3/365: On The 3rd Day of 2014 I Called In Sick

I woke up today with my head spinning and my throat aching and sore.  I have been feeling the symptoms the other day but as usual I ignore them and go to (over)work plus do all the (overly) other things that I plan for that day.

Well that is so me.  I always thought I am super woman, invincible and such.  Then of course my overworked rusting body will make me realized later that I’m just human capable of being sick.  Until my muscles are really aching and shaking, my throat can’t produce an audible voice and the digital thermometer ticked on a number that is over 39  that is the only time that I will admit to myself that “Oh yeah I’m sick”.  I then pick-up the phone and called in sick.

As I searched for over the counter medications in our cabinet,  I was morosely scolding myself (in silence) “Why do you need to be sicked at the first week of the year?”.   Before either I, me or myself morosely reply to this question, my “OC” mind is having a mental analysis on what my strength-limited body can do.  I’m just slightly sick you know, not really ill.  I will definitely not be staying in bed even with a fever.  I know that there’s a lot that I can do that I don’t need to physically stressed out my body.

Aha! Perfect time to go back to those drafts that I have been working on before the end of the year.  This is the sign that I should take the challenge that I have been contemplating for quite some time…. (that you all probably know by now what this is about)

So I stopped scolding myself and powered on my lappy.  Now I know why I should be staying at home today.  I consider my being slightly sick as a blessing.  It gave me a whole day of extra time to finalize things that I have been wanting to finalize.

But before I let myself be lost in the limbo of my keypad I remember that I still have a pending promise to help one blogger friend who has been having problem with his blog for weeks now.  And I’m so glad that everything worked out okay on his blog.   He’s so happy that he sent me this message.  

Thanks Jondmur!

I’m happy as well that my day turned up well in spite of my being sick.  It is really up to us how we can make our time worthwhile.

What about you?  How are you doing this 3rd day of 2014?


  1. wow. you're up for something big for this blog. good luck! and good to hear abt jon d mur. :)

  2. musta ang 3rd day ng 2014? happy kasi okay na blog ko hehehe... thanks talaga....

    Pagaling ka na.... bukas sure ako okay na ang lahat... Godbless ^^ Hugs ^^

  3. well in my case 2014 is so far so good,
    by the way get well son balut

  4. First of all, get well ASAP. I can't afford to hear from you or read status or blog update about you being sick - so get well sooooon! haha!

    And what a challenge you got there Ms. B. 1 post a day for the entire year? How is that? A very tall order indeed! haha. But knowing how you can be a superwoman most of the time, I think doubting your capability to do it is just a fraction in an inch.

    Way to go Ms. B. I miss you too and those talks we have had haha! mwahugs!

  5. Busy sa trabaho and i'm blessed. Hehe!

    Get well soon, Ms. balut!

  6. Just like me, I cannot be lying in bed even if I am sick. I need to do something! This is actually not a good thing because our body is telling us to stop but we continue to win our weary bodies. Get well soon!

  7. Nasabi ko na comment ko rito tru twitter eh. Cguro naman you feel better na.

  8. Always take care spec your health, don't overwork if not necessary.. God bless!


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