My Birthday Getaway (Part 2 of 3) - Back Packing in Tagaytay

Tagaytay  - one of my most favorite place.  I love the location, climate, misty scenery and best of all the serenity.

I had countless trips to Tagaytay. On different occasions and with different set of friends but this one is the most memorable.  It’s the perfect answer to the peacefulness that I was looking for during that time that I am so burnt out. The climate was perfect when we arrived at the most common destination in Tagaytay - the Picnic Grove.

Tagaytay The City of Tagaytay is a component city in the province of Cavite, Philippines. It is one of the country's most popular tourist destinations because of outstanding scenery and cooler climate provided by its high altitude. It has a high standard of living. Tagaytay overlooks Taal Lake in Batangas and provides one of the iconic views of the Philippines, the view of Taal Volcano Island in the middle of the lake. It is relatively close to the capital city of Manila, only 55 km (34 mi) away via Aguinaldo Highway.  The southern and eastern portions of Tagaytay City are covered by hills and mountains which is generally forests and open grasslands.Tagaytay City's subtropical-like climate is characterized by relatively low temperature, low humidity and abundant rainfall. The City is endowed with a cool and invigorating climate with an average temperature of 22.7 °C (72.9 °F). With its high elevation, the city could be misty at times and is relatively cooler during the months of December, January and February. The Filipino word tagaytay means ridge, in this case volcanic ridge. (Source: Wikipedia)

We had no particular plan on we're going to do when we headed to Tagaytay. We just put on essential things on our back packs - overnight clothing, basic phones and no gadgets except for camera.  We have no plans as well of what we are going to do there.  So what we did was we strolled, communed with nature and enjoyed the beauty and serenity of the place. 

Food is not a problem because there are lots of food stall in Tagaytay.  We grabbed anything that we feel like eating and walked around and enjoy the nature again.  We settled to one of the cottages when we need to eat and went back strolling again.


Good thing that the little tot I was with is more excited than I am, exploring the place by foot unmindful of the muddy grounds that we were trekking.  She’s not  even complaining on the up and down hills that we were climbing.  Hmn… she definitely got my adventurous and spontaneous blood. 

It rained! Instead of feeling disappointed I smiled. Just the way I want it – a drizzle while communing with nature never fails to bring a smile on my face. You might think that I’m crazy but sometimes I love to taste the rain. I don’t do this in the city. But when the Guy up there sends me some drizzle while I’m on this kind of place, I look up, open my mouth and taste the rain.

The stairs/trek leading down to the lower part of the grove with a better view of the lake and volcano.

I wanted to do try zip line but my hubby is not keen on the idea – not on my birthday he said.  He also reasoned “What if something went wrong on the zip line?”  He said that it would be difficult to handle an accident with a tot tagging along with him.  Well that's some practical reasoning to consider so I cancelled the idea.


Since it is Monday the Picnic Grove is not too crowded.  There were some bunch of tourists who were exploring at the same time with us.  I can hear lots of “ohs” and “ahs” from the tourists while enjoying the views.

Image00013 Taal Volcano’s “Binintiang Malaki” cinder cone as seen from our location in the Picnic Grove.
  This photo is mine and I am fascinated to see a similar photo in Wikipedia where I got the information about the cinder.

Image00020 Breathtaking view of Taal Lake and Volcano from Tagaytay’s Picnic Grove
 Image00019 Enjoying the breath taking view from our location

The rain also caused us to cancel the plan for the little tot to do horse back riding. It doesn't matter though because we enjoyed just strolling and trekking down and up the grove.

The little tot enjoying the souvenir stalls.

We had a great and wonderful day in Tagaytay.  Now the question was where are we going to spend the night. I had a quick online check of Tagaytay hotels the night before the trip but I did not make any reservation because we can not decide where to stay.  Along the way we drove through some hotels that I saw online and was a bit shock with the overnight rates when we inquired at the front desk.  It was far more expensive that the publish rates.  Thinking again that getting accommodation during weekdays is easy so we decided to deal about it later.

We considered staying overnight on one of the cottages at the Picnic Grove but we changed our mind later   because we noticed that there were no other people staying there.  We left the picnic grove and drove out of Tagaytay still undecided where are we heading too.  But one thing is certain though – we wanted “Binalot” for dinner and we will definitely find one along the way.


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  1. Ang saya naman ng Family bonding nyo at sa birthday mo pa, sayang di mo natry yung zipline nila pero di bale baka sa ibang lugar at pagkakataon matry mo rin yan. Di pa pala ako nakakapunta ng Tagaytay, isa yan sa gusto kong puntahan, ganda ng ambience dyan.

    1. Oo nga tanggal talaga lahat ng stress ko. Ang ganda ngang birthday gift ni hubby :) Ok lang yung zip line marami pa namang time :) Sama mo na sa ached mo sa homecoming mo yung Tagaytay.

