32/365: The 30-Day Milestone

1st of February

I’m nuts!

That’s what I thought about myself while working on the final drafts of my posts during the times that I was three-day behind from my 365 Blogging Challenge. It happened two to three times but I’m glad (and so proud) to tell that I was still able to update just in time before it gets too far behind.

What could I expect when I took this challenge without any change in my crazy schedule?
  • I’m still a mother and wife of a hyper-active family of  four without a housemaid so…
  • I still do the laundry, cook, wash dishes, tidy the house and the likes.
  • I ‘m still running
  • I still have a regular job.
  • I still maintain three active blogs
  • I still have LOTS and DIFFERENT set of friends
  • In short I still don’t have an extra time when I took this challenge!  That’s why I’m nuts!
So why did I took this challenge.  The reason is here!  And to add - this is not a challenge against anyone.  Just like my running I am racing against myself.

Oh yeah I’m nuts!  But hurray I’m still on with the challenge!

hurray hurray

So what’s happening so far on my blog after reaching the 30-day milestone?
  • The views (more than) doubled.
  • I’m receiving more emails,  inquiries and the likes on my contact page.
  • It makes me extra happy when I see my fellow bloggers religiously following and commentating on my blog.
And with this I would like to say my sincerest THANK YOU!!!  You know who you are adorable people and friends.  I hope that you stay till the end of this challenge.

So lets get it on and work on the next milestone!  I'm nuts!


  1. I think it's not that you're goin' nuts, I'd say you're doing just great. Despite your super duper busy schedule, look at you! you are still able to do this. And who in the world can do that? I take off my hat realizing how time management works for you. You really spend every inch of time into something that is far greater than anyone could do. Idol na kita Ms. B hehe.

    1. Aaw THANKS Jay appreciate it much :)

      I'm just really trying very hard not to give way to procrastination...

      THANKS for all the support. Lalo akong na-i-inspire dahil sa mga support nyo.

  2. Replies
    1. ha ha I think I am I just hope that it's in good way ;)

      THANKS Olivr!

  3. Replies
    1. Yes Marco we can do this! Tulad ng pag-akyat natin sa bundok at pagtakbo natin ha ha.

      THANKS for the support :)

  4. Kaisa mo ako sa challenge na ito. I feel like it's also an extra challenge for me to check your every post. Aside from I get to learn more things about you, enjoy din kasi parang naipapasyal rin ako ng mga paa at isip mong walang kapaguran sa paggala! Congrats sa 1st month. Dahil jan, discounted ka this Feb dahil less than 30 days. Yey...

    1. HA HA HA Pinatawa mo na naman ako Senyor!

      Winner na winner sakin ang "parang naipapasyal rin ako ng mga paa at isip mong walang kapaguran sa paggala! " at "discunted this Feb dahil less than 30 days" ha ha ha.

      And my BIG THANKS of course sayong walang sawang pagdalaw. Stay tune! ha ha ha

    2. I definitely will... Go go go! 11 months na lang!

  5. Bilib na talaga ako sau Coach! Sige support kita jan..dko pa kaya 'to. Diko nga alam minsan kung san maguumpisa. Goodluck. :)

    1. THANKS Butchok!

      I will PM you sa FB about sa tip sa "kung san mag-uumpisa" :) Basta isipin mo lahat ay challenge tulad na lang ng iyong "wanderings" :)

  6. And you are showing to all of us that once you put your heart and soul to something, you will do it and can do it.

    1. THANKS Jonathan and I know you can too :) Actually nasa isip kong ayain kang sabayan ako for this challenge :)

      Medyo behind lang ako sa blog readings kasi naman ayoko ng random reading. Pag ako nagbasa as in basa talaga :)

      THANKS again for the support :)

    2. Maybe I could but with all the documentations and project related boards I do everyday, I am tired mentally. I commend your ongoing enthusiasm, wish I can be a superwoman , I mean, super like you.

  7. superwoman ang peg...hehe, congrats msB! 1 month down, 11 months to go! you're 2 days (3, including today) behind tho...nam-pressure pa daw o..haha! Good luck! :)

    1. ha ha ha I'm not behind!

      It's my intention to make this post on top for at least 3 days so that every visitor would have the time to read my THANK YOU post :) And naka-US time ang aking blogger kaya two pa lang ha ha ha

      THANKS for the support sis!

  8. Sorry I can't keep up with your posts. I don't write the longest comments the way I used to because I'm quite scared to be labeled as the epaloid in our growing community. Anyway, i am too busy because...

    1. I'm making money while working like a slave to the minimum wage.
    2. I sleep for about 10 or 12 hours sometimes.

    Ganon lang. Busy eh. hahaha! Really I don't have a valid excuse. But kudos! For a blogger, you're one heck of a crazy one, but the amazing kind. Well at least you got 28 days for this month to blog so I'm sure you'll be far from having a nervous breakdown. hahaha!

  9. doing great so far sakin daig pa ang mission impossible kung ichachallenge ko sarili ko
    dayn weekends na nga rin ako nakakapag check ng facebook account, hirap kasi ko sa byahe

  10. Way to go Balut! Kahit ano pang barrier yan, go lang. Ganyan ang tunay na blogger, di umaatras sa anumang challenge kahit na alam nyang ito'y imposible at mahirap. God bless!


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