48/365: Wok With Balut: A Sequel To The Tilapia for Lunch

17th of February

I’m supposed to be writing about love songs for this love month but this food series is more important.  I need to serve the sequel while it’s fresh and hot (LOL).

What I mean is that there’s still the Part 2 for the Tilapia Dish that posted.  It is because hubby is the one who bought the live tilapia fishes.  The problem when he’s buying the tilapia is that he always buys too much – more than two kilos!  Imagine we are just four in the family! Well I can’t blame him because he’s really a fish person and Tilapia is really among his top favorites.

And because I don’t want to lose the freshness of the tilapia I asked them if they want it again for dinner which they joyfully agreed in chorus.  So here’s another version of a Tilapia dish.



Ingredients/Simple “how to”
Garlic, onion, green pepper, bell pepper and tomatoes sautè together then add fish sauce and seasoning.  Make sure that the tomatoe’s juice is already showing before simmering the fried tilapia on it.

If you noticed it has the same spices/ingredients from the first tilapia dish except that this time the spices were cooked.  A bell pepper is also added so it will smell good.

When we want to have taste variation, we usually top it with different spices.  Try it and you’ll gonna love it!



  1. Next time, I will go to your house and eat there. I like fish as well especially the steamed one. Don't worry as I'll bring something in return, pasalubongs!

  2. I love tilapia, too! The crispy fried tilapia!

  3. D R O O L I N G ! I'll forget my diet if ever I'll have the chance to be invited at your table! And.. extra rice pls?! :)))

  4. oh my... same ang reaction ko kay gracie! Nakakapaglaway ang post mong ito!

  5. Wow sarap! Ang lakas maka-kanin neto. Yum yum! Sana pagkita natin ulet malutuan mo ako ng ganyan lols...at lulutuan din kita ng specialty ko hehehe.


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