39/365: Random Talk and Birthday Greetings

8th of February

If there is something that I am thankful about my doing the “365 Blogging Challenge” is that it gave me the opportunity to write about the things that I have been wanting to write and share and most of them in complete stories through a series of posts.  I am so engrossed of doing these series that I already drafted the skeleton of what I am going to post for April (LOL).

However it also seems like I am missing to share some random moments that is going around myself for the past few days so I thought of sharing them as well from time to time.  I’m not sure if you will be interested with my nonsense but heck I just want to do some random talks so bear with me.  If  you can’t bear please forget that you passed by this post.

Remember my post about my blogger friend Jonathan that was delayed and also caused the delay of the last three post prior to this one? (Jeez! that’s a mind boggling question phrase!).  Anyway apart from the reason that I edited that post for several times because I am writing about a blogger who is “one heck of a good writer”, the other reason was that  I have been out almost every night (and take note these are on week nights).  I’m not even sure how was I able to sneak on writing some of my updates on my daily post challenge while in fact I have been out most of the nights. (I’m nuts remember?).

IMG_20140203_011943For two straight nights hubby and I were out visiting an old-fashioned bar wherein we just leisurely enjoying a live band, soft music or whatever is playing on the wide screen of this bar over “three bottles”.

On one night we were just outside the house on a bench under the moonlight and enjoying “two bottles” that I picked from a convenience store together with the kid’s pasalubong. 

On another time we we found ourselves around midnight eating in a 24-hour Chinese fast food restaurant.   Burp!


There was no occasion to celebrate.  These are just spontaneous moments that we enjoyed and found time to relax after battling a regular day of hard work.

And one of those week nights also I had a bonding time with my BFF Mac that ended in a stupidly hilarious incident wherein a fortune cookie is involved.  Hmn… I’m still contemplating if I will share the story of such stupidity hilarity.

Meanwhile, let me greet first two blogger friends who are celebrating their birthdays this month of February.
Firsts, a blogger friend whom I love following his blog and social media status because we have the same passion for adventure and running - Empi of  Kol Me Empi!

Happy happy birthday Empi!


And a special greetings also to another blogger friend who is one among the first set of bloggers who welcomed me when I was just starting this blog.  He always passed by my blog,  leave a comment or any message on my chat page whenever he is not out exploring.

Happy happy birthday my dear blogger friend Marco -  The Soul Explorer


Wishing you both more wonderful running, adventures and explorations!  I also wish for a longer friendship with you both in and out of the blogosphere.  Cheers!


  1. Na-miss ko tuloy si Ampi!!! Ang saya naman ng mga unplanned night out mo. I-share na ang story about fortune cookies! GO!

  2. Two bottles! Oh I so love spontaneous meetups with old friends over two bottles!

  3. Sarap ng ganung bonding hehe, kami sa bahay lang e, di mahilig lumabas tong isa unless we're on travel ;) teka ba't wala yata si Archieviner sa list ng bloggers na greet mo sa bday? ahehe

  4. For some unexplained reason, this random post caught me more than I was caught up with your 365 blogging challenge hehe. It's like if I were to grade the two, I'd give the random a 10 and the 365 blogging challenge a 9.9 - ganyan lang dapat ang difference hahahaha. Pero I find this great, especially the part where you and hubby bonds - here, there, and everywhere. It's a priceless moment. I like that kind of thing - chill chill lang.

    And by the way, you are indeed a multi-tasker! Kudos :) :)

  5. Thanks for the mention. I know that a lot of effort had been done to write that memorable post and I appreciate it so much. The best thing that is happening to you is that there is no idle time. Everything is packed with activities. And even with that hectic schedule you still find time to bond with your family which is first priority.

  6. well agree naman ako sa sinabe mo about sir jonathan! he was indeed a great writer
    anyway it seems like everyday(night) Vday kayo ni hubby ahh.


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