Prose and nice shot of the bridge... Effort talaga...

    1. sometimes we really need to burn bridges Super M kaya ok lang yan as long as you're happy :)

      Yep effort talaga yung shot na yan. The taxi driver was in awe while I'm taking the shots. Before alighting from the cab when we reached the airport he asked if was able to get a good shot of the bridge. I showed him and he was amazed and gave me the thumbs up lol.

  2. I passed by that bridge a few times, on my few yet fun trips to Cebu - feeling happy and excited as I have just arrived, then a bit sad when I'm about to leave. Always looking forward to passing that bridge again :)

    Thanks for the trivia about the Marcelo Fernan bridge :)

    1. I agree with you Zai I felt sadness as well. Next time try mo naman punta Cebu during the Sinulog para complete ang Cebu experience mo :)

      You're welcome and my pleasure to share that :)

  3. Galing mo dear. Beautiful poem and pictures:)

  4. Great bridge and inspiring poem. I want to go to Cebu and see the beautiful places there.

    1. Go lang ng go! Isama mo sa mga adventures mo yan :) Thanks for dropping by my blog. I visited yours too!

  5. yan nag napapala ng mga pinagpalang taong mahilig sa gala.... nagiging magaling na makata...

    kaya pala puro food ang naiisip kong tula...hahaha...

    ganda... well written...

    1. Aha ha ha mukang ikaw yata ang makata Senyor! Rhyme na rhyme ang iyong mga talata :P

      Taraletz enjoy your food poetry ;) THANK YOU!

  6. Replies
    1. Salamat Jessica! Wala pa ring papantay sa husay ng iyong pag guhit!

  7. I haven't crossed a physical bridge in a long time. And for metaphorical bridges? I guess University?

    1. Really? Not too many bridges in your place in Canada?
      Wow! Again congrats for crossing that University bridge. Your hard works paid off :)

  8. wow hmm ako? kung anong bridge? ewan ko ba
    para kasing di pa ko nausad nakatambay pa lang sa bukana
    di pa tumatawid

    1. Antay lang konti MEcoy. esep esep kung dapat tawirin ang bukana na yan. Then cross it when you're ready :)

  9. Di ko rin alam kung anong bridge ako pero I want the bridges that are worth looking back. Lahat nalang pala.

    Ganda ng poem Ms. B.. Napaisip ako. Ngayon ko lang nalaman na Marcelo Fernan Bridge pala yung sa Cebu. Kala ko Mactan bridge o iba pa yun?

    1. Korek ka King A masarap mapunta sa mga bridges na worth looking back. But kung gusto mo ng challenge you can try crossing all the bridges that comes along your journey :)

      Thanks King A.
      At medyo nakakalito nga yung bridge so here's additional trivia for you.
      1. Mactan Bridge or First Mandaue-Mactan Bridge is constructed in 1970 during the Marcos era. It is 864 meters only, shorter than the new bridge. This is a "box truss" bridge and was designed and created by an all-Filipino engineers/team. This bridge crosses Mactan Channel only while the new and longer... (# 2)

      2. Marcelo Fernan Bridge crosses upon Channel or this spans across Mactan Channel connecting Cebu Island to Mactan Island :) This bridge was constructed with the help of the Japanese Government.

      so dalawa silang magka-ibang bridge :)

  10. So nasaang bridge ako ngayon? Doon yata ako sa hindi pwedeng daanan pero dinaanan ko pa rin. :)

    1. hmn... check lang kung kayang lagpasan kapatid... makakatwid ka rin nyan basta ingat lang sa pagtawid :)

  11. "There are bridges that are forbidden
    but people still crossed in spite of the forbidden sign."

    -bakit kasi masarap ang bawal? HAHAH!

    1. Inaabangan kita Pao! Feel na feel kong iyan ang pipiliin mo ha ha ha!

      Be extra careful crossing that bridge ok?

  12. what bridge....

    Let's cross the bridge when we get there.

    Di ba nakakatakot pag ganun kahaba ang bridge?

    1. miz you makatang Red!
      Thanks for passing by Balut bridge :) tama ka rin naman na pag-isipan ang pagtawid pag nandun na para naman handa :)

      Medyo nakakatakot nga yung kahabaan nya but at the same time exciting din makarating sa dulo...

  13. "There are bridges that people are afraid to cross
    unsure of the unfamiliar world waiting at the other end."

    - I wanted to try a lot of things, but I don't know where to start, I'm confused, I have limited ideas and yet too little confidence.

    I wanna cross that bridge but I'm afraid of obstacles that may come along the way, so I might just stop in the middle, turn and walk back.

    This is so typical me at the start :D

    1. I think you're just being cautious Gracie. ganyan daw ang moves ng mga taong maiingat.

      But for me when you start crossing just go ahead enjoy the trip! Just be ready with the luck or consequences. No turning back :)

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. Wow, I'm so late in this post!

    I had some errands at work and some other stuff as well, plus I had my entry sa pa-contest ni Sir Bino..kina kareer ko hahaha!

    Well, If I'll speak like some years ago, I'd love to explore ALMOST ALL the bridges. I'm a man not afraid of what gonna happen because in my mind I am ready of the responsibility. I wouldn't just try the bridges that is forbidden. It's not that I am afraid but the thoughts that it's forbidden, I should respect it.

    That's a nice trivia about the bridge huh? You're a traveling historian na hehehe!

    By the way, I'm yet to respond to your very long comments in Letters To Juliet post - pinaghahandaan ko lang ang ire-respond ko hahahaha!

    1. Hindi naman bro! Right on time lang at medyo matagal din sa latest post eto :(

      Take it easy. Isa-isa lang and excited ako sa entry mo. Susuportahan natin yan :)

      Yeah I can feel that you're a man who's into a lot of adventures and not afraid of trying the unexpected but I do expect as well that you will not tackle the ones with the forbidden sign - the God-fearing and value riddled Jay :) Nice!

      You're welcome and my pleasure. How I wish to be a travelling historian nga ha ha

      Naku, mahaba-habang sagutan eto LMAO!

  16. a bridge meant to be burned, that's what I'm about to cross 'coz I want to move forward. ;)

    1. Good for you!
      Anything that is "forward" is good so take it if that's what your heart desires sis :)


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