      Salamat sa pagdaan. Katuwa naman kahit naka hiatus ka pinapasyalan mo pa rin kami :)

    2. Siempre ;) Oo nasa listahan ko ang tagaytay para sa aking pagbabalik naks hehehe!

  2. Been there once and ganda nga dyan:)
    Buti Nag enjoy ka kahit umulan:)

    1. Oh good to know Joy napuntahan mo na pala ang Tagaytay! Naku mas feel ko nga yung umuulan at buti naman hindi masyadong malakas.

  3. What I'm feeling right now is the same as what you felt a few years back (mentioned in the first part of this series), I'm all burnt out! But unlike you, it's not because I'm juggling with several things. Right now, I'm doing nothing but sleep and eat and read, I just resigned from my work. A week after my resignation and I still don't know what to do, what to pursue. Tsk, hope it won't stay this way for long or else, I would starve.

    Ay sorry naman at dito ako nag-emo, naka-relate lang sa first part mo, dito na ko nag-comment. Anyway, ganda ng mga photos mo sis esp. the "binintiang malaki", kaya siguro ni-grab(?) ni wiki. :)

    1. Ang hirap lang ma burnt out sis di ba? Parang di ka na productive sa craft mo kahit ano pa man yun :( Resigned - ok lang yan bigyan mo muna ng time na maka-recover at makapag-isip isip ang sarili mo. Ako nga after that job nag work ulet...

      Ok lang ang emo at least hindi pala ako nag-iisa sa mga ganyang feeling ha ha. THANKS sis, yung mga photos namin ni little tot were all stolen shots from my hubby.

      Yung "binintiang malaki" hindi ni-grab ni Wiki. I found a similar shot in wiki page when I was confirming my info natuwa ako na may pareho kaming shot although hindi ko pa nakita yung sa wiki before that trip - coincidence talaga :)

  4. Eto na ang napending na Tagaytay post :)

    I love Tagaytay too, for it being so accessible, for having such great views and so much more. This is where I had my first zip line ride ever and it was safe naman, though I was screaming through out the ride :)

    Looking forward to part 3! :)

    1. Yep eto na nga Zai! Na-inspired akong i-post dahil sa inyo ni Juana ha ha

      It's really a nice place if you're looking for some peace of mind... aaaw zip line! pagbalik ko magsi sipline na talaga ako!

      Yey antayin ko ulet yung dalaw mo dito :)

  5. I feel much netter with this post. Ang laki na rin ng pinagbago ng tagaytay. I've been there a few times when i was teenager. Back then it was nothing special, but the view of the volcano is spectacular.

    It's nice to see you bond with your family. Not all familoes habe such privilege. Nakakatuwa naman ang asawa mo, sobrang ingat sayo, as if ikaw ang panganay, hahha! Pero mukhang mas adventurous ka sa kanya, right?

    Sayang din at hindi kayo nakapag horse-back riding. That's one of the must-do's when gointo Tagaytay.

    1. Haay salamat naman at hindi na sumakit ang ulo mo sa post na eto ha ha. Ako rin di ko na mabilang ang pagpunta ko dito. Hindi naman kasi nakakasawa at view pa lang sulit ka na :)

      Yep that's one treasured moment with my family. Ha ha lagi ko ngang pinapa-nerbyos yang asawa ko. At oo mas adventurous talaga ako sa kanya kahit sa mga outrageous rides. Sanay na yung mga friends namin makitang nag-aantay at nagpi-picture sya sakin habang pinaghahampasan ako ng mga horrifying rides lol.

      Na try na namin ang horse back riding during our previous Tagaytay trips. Uulet lang sana si little tot but umulan :)

      THANKS for spending time reading here :)

  6. That's quite a view you had there.

    1. Oh yes Blue G!

      We call it "A volcano within a lake and a lake within a volcano" :) Don't forget to include this place in your itinerary when you have the chance to visit the Philippines :)

    2. I'll put it on my to-do list. :)

  7. haha dipa ko masyado naka paggala ng todo sa tagaytay!
    haha ayun ohh kasama pa si little balut!
    nagmana sa mommy ang kagandahan!
    hays want ko pumunta dyan naun dahil dang init dito!

    1. Balik-balik din pag may time MEcoy at sulitin mo na! Aha ha ha pati kakulitan nagmana yan :P

      Oo nga parang sarap sumakay bigla sa bus at magpalamig dyan :)

  8. Looks like a lot of fun. Though it also looks really humid there.

    1. Yep pure fun DWei!

      Humidity is the one thing why people from the city flock to this place especially during summer :)

      So when you have the chance to visit PH in the future don't forget to include Tagaytay on your list :)

  9. Been to Tagaytay for lunch but never visited the Picnic Grove. I love the idea of leaving behind all tech gadgets for a much deserved vacation. The only thing is I travel alone most of the time and having one mobile phone comes handy in an emergency. I like families who go out together, the bonding is irreplaceable.

    1. Aaaw it's like you've never been to Tagaytay if you've never been to the Picnic Grove ha ha!

      Yep leaving behind those gadgets is one of the most effective way to be stress-free :) Yes priceless...

  10. Replies
    1. THANK YOU for the sooo-belated greet MR. SKIP READER(?) ha ha ha :P

      Thanks for passing by lakwatsero!


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