Ten Things: That I Want To Nag Myself About Right Now

1. Pick one post from your blog drafts, finalize it and then publish.  It’s already mid-October and you only have one post showing on your October 2013 archive.  What’s with the draft queue?

2. In relation to Number 1, finish all series of posts on your blog specially about "Churches". Let the world see those beautiful structures that you had the privilege of documenting.  And you are not alone in feeling heart broken on the collapse of the historical churches in Cebu and Bohol.

San Geronimo (St. Jerome) Parish Church in Morong Rizal or the Church of Morong is one among the beautiful churches I visited in 2010.    Its frontispiece and the belfry is built between 1850 to 1853.  This is just one among my collection of churches photographs that I’m supposed to publish on this blog.  The current earthquake in Cebu and Bohol that caused damage to historical churches reminds me of my collection and the plan to publish them.


3. Rest.  You have fever and flu (again) because you braved that heavy downpour with matching lightning and thunderstorm.  The more sensible thing to do on such situation was to wait for the rain to subside.  Instead you soaked yourself in the rain after being in an air-conditioned room working all day without proper meal because you won’t give yourself a break.

4. Wait until your flu is gone before you run.

5. You have just ended one experiment so PLEASE don’t start another one. At least NOT JUST YET!

6. Find time to collect your pre-loved items that you plan to donate.

7. Mail those cards on your desk. It’s been almost a year now. You will end up adding new cards inside the envelope. It’s becoming too thick and it might be tagged as parcel instead of cards.

8. It’s a good thing that you are finding time to watch movies again. But when you write something about them make sure that you will publish them and not just on queue on your draft folder.

9. Avoid “qwerty nose-diving” while blog hopping. Either that you break your nose or your laptop and you don’t have a budget for the repair for both (LOL).

10. When are you going to realize that you can not adopt all the stray cats that will come along your way?  They can fend for themselves that is why they are called stray cats.  So be quick in finding new parents for your three (remaining) new wards.  Good job that you already gave away the other two.

few-days-old kittens that I’m temporarily adopting


(Again) Make it quick because they may grow too adorable and you will end up semi-adopting them just like what you did on the first three (and their parent cats).

my semi-adopted “catketeers” temporarily named as “Normal”, “Puti” and “Star”


Credits to: Mar of Unplog for the term "QWERTY nose-dive


  1. #9 made me smile. :)
    post na ng stories about the churches you visited, ganda pa naman ng mga pics mo, dami pang info.
    #3&4: get well soon, and rest, mahirap magkasakit (ulit).
    #10: ang cute ng mga "catkeeters" mo, ganda ng kuha! di ako mahilig sa pusa kaya panonoorin ko na lang sila. :)

    1. Ha ha credits to Mar on Number 1.
      Churches- the next post maybe about churches.
      I'm feeling ok now except for a minor allergy
      Napansin ko cute picturan ang mga pusa :)

      Thanks for passing by sis :)

  2. Awww Ate B!!! I absolutely agree with you, those kittens are sooo adorable. Natutuwa ako at nagkaroon ako ng isa pang online friend na tulad mo na mahilig mag-alaga ng pusa :) *cat hugs*

    And get well soon, hope by this time maayos na ang pakiramdam mo.

    Nakakalungkot din yung mga nangyari sa old churches natin sa Bohol at Cebu :(

    Anung cards yun? post cards? hehe!


    1. I'm sure you will agree Pusa! ha ha. I'm feeling fine now except for a minor allergy.

      Haaay sayang talaga those churches. Yep my post cards and some greeting cards. Nagka problema kasi ako nun sa mailing kasi may mga inensert akong hindi allowed eh hindi ko pa ulet naaayos...

      Cheers pusa!

  3. Adorable cats:)
    Get well soon and take care:)

    1. Hello Joy how's your cat? I'm feeling fine now thanks!

    2. My cat is doing fine Balut:) thanks:)

  4. I'm just nagging myself to try and complete more of my projects.

    1. Ha ha you're doing just fine DWei. Besides you are busy with your regular work right?

  5. Aba, nasaan na yung comment ko. I saw it published as first comment and then now it is not there. Ang haba pa naman, hu,hu,hu.

    Anyways, since you are superwoman, balance is the key of life. You have many things to do so prioritize them. I just don't understand why we are becoming so busy with our lives. Years ago, I remember I have so much time to spare, Nowadays, I even don't have any to blog hop anymore. Take care Ms. Balut and God bless! Have a blessed Sunday!

  6. Naku, ingat-ingat.. Wala tayong laban sa ulan. At oo nga naman, pahinga din. Dahil ang bazaar ay sa oct. 26-27, syempre inaantay talaga namin ang inyong pagdating sa bazaar! hihihi

    hobby namin magkakapatid ang mamulot ng mga ligaw na pusa..hahaha.. pero eventually, once they are ok na, they move out of the house.

  7. We have a cat here, he came ten years ago. I try to find the owners, but did not. He is still living here..

  8. that was really sad about our beloved churches. hope they will be restored into their original splendor..

    kimmy paid a visit!

  9. pa-adopt ng natitirang pusa. I want!!!

  10. Huhu. Hindi ako mahilig sa pusa pero bakit nakakaattract sila sa pictures

  11. Well ms balut reregaluhan kita ng kapote pra hindi ka mabasa ng ulan , see yah sa bazaar!

  12. hang cute ng kuting.... saka ganda ng pagkaka picture sa kanila.... musta na...

  13. Ok ang mga napili mong pangalan sa pusa..


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